Deep Dark and Dangerous

Jared is a new boy at school and Ryan (girl) takes a liking to him. Of course young love is never simple and there is always someone trying to break it up.


7. It's time to live







That night me and Jared decided we would go out to pizza. We walked hand in hand into the shop. Jared was the regular bad boy. He had a few tattoos showing on his arms. He has a few on his chest that I’ve seen when we were showering and when he slept without a shirt on. He has his lips pierced. I was the regular good girl. Dressed nice without boobs hanging out. I usually wore short shorts due to the weather in California. 

“I’m thinking of getting a full sleeve.” He said rubbing his hands up and down his arm. I looked at the tattoos that were already there.

“What are you gonna get?” I asked. He shrugged.

“Can I help you guys?” A man about 25 standing behind the counter asked. I wrapped my arm around Jared’s waist. 

“Can we have a medium cheese pizza and a medium fry.” Jared said.

“Yup.” The man punched the numbers into the computer. I went to grab two drinks. “And two drinks?” He questioned.

“Yes please.” I said. I offered to pay but of course Jared wasn’t going to have that. We sat down at a booth. I wanted to be as close to him as possible so we sat on the same side and cuddled while we talked. “I wanna get my belly button pierced.” I said.

“I’ll take you.” He said.

“I need my parents to take me. But you can come.” I said to him. I held his hand and played with his fingers. He lifted my chin.

“I’m sorry I hurt you.” He whispered. I looked down.

“We don’t need to talk about that.” I said. “Couldn’t you tell that I hadn’t slept very well since the last time we talked?” I asked him.

“Yeah, I could tell.” He said. I laid my head on his shoulder. I didn’t want to cry. I had had enough of crying.

“You should take me to a One Direction concert.” I said smiling up at him. He moaned.

“Do I have to?” He asked.

“It’ll make me very happy.” I said giving him pouty lips. 

“Fine.” He said.

“Okay good its this Friday.” He moaned again. 

“I thought I was going to have more time.” He said and I laughed.

“You guys can compare tattoos.” I laughed at him. 

“Will I enjoy this concert?” He asked me. 

“Ha, no.” Of course I would enjoy it, they were my heros. To be honest when I spent those nights crying I looked over at the wall of smiling boys and told myself that I needed to survive for them. Even though they had no idea who I was.

“Do you love me more than them?” I looked at him.

“Babe, you should know your limit.” I said. He laughed and then kissed me.

“I do.” He said. I wasn’t sure who I loved more. Maybe it was equal. And that’s saying a lot because I’ve never loved anyone more than I love them. The pizza came then and we both dug in eating in silence. “Damn, you were hungry.” He said.

“We didn’t eat lunch. I’m starving.” He laughed.

“I would have made you something. Your fridge is so big it scares me. Makes me feel like I’m going to fall in it and never come out.” He said. I couldn’t help the laugh that left my mouth.

“Everyone says that!” My mom had decided to redo our kitchen. Her job was now paying her more and she wanted our house to look new not old. Although our house is quit big and very fancy. She of course had to redo the whole god damn kitchen along with her own bathroom and the downstairs bathroom. When my moms parents died when I was younger we got their house, which was already paid off. Since my family was having issues with money and my aunt had a house just as big, she let us take the house. My mom, aunt, and uncles all got a ton of money and earrings, and rings to go with it.

“Your house is big though. I feel like there are so many doors and I’m gonna get lost.” I laughed at him.

“I know. You get used to it. I feel the same about your house.”  We finished the pizza and the fries but we were just sitting here talking.

“We are closing.” A guy came over and said to us. I looked down at my phone and it was 9.

“Shit my mom is probably freaking out. Wait... she would have texted me.” I said. We didn’t rush home, we mostly just chilled. “Why hasn’t she texted me?” I wondered out loud.

“I don’t know.” Jared said as he grabbed my hand. 

“She’s probably with her boyfriend.” I rolled my eyes. 

“Want me to come over?” He asked.

“Yeah.” We pulled into the drive way and got out. I yelled hello through the house and got nothing back. I texted my mom.

‘Wont be home tonight. Be safe.’ She said. I rolled my eyes.

“She’s not coming home tonight.” I said. I was sick of my mother leaving me here alone. My brothers could go out with their girlfriends because they were older and could drive. They wouldn’t be home tonight either.

“I’m sorry.” He said. We both went up to my room where we watched T.V and stuffed our faces with food. “He’s so fat!” He whispered. I laughed.

“You’re so cute.” I said.

“No baby, I’m sexy.” I laughed. He ran his hands all over his own body. “You know you want this.” He rolled on top of me but he held his body up with hands on either side of my torso. “You want this don’t you.” He gave me an evil grin.

“Not really right now but someday I hope I do.” I giggled at him.

“God, you’re such a virgin.” He kissed my neck.

“You’ve had sex once.” I said moaning a little.

“Shit, Babe. You can’t moan like that.” He said. My bedroom door flung open and hit the wall.

“Who’s moaning?!” My older brother shouted. We both just looked at him.

“We are both fully dressed.” I said as Jared got off me. My brother and his girlfriend were standing in the door way.

“Well, I know someone who is going to be moaning.” He said before his girlfriend jumped and wrapped her legs around him.

“Thats so gross.” I said. I was used to my brother bringing girls home. He was like 23 and still lived at home.

“They can have sex and we cant?” Jared asked all sad.

“No. Because I’m 15 and we started dating like five hours ago.” I said. “Give it a few months.” I said. He ran his hand through his hair.

“I just want to see you naked again.” He moaned out.

“No one is suppose to know about that.” I said putting face really close to his.

“Well my mom knows.” He said grabbing my face. I fluttered my eyes a little before I looked up into his.

“That’s because she caught us.” I kissed him. I could feel his soft cold lips over mine. I loved the way our lips moved together. I felt as he pulled back with his hands on my hips.

“We can’t make out if we can’t have sex. I’m too turned on for that.” He said. I sighed. 

“Lets try to sleep then.” I said. I knew my brother would do his best to stay quiet now that he knew that Jared was here and if we wanted we could have sex.

“Like naked?” He asked.

“Jared no.” I rolled my eyes and laughed at him.

“But...” He trailed off giving me pouty eyes.

“Jared, I said no.” I got off the bed. “We can go shower together though.” He right away jumped off the bed and carried me to the shower.

“I love this part!” 

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