Deep Dark and Dangerous

Jared is a new boy at school and Ryan (girl) takes a liking to him. Of course young love is never simple and there is always someone trying to break it up.


28. She's mine, not yours





Today we were headed over to the beach with Liam’s parents. We were told we needed to go to bed earlier than we have been but it didn’t really change anything. I was still exhausted when we woke up the next morning.

“When did you go to bed?” Heather asked when we got in the car.

“Like 11.” I answered.

“That’s not too bad.” Liam commented. For me and Jared it was horrible. We should have known that they would make us get up super early. We had stopped at Starbucks that was across the street from our hotel to get some drinks.

“Thank god to for coffee.” I said laughing.

“Yeah.” Jared said as he laid his head on my lap. We had about an hour and half drive give or take. I bet we would run into traffic. Liam of course played awesome music. He plugged in the Ryan and Jared playlist that was on Jared’s phone. It had all 5sos, One Direction, Green day, Fall Out Boy. The songs just kept rolling in and me and Jared sang to all of them while Heather took videos for us on the camera she bought us so we could blog. Our videos got tons of hits and they loved watching us act like morons.

One we got to the beach there were close to no people here.

“Where is everyone?” I asked.

“Oh, this beach if private. These people pay for it.” Liam said as he carried some chairs and me and jared grabbed the cooler and he nearly dragged me down the beach.

“Jared! I’m going to kill you!” I shouted at him.

“There will be no death on my beach.” A women came out of one of the houses and she smiled at both of us. “You must be Ryan and Jared. I’m Marie, Liam’s mother.” She said coming over and hugging both of us. “We don’t get many young people over here.”

“Thanks for having us.” I smiled.

“Ryan! I need some help!” Heather called and I ran over to her.

“She’s so nice.” I said and Heather nodded her head.

“Yes she is.” She smiled. She handed me a bag full of chips. “These ones are yours and these ones are Jared’s.” She answered handing me two different bags.

“Okay.” I ran back over to Marie and Jared. “These ones are yours and these ones are mine.” I commented to him.

“You get different chips?” She asked laughing.

“I’m allergic to gluten.” I answered and she nodded her head.

“That sticks. No wonder you’re so beautiful! You don’t eat the gross stuff we eat.” I smiled at her.

“Thank you.” I said. We placed everything down on the beach before Heather and Liam came out and told us to go change into our bathing suits.

“Awe, that looks cute.” Jared said pointing to the new belly ring I had put it last night.

“Thanks.” I answered smiling. I was wearing a almost teal color bikini and Jared was wearing a white and blue bathing suit. “You look cute.” He had gotten a new tattoo yesterday at the place down the street from our hotel. It was a tattoo on his left boob, well above it that said ‘If you don’t live for something you’ll die for nothing.’ A little piece of me thought he was living for me so he had something to live for and a larger piece of me thought about my mother. She had nothing to live for so she died with nothing. And his father had nothing to live for so he left. No one knew where he was. “What was this tattoo for?” I asked pointing at it.

“Everyone and everything I’m alive for.” He answered and I nodded. “Would you like to get a tattoo?” He asked and I nodded my head.

“Maybe for my birthday.” I answered. I had no idea what I wanted for my birthday and I felt bad asking them for things since they weren’t my actual family.

“I’m gonna give you the best gift ever.” Jared smiled at me and kissed me.

“What is it?” I asked.

“I can’t tell you.” He said.

“Please?” I asked begging him and pouting sticking out my bottom lip.

“I can’t. You’ll see.” He smirked before he grabbed two towels and he walked off. I frowned before walking out behind him.

“You two are literally the cutest things I’ve ever seen.” Marie said when we came back down. I saw her glance over our piercings and Jared’s tattoos. “You got a cool mom too.”

“Yeah.” Jared said looking down at the still red tattoo. “I owe it all to her.” He said.

“What do they say?” Marie asked.

“This one say ‘if you don’t live for something you’ll die for nothing’ and this one says ‘things I can’t’ and it’s on my arm that nothing else is on because there is nothing I can’t do if I don’t try.” He answered smiling.

“And you have your belly button pierced. I wish they had those when I was your age.”  I smiled.

“Yeah. I got it just before my mom…” I trailed off.

“I already know. I’m sorry for your loss.” She said frowning at me.

“Thank you.” I answered.

“Are you going to get tattoos too?” This lady was literally the most awesome person I have ever met.

“Yeah. I met get a few.” I answered. I wanted a dreamcatcher on my thigh and I wanted a quote on my arm. I want it say ‘I may have not gone where I intended to go but I think I ended up where I needed to be.’ There was nothing more special than getting the words you lived by tattooed on your body. Once we finished talking about that we had some lunch and we began talking about music. “Speaking of music, can we get my piano?” I asked Heather and she nodded her head.

“Already made room in the living for it!” She smiled.

“I can hire some people to move it for you.” Liam commented and I smiled. These people were my new family and I didn’t really mind it.




I watched as Ryan wrote in the sand and took pictures of it with her phone.

“What are you doing?” She asked me when I got out a bigger camera and took some better looking ones than the ones on her phone.

“Taking pictures. You look beautiful.” I said smiling at her and she smiled back before looking down still smiling and I captured it on the camera. I would be sure to post them somewhere later.

“Well stop.” She laughed and I shook my head no.

“Never.” I smiled at her.

“Come up for dinner!” Marie yelled to us before we both went running to the house and burgers were placed on the table along with Salad. “Help yourselves.” She said placing a few different drinks on the table. We both sat down and dug in. “Reminds me of when I had teenagers.” Marie said looking at each of us. “So, Ryan, you play the piano?” She asked.

“I do. I sing too.” She smiled.

“I would love to hear you play. We have a piano if you would like to play something when we are done.” Ryan nodded her head. She had played for me many times and it was always so beautiful. I recorded a few of them. We ate quickly before we headed over to the living room where the piano was and Ryan took her place at the bench. Her fingers moved over the keyboard before she started singing Human by Christina Perri. She was learning that one for a while now as she was teaching herself. I recorded her singing this time as her voice sounded amazing and it floated through the house and out the windows and I’m sure the neighbors could hear her. As she finished claps filled the room and I could see her smiling before I cut the camera off. “That was beautiful!” Marie said hugging her.

The smile never left her face as everyone talked about. For once in her life, she was happy and she didn’t have a worry in the world. She didn’t have to worry about her mom or her brothers. But that’s when she got the phone call. I watched as her face fell when she read the name and she answered it. She excused herself and stepped out the door and I saw her throwing her hands up in the air and tears flowing down her face. Marie and Ed went into the other room with Liam to leave me and my mom to talk to her.

“My dad wants me to go live with him.” She said when she came back into the house.

“What?” I asked. She went to talk but I cut her off. “No. You can’t. He lives two hours away from my house. I’m not letting you go.”

“Jared, I have to. He said when we get back I’m moving in with him.” She answered.

“Ryan, no. I won’t allow it.” I said crossing my arms.

“I have to.”

“We could adopt you. Say you are ours so you could live with us.” She acted as if her dad actually wanted her. He left her.

“He left you remember! Why the hell would you want you to live with him? So he could abuse you and make you do things you don’t want to do?!” I shouted. “I’m not letting you live with him!” I finished.

“Jared! Stop acting like a child and help me!” She shouted back at me.

“I’m not fighting with you about this!” I said. Liam had everything packed in the car and we all got in. The car ride back was quiet as Ryan sat literally facing the window and she wouldn’t talk to me. I just didn’t want her to leave. What if her dad hurt her? He could because there was no one there to stop him. I wasn’t letting her leave me. I was gonna fight for her. I would do everything to keep her and I plan on doing just that.

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