Deep Dark and Dangerous

Jared is a new boy at school and Ryan (girl) takes a liking to him. Of course young love is never simple and there is always someone trying to break it up.


31. We made it





I would be turning sixteen in a few days and today we were heading back to California. But first Heather said that we were taking a road trip to Ohio and we would be getting on a plane there. I was more than excited.

“Hey Ry?” Heather said to me once we were nearly to Ohio.

“Yeah?” I asked back and she smiled at me.

“We aren’t getting on a plane. We are going to Cedar Point for your birthday.” She said smiling and I began freaking out.

“Are you serious?!” I shouted and I felt as if I could cry. My mother always promised to take me for a birthday and she said this year was the year she would take me but she passed and we never got to go. “Thank you so much!” I said hugging all of them. It was a great end to a great trip.




We were starting school up again and I wasn’t excited. Me and Jared only had two classes together and I hated waking up early.

“Let me take a picture!” Heather said as we stood side by side. We would be driving Jared’s new ferrari into school today. He would sometimes let me drive it but since I only have my permit he only let’s me drive down the driveway. She snapped a few pictures before kissing both of us and we headed out the front door.

“We are almost done.” Jared said holding my hand and smiling at me.





I smiled as we walked out of school on our last day of high school ever.  Jared stopped walking and pulled me to him and kissed me.

“We did it.” But those words meant so much more than just making it out of high school. Our relationship made it. Heather and Liam’s relationship made it.They have been married for a few months now.

“I wouldn’t have been able to without you.” I answered smiling. He smiled and kissed me again.

“I love you Ryan Marie.” He said to me.

“I love you Jared Michael.” I answered him and hugged him. I couldn’t help the smile that was plastered on my face. I had made it. I survived. We met up with Heather, Liam and my father.

“Congrats!” Heather said to both of us wrapping us both in a hug.

“Thanks.” I said back to her. We took some pictures and my brother’s came walking up to me. I hadn’t seen them since I moved out. I ran and jumped into their arms.

“Congrats kid.” Alex said. His friends were all in tow.

“Thanks.” I said. His friends all hugged me.

“Should we all go out to dinner?” Heather said looking at this group of huge people. I nodded my head knowing that me and Jared would be able to pick where we go.

“Outback!” We both shouted and then laughed. We all got into different cars before we headed over to the Outback. I was finally done. Me and Jared had decided that we weren’t going to go to college. I was an intern at a magazine and they gave me a full time job. They said I would start in the fall so until then me and Jared were going to travel. We were leaving for England in a few days. Then we were heading over to Australia and then we were going to come home to spend time with family before we both began working. He somehow got a job designing skate clothes. He has met Rob Dyrdek a few times and has come up with idea’s together.

“To Ry and Jar!” Heather said holding up her cup and we all held them up and clinked them together before taking a sip from it. Our party was tomorrow and I’m sure our house was going to be packed with people. Jared has been making a playlist forever. He even added some 5sos and one direction songs for me. I was so glad we finally made it.




Everyone was singing and dancing in my living room. We had moved the couches and the piano to the other side. The music was blaring and Ryan was grinding her ass into my and it was turning me on. Once the song changed to a slow song she turned around and wrapped her arms around my neck.

“Thanks for being there.” She said to me as she planted a wet kiss on my lips.

“Thanks for putting up with me. I thought we were going to crash and burn.” I said to her.

“Me too. I couldn’t imagine living my life with anyone else.” All of a sudden the music stopped and Liam stood on the fireplace that we never used with a microphone.

“Everyone! We have a present for Ryan in the driveway!” He said. Everyone let her go first and there sat a red ferrari that Liam had promised her. Mine was yellow. She sat in the front seat and Liam handed her the keys. “Drive safe.” He said. Everyone admired the car before I got into the passenger side seat. I knew we weren’t going to drive anywhere but it was always cool to check it out.

“No one is allowed to drive this.” She said looking at me. I didn’t let anyone drive mine. Only her when she was practicing for her driving test. When we went to take her driving test the instructor nearly shit his pants when she pulled up in a ferrari.

“Not even me?” Someone said and we both turned to look out her door that was still open and I looked confused. I’ve seen this guy from somewhere. She screamed before she placed her hand over her face and started crying. I rubbed my hand over her back before the guy reached for her and she got out of the car and she hugged him.

“Ashton, you can only drive it if you don’t crash it.” She said as she hugged the three other guys.

“Ryan?” I asked.

“Oh sorry. Jared. This is 5 Seconds of Summer. Ashton, Calum, Michael, and Luke.” She said and I shook their hands. “Liam! This was all you wasn’t it!” I said and he shook his head no. We both looked confused before Ryan’s dad walked up the driveway.

“Since your mother died I only made your life harder. They made it easier. I paid for them to come out here to surprise you.” He said. He was acting like he was the greatest father in the world. One Direction split up last year as they had decided to go their separate ways. Ryan cried for days. When she got the tweet at school I found her sitting against her locker crying her eyes out to the point where she couldn’t breath. When Larry came out to the world, she cried for days again. You don’t know the feeling of watching the person you were head over heals in love with, cry for almost a week straight. I could tell she was losing her mind and I couldn’t stop it.

For weeks I had no idea how to help her when she losing her mind because of those guys and she would cry and she wouldn’t eat.



We had eventually made our way back into the house. I was surrounded by Ash, Calum, Luke, Michael and Jared. Jared had his hands all over me while everyone else just danced around us. I couldn’t help the smile that was on my face. This was the greatest present anyone could get. Other than when Larry came out. I cried for so long that I got dehydrated and I passed out. Although I miss One Direction more than life itself, I’m glad that 5sos was here in my time of need and Jared did everything he could to help me out.

“I’m going to worship this body tonight.” Jared said and I smirked at him. Anaconda began to play and I pushed myself into him even further. If my father was seeing this he would kill me. But this was the time of our lives. One door was closing but another was opening. I started snapping pictures of 5sos and me and Jared. Eventually we all took a group picture and Ashton’s lips found a way to my cheek.

“Congrats Ryan.” He said smiling and I hugged him.

“Thanks so much!” I said to him. “You make me so proud.” I said to him and he looked at me.

“Thanks.” He said blushing and I giggled. Never in a million years did I think that 5sos would be at my graduation party but here we were sharing drinks that we mixed together and dancing around. Mind you it was only soda or flavored water. We went into the kitchen for like three hours just mixing drinks and all trying them. Some were pretty gross. Jared puked a few times.

All of 5sos ended up staying at our house. Everyone left around one in the morning but we all finally passed out on the couch at like six in the morning. It was pretty awesome that they were sleeping on my couch. When we finally woke up around four in the afternoon. We ordered a few pizza’s and some fries. We then all exchanged snapchats before they headed out. I wish we could have stayed in our own little world forever but me and Jared had to get ready to head over to England.

“Maybe we will run into Louis and Harry.” Jared joked.

“That’s not funny. What if we do?” I asked and he shrugged. I would probably cry and fall on the ground.

“Hey Ry?” He asked and I looked over at him as he glanced over my room that was trashed and there were clothes all over the bed. “Congrats. For a while there I didn’t think you were going to make it.” I smiled at him before wrapping my arms around his waist.

“Thanks. You too.” I wish there was more people to thank for helping me but there wasn’t. There was Jared and Heather. No one else really helped when I began losing my mind. But I made it. I was here. And I planned on being here for a long time.

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