Deep Dark and Dangerous

Jared is a new boy at school and Ryan (girl) takes a liking to him. Of course young love is never simple and there is always someone trying to break it up.


10. It's my life







‘Babe.’ Jared said as I answered the phone. We were both going back to school tomorrow and neither one of us were looking forward to it. 

‘Yes?’ It was still pretty early and I had no idea why he was calling me.

‘What are you doing today?’ He asked.

‘I was suppose to go to my dads.’ I said running my eyes with the hand that I had left. 

‘Darn.’ He said and I heard him yawn.

‘Why? Did you want to do something today?’ I asked.

‘Yeah. I just wanted you to come over and play video games and eat food and cuddle and stuff.’ He said.

‘Well you could come to my dads. He will probably just play video games anyway.’ I said yawning. I walked to my mirror and wiped the let over make up off my face with make up wash. I applied the acne medication my aunt had bought for me. It burned my skin and it was burning so bad I felt like I was going to scream.

‘Really? I figured he would hate me.’ He said.

‘He doesn’t even know about you.’ I said. He never said anything. I was beginning to think he hung up. ‘Hello?’ I said.

‘I’m here.’ He sighed out. ‘You never told him about me?’ He asked.

‘This is the first time I’m going to see him since the divorce.’ I said. ‘Just come over.’ I said. ‘I’ll text him and ask.’ I said.

‘Okay. See you.’ He said. 

‘See you.’ I said and hung up. I quickly put my make up on and did my hair. I decided I would put it up into a pony tail. I didn’t even bother getting dressed yet. My dad wouldn’t be here for about another two hours. 

‘Climb up the side of the house.’ I texted to Jared. My mom had this thing right next to my window and anyone could clearly climb up and down it. He didn’t respond. Probably because he was driving. I waited a few more minutes. I was wondering what was taking him so long. I decided to pick out what I was going to wear. 

“BOO!” Jared yelled. I jumped and then screamed. I also may have peed my pants.

“You asshole!” I yelled. I could hear foot steps running to my room.

“What happened?” My brother came flying into the bedroom.

“Jared scared me.” I said. “Now I need to go change my pants.” I said. I then had to go find underwear and shorts. 

“Did you ask your dad?” He asked.

“Shit. I forgot.” I quickly grabbed my phone and texted him. 

‘I guess.’ He responded.

“He said yes.” I went into the bathroom and washed myself and put the new clothes on. I put on short shorts and a shirt that didn’t cover my stomach. “He’s gonna hate this.” I said. Jared wrapped his arms around me.

“Yeah, but I love it.”  He said smirking and kissing me. I hit his chest when he let my lips go.

“You’re so naughty.” I said.

“Yeah. But you love it.” I rolled my eyes.

“My dad is going to kill you.” I said and he just shrugged.

“Why? Because I have piercings and tattoos?” He questioned me.

“Yes.” I answered him. “Because I’m the good girl. The virgin good girl.” I said. He just stood there. He eventually sat on the bed. 

“He doesn’t like any boys does he?” He asked.

“Nope. I don’t usually bring boys home. Or date boys. Or let them see me naked. Or kiss them. Or-” He stopped me.

“I get it.” He said annoyed.

“Sorry.” I mumbled leaving the room and going into the bathroom. 

“Babe...” He said coming into the bathroom.

“What?” I said back.

“I’m sorry.” I felt his arms wrap around my waist. When he got upset he was very clingy and I loved it.

“I know. Its okay.” I said turning around in his arms and wrapping my arms around his neck. “Probably going to the batting cages with my dad. That’s what we usually do. Training.” I said.

“Thats fine by me. As long as we are together.” He said and kissed me.

“I figured. Can we watch the Dance Mom’s I missed last week?” I asked.

“Why did you miss it?” He asked.

“I’ve been with you all week.” He nodded his head.

“That will do it.” He said. “But I suppose we can.” He said.

“I was going to watch it anyway.” I sat down on the bed and turned the T.V on. I watched for a good thirty minutes skipping through the commercials. Jared was playing videos games with my brother and I didn’t mind. At least they were bonding and he wasn’t complaining to me. 

‘I guess we aren’t friends anymore.’ One of the top dancers, Maddie said. I couldn’t help but feel heart broken. I had cried watching episodes before but this one really stuck with me. I had lost friends before, not over dance, but softball got in the way of friendships all the time. I had a friend, her name is Emily. We have known each other since second grade, we are now sophomores. We barely ever see each other anymore or even talk for that matter. I walked to my brothers room and said down on Jared’s lap and cried. Not loud enough that my brother knew but that he knew. 

“Its okay.” He whispered in my ear. He had no idea what had happened or why I was crying but for a little bit in that moment he made me feel better.

“We gotta go. My dad is going to be here soon.” I said wiping my eyes.

“What’s your issue? On your period?” My brother asked.

“No! I’m pregnant.” I said. Jared looked at me.

“What?” He asked.

“I’m joking, Babe.” I said. He paused the game and I grabbed his hand and he followed me.

“Why were you crying?” He asked.

“The show reminded me of an old friend.” I said grabbing the things I needed. I went into my closet and got my softball bag. “We gotta go.” I said looking at my phone. “He’s here.” I heard the door bell ring.

“I’ll get it!” Alex shouted and I heard his voice along with my fathers. I dragged my bag down the stairs with Jared behind me. 

“Hey Ry.” My dad said. I hadn’t seen him since the divorce because he was always working trying to pay my mother to give her the money. He got visitation hours over the weekend and this is the first one where I didn’t have softball and he didn’t have to work.

“Hey.” I said as I got to the bottom step.

“Who’s this?” He asked looking at Jared.

“This is Jared, my boyfriend.” I said.

“Nice to meet you, Sir.” Jared said shaking his hand.

“Tatoos and piercings uh?” He questioned. “Didn’t know you liked bad boys.” 

“Following in my mothers foot steps.” I mumbled. 

“We are going to the batting cages. Hope you can keep up, Jared.” My dad said.

“I think I will.” He said. My dad took my bag and walked out the door. We both followed behind him and I shut the door.

“I’m sorry about him. He doesn’t know what to say and what not to say.” I whispered to him.

“Babe, his opinion of me, you, us, doesn’t matter.” He said running a hand through the bottom of my hair. 

“But it does matter.” I said.

“Why are you so worried about this?” I asked.

“If we somehow get married, is he really going to hand me over in marriage? Or will he say no?” Jared stood there and thought about it. 

“Then I need to change his answer to yes.” I smiled at him.

“You’re wonderful.” I said. “Lets go.” We both sat in the back as we drove down to the batting cages. My father pushed me a lot to do better in softball. Both him, my mother and coaches had be on a strict diet. I had gone off of it a little being with Jared but it wasn’t changing my body that much. 

“Have you been doing that diet?” My dad asked.

“Kinda.” I answered.

“Well your ass back in the game and get back on it.” I rolled my eyes.

“What diet?” Jared asked.

“Softball diet. Shakes and salads.” I said. “ That’s it.” I said. 

“You don’t need to be on a diet.” Jared said.

“I’m out of shape.” I said. Jared’s head snapped at me. I nodded my head. I was always told that I should play softball like I eat them for breakfast. That pitchers should be afraid to pitch to me. I wasn’t like that. I started out playing for fun, an after school activity. It isn’t that way anymore. Everyone looks at it like its my way of life and I don’t look at it like that. 

“You’re not out of shape.” Jared said holding my hand.

“Everyone else thinks so.” I whispered. 

“I invited Stephen here to meet us.” My dad said. I mentally cursed knowing he would be watching and my dad was paying him. I knew he was going to be mad that Jared was there and he was a ‘distraction to me.’ We pulled up and right away I got out and grabbed my bag while my dad talked to Stephen and bought the coins. No one else was here and it was getting hotter by the minute.

“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have brought you here.” I said to Jared. He just grabbed my hand and we walked away.

“Why did you bring him?” Stephen asked me.

“He makes me happy.” I said with confidence.

“And softball doesn’t?” He questioned.

“Not anymore.” I said. I could tell he was getting annoyed.

“Do you even want to do this?” He asked.

“Be on your team? No. Not at all.” I said. 

“Then why are you doing this? Why are you here?” He asked.

“Because I took the spot away from someone else. I’m doing this to make my mother and father proud.” I said.

“Do you think we are pushing you too far?” He asked.

“I think you are going over board with the whole diet thing. I understand I didn’t use to be this weight but I’m starving myself to get to the weight you want me to be at.” I said. “Its not healthy for me. Its too much. When I have days off, I want to be able to go and hang with friends and eat pizza if I want. I want to go out to ice cream dates with my boyfriend. I can’t do that! You somehow will find out and make me work to get rid of the fat that isn’t there!” They all stood there listening to my speech. 

“Go hit.” Stephen said. I went to the cage putting my helmet on. I put the coin in the slot. And it started the two hour private I was getting.




“Here. Go buy an ice cream.” Stephen said handing me money. Me and Jared went to go get an ice cream. Stephen came over after talking to my dad. “Do you understand why I am pushing you so hard?” He asked.

“No. I have no idea.” He said.

“I want you to get into a good college.” I had been thinking about going to college since I was a freshman. Worrying that I needed to get good grades and be an amazing softball player.

“I don’t want to go to college.” I said. “ Softball isn’t my life. Its just a small piece of it.” I said. “You never think about anything else any of us girls want. Maybe I would rather be doing make up than rubbing dirt on my pants trying to please you.” I said. “I want to be a writer. And softball privates don’t help any of that.” I said.

“I will think about that.” He ended the conversation. I turned to Jared.

“You’re one strong cookie.” He said kissing my forehead.

“I don’t think I would have been able to do it if you weren’t here.”  I kissed him square on the lips. “Thank you.” I said then laughed. “Can I have a bite of that?” I asked.

“Sure.” He scooped some on his spoon and fed it to me. We both headed to the car.

“Sorry.” I heard my father mumbled from the front seat. I didn’t say anything about it. I just let it go. He dropped me and Jared off at home. 

“Bye.” I said grabbing my bag and going into the house. Jared said he would sleep over so we took a shower and climbed into bed eating some dinner and then watching T.V until we both fell asleep knowing we would have to go to school and deal with the people.

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