Deep Dark and Dangerous

Jared is a new boy at school and Ryan (girl) takes a liking to him. Of course young love is never simple and there is always someone trying to break it up.


27. Trip Day 1





We had just gotten to the mountains after me and Jared were woken up at 6 in the morning to drive the two hour drive from our hotel. It wasn’t fun. We were told we needed to be there early to get a spot at the spot that Liam wanted to go to.

“If I hear either of you complain again I’m going to slap you.” Heather said to us before I laid down across Jared’s lap. Liam said we were almost there but I was so tired I don’t think I would be able to get out of the car, I would be asleep.Me and Jared had stayed up pretty late last night watching movies. “How late did you two stay up?” She asked and we both just groaned.

“Like two in the morning.” I answered before closing my eyes and facing my face towards Jared’s stomach.

“Four hours of sleep? Are you serious?” She asked and I nodded my head running my hands over my face. The freckles were popping out more and the acne was going away. Since we weren’t going to school I wasn’t wearing much make up and it goes away when I don’t wear makeup and when I put the acne stuff on it.

“No we lied.” Jared said with as much attitude as he possibly could and I smirked. “We stayed up all night watching movies.” I could tell Heather was rolling her eyes as she sighed. He rested his hand on my stomach and he lifted it up to rub the exposed skin as I was wearing one of his shirts with a bikini underneath it. I rested my hand above his as it moved around my stomach and he rested his cheek on the top of my head as he laid down with me.

“We are here.” Liam said as we took a bumpy path off the road and down into some wetlands almost. He drove nearly into the water as he got out grabbing the chairs and going to set them up. Heather followed right behind him with bags of food and me and Jared stayed in the car just waiting until we found the energy to get up.

“Will you put lotion on me?” I asked him he nodded his head kissing me.

“Will you put it on me?” He asked and I nodded as we both climbed out of the car. I put it on his back and chest while he did the same for me but he insisted on doing my legs too.

“You’re so weird.” I said once he finished and he smiled at his job well done. I laughed as he dragged me down to where Liam and Heather were.

“We are going swimming.” The water that was off of the rocks was flowing rather quickly but it was deep enough that we could just float down it and we would be able to go to the rock on the other side and jump off of it.

“It’s freezing!” I shouted when I stepped into the water. The water in California was a lot warmer than this was.

“Just come.” He said pulling me by my arm which made me fall and I shrieked as the freezing cold water hit my body and face and I floated down the little river.

“You better get your ass over here!” I shouted to him as he laughed at me to the point where he was leaning over laughing. “I need help with my bathing suit. It fell off.” I said as his eyes went wide and he automatically sat down and floated to where I was to help put the back back together so it wouldn’t fall off.

“It is cold.” He said as he climbed up on the rock and he pulled me with him. I sat in front of him wrapping my arms around him trying to stay warm. Although it was only like 8:30 it wasn’t very warm out whereas back at home it would be like 85 by now. “Guess what I brought?” He asked lifting his eyebrows at me and I shrugged. At first I thought it was a condom but I would never have sex in the woods.

“Are you crazy?! I’m not sleeping with you in the woods!” I said hitting him and he laughed rolling his eyes.

“It’s a hookah pen you dummy.” He said standing up and climbing up the rock and I followed behind him. He walked into the woods that were on top of the rock and he popped off the little sticker thing before sucking into it and blowing out the smoke and handing it to me. If you count this as doing drugs this is the only thing I have done. Jared had admitted to smoking weed when he came home smelling like a skunk one night after hanging out with friends and his eyes were super bloodshot.

“My mom would be so disappointed.” I said when I took anything hit. We stayed there for a while just smoking that stupid pen before we realized that it was getting later and more people were showing up.

“Let’s go back.” He said as he put the pen back in his pocket but there probably wasn’t much left in it. “I can’t believe you do that with me.” I shrugged.

“It relaxes me. Makes me forget the bad things in life for a while.” Some say it is just vapor but to be honest I have no idea what it is and I just like the random flavors that Jared puts in it.

“Yeah but you have me.” He said smiling me and kissing my head as he brought me closer to him and we walked out of the woods. He walked over to the edge of the rock and looked over it at the water before flinging himself off of it and I walked to the edge to follow after him. I jumped once he came back up and was out of the way. The water had gotten a little warmer but not by much.

“That hurt.” I said to him as I clung onto him and looked down at my boob that felt as if it were on fire. He lifted the top off of my before glancing at the red spot on my boob.

“It looks like it did.” We spent the morning seeing who could hold their breath longer and naturally I won. Eventually Heather called up back to eat. I could have stayed in the water forever but you know, I like food too. Me and Jared made our way back and we sat down before another family showed up and Liam went to hug them. Me and Jared stayed where we were while we ate our sandwiches and chips along with water.

“Who are they?” I whispered to him while Liam introduced Heather to them and he shrugged before turning back to his sandwich. He picked up a rock and flung it into the water as we both watched as it floated along and I eventually lost it with my eye.

“Jared and Ryan. Come here.” Liam said and we both stood up. I’m sorry but this could not be Liam’s family. Liam was a pretty attractive guy and these people weren’t very attractive. There were two boys and a girl along with a mom and a dad. “This is Jared and this is Ryan.” Liam said pointing at us and I gave a little wave and smiled. “This is Kenny, Luca and Elizabeth.” He said pointing to each of them. They seemed to be around Jared and I’s ages but they didn’t really seem like they would be into what me and Jared were into.

“Nice to meet you.” I commented before going to sit down again to finish my sandwich. Jared followed but not before he nearly fell on me and crushed me. “Jared! I literally don’t even like you!” I shouted before pushing him and he laughed.

“Come one, Babe. I was just joking.” He said squatting in front of me and holding my face. “But I love you though.” He said smiling and I tried so hard to not smile but I couldn’t help it and I smiled. “There it is.” He said leaning closer to kiss me before backing away and grabbing a different bag of chips to share.

“I can’t eat those ones.” I said and he looked at the bag before going back and looking at the other ones. He finally found one’s that were gluten free and carried them over to me and opened them for me before placing them between us before he sat down again.

“Are we going to go swimming again?” He asked and I nodded my head as I opened a caffeine free soda since they didn’t make me sick. “Well could you hurry up? I’m sweating.” He said. The temperature seemed to reach over 95 now. Although in Cali it wasn’t humid like it was here. My hair was sticking to my back.

“Wait. I need more lotion.” I said to him as I handed it to him and I moved my hair off my back and tied it up in a ponytail. “Okay let’s go.” I said as we made our way into the much warmer water with Kenny following behind us. Kenny was the cool one. You could tell just by what he was wearing. He had earrings in his ears but when he showed up he was wearing skinny jeans which he changed out of a black t-shirt.

“So, your mom is dating my uncle?” He asked both of me and Jared.

“She’s my mom and yeah.” Jared said and Kenny looked at each of us.

“Are you Liam’s kid?” He asked and I laughed shaking my head no.

“No. I’m Jared’s girlfriend.” I answered pointing at him.

“And you guys go on vacation together?” He asked and I nodded my head.

“They weren’t going to leave me home alone.” I answered climbing up the rock and they were both behind me.

“You live together?” He asked and we both nodded our heads. “Why?” He asked and the breath caught in my back of my throat and I pulled Jared towards me.

“Her mom passed away a few months ago.” Jared answered rubbing my back. “We don’t talk about it.” Jared said as I hid my face behind him and rubbed my hand up and down his arm that was protecting me.

“I’m sorry.” Kenny said before sitting down. “Wanna go down to the pools down there?” He pointed. “There is like rocks to slide off of and stuff. It’s really fun.” Jared nodded his head slowly and looked at me and I nodded at him before Kenny called over to the parents that we were going to what he had called the ‘pools’. Heather shouted a ‘keep Ry safe’ and we jumped off the rock and floated with the very small current to a big open area where many people were sliding off rocks or jumping from them.

“This is some like Brother Bear shit.” I said and they both laughed before we went to one of the sides that fell off a cliff. I refused to go without Jared the first time so I sat in front of him and when we reach the end of the slide and were about to fall off the cliff I screamed before we hit the water. “Holy shit!” I shouted when we came back up and he laughed helping me swim to the side to get away from where other’s were sliding off of.

“I can see your nipple.” He said fixing my bathing suit and I looked around to make sure no one else could.




When we got back they were all packed and were just waiting for us. Me and Jared changed in the car before we drove over to a place to have some dinner.

“Ry, gluten free stuff is on the back of the menu.” Heather said to me.

“Okay, thanks.” I answered.

“Well that’s why you’re so skinny. You don’t eat gluten.” Lizzy said and I looked at her.

“I’m allergic to it.” I answered before looking back at the menu. “What are you getting?” I asked Jared. Of course he was allowed to eat normal food but he always let me pick and choose things off of his plate.

“I’m thinking steak.” He said. “And french fries. What about you?”

“Caesar salad. Wanna share both of it?” I asked. I felt as if we were a married couple. You know how sometimes you go out to dinner with a married couple and they each get two different things and they share it? I feel like that is us.

“Of course.” He said once the waitress came over and gave us our drinks. We all ordered. Me and Jared mostly listened to what everyone else was talking about.

“So when are you guys coming up to stay with us?” Kenny’s dad who is also named Kenny asked. I really didn’t want to stay in a house with them but whatever Heather wanted. This was for her and Liam to get to know each other better.

“We are staying with them?” I whispered to Jared and he looked at me nodding his head. Kenny was pretty cool but I felt like the other two would like blow stuff up and shit. I can see why Kenny was the way he was, he hated these people.

“Those two cannot sleep in a bed together.” Their mom, Megan said pointing at me and Jared.

“What?” I asked choking on my drink. “Why?”

“Megan, we already talked to them. They are allowed to sleep in the same bed.” Liam said as he saw I was about to freak out. The only thing keeping me from doing so was Heather’s hand rubbing my arm and Jared’s that was rubbing my leg. I could barely sleep with Jared in the same bed I couldn’t imagine sleeping without him.

“I don’t want them to try anything.” I wanted to punch her in the face.

“We already talked to them. Don’t worry about that.” Finally our food was brought over and me and Jared would every so often switch plates other than the times that he would throw a piece of steak into my bowl or when he placed a few french fries on the plate next to me.

“You two ready to head out?” Heather asked me and Jared and we both nodded. I was in need of a shower and I’m sure Jared was too and I needed to be as far away from that other women. We both got up and headed for the door without saying goodbye to any of them Besides Kenny. “How are we possibly going to stay with them for three days?” Heather asked when she came out before Liam was still talking.

“How am I suppose to know?” I asked. There was no way in hell I was staying in a house with that women. She would probably feed us weird food that tasted horrible and like fake meat and shit.

“We will figure it out.” Liam said when he came outside and we all got into the car. “As long as you two don’t do what we talked about, you are allowed to sleep in the same bed. We already talked about it between us and I’m not going to let her ruin the things we already decided. Finally someone was on the same page as me.

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