Deep Dark and Dangerous

Jared is a new boy at school and Ryan (girl) takes a liking to him. Of course young love is never simple and there is always someone trying to break it up.


23. I dont want to be like our parents







It was finally the end of the week. We were able to just relax for the weekend. The doctors said my mom was doing better so we were keeping her on the machine for a little longer.

“Okay. We will be back in a few days. Be good. Call if you need us.” Jared had told me this morning that he was planning on having a party tonight. I agreed but I told him I would leave if he got super drunk.

“We will.” I said from Jared’s side hugging his mom. Her and Liam were heading away to some place that Liam wouldn’t tell us for a few days. We stood there waving as they drove down the driveway.

“Okay. I am going to set up for the party.” Jared said.

“I’m going to go edit our video.” I answered. I knew it always took us forever to edit videos because sometimes we even added our own little things. Sometimes we just needed to get our own feelings out without the other one being there. And sometimes one of us was talking about the other.

I sat there for a good three hours and was only halfway done. I looked over at the clock and realized people would be showing up first. I hadn’t heard from Jared since he brought me some food and that was about two hours ago.

“Jared? Are you still alive?” I shouted from upstairs.

“Yeah! Can you come help me real quick?” He shouted back and I bounded down the stairs to see what he needed. “What if I was to wear this?” I walked into the kitchen and he was butt naked.

“What do you think I’m sharing that dick? No way.” I said walking over to him and wrapping my arms around him. His little friend poked me in the thigh. “Not right now.” I groaned out. I wasn’t in the mood to do anything and I knew his friends were going to be here soon. “Your friends will be here soon.” I said running my hands up and down his stomach and chest. “Go get dressed before they see you naked.” I laughed and pushed him towards his room. The doorbell rang then and I ran to answer it.

“Hey Ryan. Where’s Jared?” A group of boys walked into the house.

“He’s getting dressed.” I answered while placing out some snacks that Jared had set to the side. “How many people are actually coming to this?” The all shrugged. I looked down at what they were looking at. I realized I was still in the sweatpants and very tight tank top I was wearing. My boobs were nearly popping out of the top.

“Hey guys!” Jared shouted as he came down the stairs.

“I’m going to change.” I knew more people would be showing up and this was not what I wanted his friends to see me in. I changed into the tight black dress I had brought with me. I went barefoot I wasn’t even going to bother putting on shoes that I knew I was just going to take off. I walked down the stairs and saw that even more people had showed up and the music was being turned louder.

“Here.” Jared handed me a drink.

“What is it?” I shouted over the music.

“Water!” He said back.

“Are you lying to me?” I said as I smelled it and it didn’t smell like anything. He shook his head and I took a sip from it and it was water. I took his cup from him and took a sip from it. “I told you not to drink!” I shouted at him.

“I know. I’m sorry.” He said holding his head down. I dumped the drink out in the sink and he followed me. “I’m sorry.” He said wrapping his arms around my stomach.

“Don’t let it happen again.” I snapped at him. I didn’t feel like taking care of my drunk boyfriend tonight. We had been to parties before where he didn’t drink why all of a sudden now does he want to drink? I walked away and went to the group of people who were drinking. You could smell it. I felt like throwing up. “Why is Michelle here?” I shouted to Jared as I swayed my hips into him.

“I’m not sure. I invited some people and they brought some people.” He shrugged as he held my hips. I could feel his bulge pressing into me. It seemed as if this night was never going to end.

“Cops!” Someone yelled and I ran into the backyard with Jared on my heels. “The woods!” Jared yelled and he picked me up and ran with me to find a spot. Everyone else ran out of the house and down the street and away from the house. “I think we are good to go back in.” He laughed.

“Where did the cops go?” I asked looking around.

“There weren’t any. I just wanted everyone to leave so I could fuck you.” He said giving me his lustful eyes before carrying me into the house and taking me.




I woke up to Jared’s snoring. We were still naked from last night. It was about one or two in the morning when everyone left and it was about five in the morning when we finally went to bed. I unwrapped myself from Jared and walked into the bathroom and stood in front of the mirror. I had two hickies on my chest and one behind my ear.

“Those look bad.” Jared said coming into the bathroom and touched them with his finger.

“Because I didn’t know that.” I said.

“Wanna take a shower with me?” He asked wrapping his arms around my waist and resting them on stomach. I nodded my head while he turned the shower on. We both stood in front of the mirror looking at the marks he had left on me. I turned to him and noticed bite marks in his chest.

“I may have bitten you.” I said running my finger over the marks I had left on him. He laughed before he jumped into the shower and I followed behind him.

“The house is a mess. We need to clean that after this.” I wasn’t thrilled about that because well it wasn’t my idea to have a party and I wasn’t the one who made a mess!

“I figured.” I said to him and I washed my hair. But of course, we couldn’t leave the shower without hot steamy sex so, that’s what he gave to me. “We need to stop having so much sex.” I said to him once we were done with showering and we were cleaning. He dropped the bag he was holding.

“What?” He said. I didn’t want to say why I needed a break from having sex. It was every single night and every single morning and I was very sore. “Why not?” I sat down on the couch and was very uncomfortable.

“I don’t want to say.” I said looking down.

“Are you pregnant?” He asked. Literally everyone has been asking me if I was pregnant all the time now.

“No. But my vagina hurts!” He laughed at me before going into the kitchen and bringing me back advil. “No more sex until I feel better and my vagina isn’t red.”

“I’m sorry. I didn’t realize.” He said kissing me. He started cleaning again. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it was because he was done rather quickly.

“So. Your birthday is coming up.” I said. Jared’s birthday was a few days after he came back from Florida and he would be going to a Green Day concert that I got for him for Christmas.

“Oh yeah that reminds me!” He said and went running into the kitchen. I heard some draws opening and closing and some slamming of cabinets.

“What are you doing?” I called to him from the couch.

“This.” He said as he got down on one knee. I began to panic. We weren’t dating for that long and I wasn’t ready to get married! “Will you go to Florida with me?” He asked as he held out the plane ticket to me. I literally laughed out loud before nodding my head.

“Oh my gosh! I thought you were proposing to me.”

“I don’t want a baby that bad.” He mumbled before standing up.

“We should talk about that.” It seemed as if more and more teenagers were wanting babies these days. “We don’t have the money to raise a child and lets all be honest, its all about the money not raising a kid.” I said turning and facing him.

“Maybe when we graduate high school.” He said as he laid his head on my lap and looked up at me. I ran my hands through his hair and kissed him.

“Maybe.” I said. “So about the Green Day concert…” I trailed off.

“Yes. I’m bringing you.” He said smiling. I smiled down at him.

“Good. I bought those tickets.” I giggled as he played with my free hand. “What do you think your mom and Liam are doing right now?” I asked him. He groaned before answering.

“Having sex. You can’t even say that they didn’t go on that vacation to have sex because we were having sex here.” He said. I groaned, I didn’t want to picture them doing that with us in the house.

“I didn’t want to picture that.” I said.

“Well neither did I. But if she is happy, then so am I.” He said. It was a wonderful thing when someone you loved found someone who loved them after going through something that made them think that love didn’t exist. Although it didn’t show either me or Jared that love could last forever but it did show me that you can find the same love twice. That was a scary thing to think about because I never wanted to lose Jared. Tears flowed from my eyes and landed on his forehead. “What’s wrong?” He asked me.

“Both of our moms moved on with other guys but I don’t want to move on from you. I want to be with you forever. I don’t want to be like our parents!” I said crying even harder barely making out the words.

“We won’t ever be like our parents. I would never leave you in a time of need.” I guess he had showed me that. Any time of day that I wanted to go see my mom, he would bring me. How many other people would do that for me?

“Everyone else left! Why would you be the one to stay?” Why was I even doubting this now?

“Ryan! Listen to me! I would be the one to stay to prove my love for you. I fall in love with you all over again every single day and if I ever had to live without you for any reason, I would never find anyone else to love. I would rather be alone than to be with someone else. I only want the best for you and I hope to god I am the best.” He said sitting up and wrapping me in a hug. His arms wrapped around me super tight and he didn’t let me go.

“I want to be with you forever.” I whispered.

“Me too.” He said.

“Let’s watch a movie.” He said handing me the remote. He shouldn’t have done that because I wanted to watch Frozen. He sat and watched with me for a while. I began to doze off but his phone ringing woke me up. “Hey Bro. What’s up?” He asked into the phone. “I’m with Ryan. She’s asleep and I’m watching a movie, why? What do you need?” He asked into the phone. I opened eye to look at him. “I can look but I didn’t see anything when I cleaned.” He answered and waited for an answer. “You fucked a girl in my bed?” My eyes shot opened and I gave him a disgusted look. We had sex in that bed right after them!

“That’s gross.” I said. “You know, you didn’t feed me all day.” I said to him going into the kitchen.

“I know. I’m sorry.” He said laughing before pulling a few things out of the fridge and cabinets. The doorbell rang a few minutes later and Jared went to answer it. His friend walked into the kitchen and said an hello.

“You know we had sex in that bed too! That’s gross!” I said to Nate.

“My Jared got laid?!” He said laughing.

“He’s my Jared.” I said stirring the cheese for homemade mac and cheese. “Are you staying for dinner?” I asked Nate.

“Uh sure.” He answered before going to find what he needed. We all sat at the island eating most of the mac and cheese. Me and Jared are pretty good cooks. “So what have you two been doing?” Nate asked us.

“Nothing. My mom went away with her boyfriend so it’s just us for a few more days.” Jared answered.

“So you guys had sex?” He asked and I laughed.

“We’ve been having sex for weeks.” I answered. We didn’t tell anyone, no one needed to know. The only one who knew was Jared’s mom but that’s because it happened in her house and well, we told her.

“You didn’t tell me that!” Nate said.

“We didn’t tell anyone. I’m not whore, no one needed to know.” I answered. That was another my mom and his dad were, whore’s. I didn’t want to be like our parents. I wanted to be that one couple that lasted. I wanted to be the seniors who graduated and decided to travel the world while everyone else was off preparing for college. I wanted to be that couple that went to the high school reunion together and people were still surprised we were together. I wanted to be that couple that lasted, I wasn’t going to be like my parents.

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