Deep Dark and Dangerous

Jared is a new boy at school and Ryan (girl) takes a liking to him. Of course young love is never simple and there is always someone trying to break it up.


29. Good or Bad





That night Jared had thrown everything in our hotel room from his rage. I just sat there eating ice cream watching him. Of course I didn’t want to move in with my dad because well first off Jared was right. He left me and now all of a sudden he wants to be back in my life and that’s not going to happen. Even worse he could rape me or hurt me in some way.

“How are you not upset about this?” He asked me when he finally calmed down and he laid next to me and wrapped his arms around my belly.

“I am upset but we have over a month to be with each other and do you really think I’m going to let him take me? Over my dead body.” He looked up at me and he smiled.

“I don’t want you to leave.”

“I don’t either. I’m not going anywhere.” I answered running a hand through his hair. “Can you clean up this mess?” I asked. There were panties and bra’s thrown everywhere and there were some condom wrappers laying around. My dressed were thrown. He acted like throwing my clothes around was going to help.

“No.” He answered before he rested his head on my chest.

“So are you mad at me still?” I asked and he shook his head.

“I’m sorry.”

“Not your fault.” I answered before laying down next to him.

“We are going four wheeling tomorrow.” He answered.

“Awesome.” I laughed as I played with his hair and rubbed his ear.

“Can you feel that?” He asked and I nodded as he pressed himself into my side. I giggled when he got on top of me. “I want you so badly.” He moaned out as he kicked his pants off and I took my top off. I usually let him do the bottoms. He kissed me like never has before. He then moved to my neck and I swear to god I was in heaven. “Where are the condoms?” He asked pulling back.

“I don’t know.” I whined. I was never patient enough for him to get them.

“And we can’t forget them because you know damn well this one time we don’t use them you’ll get pregnant.” I was on birth control but neither one of us trusted it. Well I didn’t trust him. I was so glad that he was more responsible with it then other people were. He got up from the bed and dug around in his bag before pulling one out and sliding it onto himself. He then came back and pulled my shorts off and climbed on top of me. As soon as he entered me I moaned. I always loved doing this with him.




It was four in the morning when I woke up with horrible pains in my stomach and I cried out before getting out of bed and going to the bathroom. I could hear Jared groaning when I sat down.

“God dammit.” I moaned before grabbing the tampons from under the sink.

“What’s wrong?” Jared called from the bed.

“My period.” I groaned before coming back out after washing myself up and putting on a pair of panties.

“No. I like you naked.” He said holding out his arms and I laid down into them.

“I still mostly am.” I answered. The hotel room was freezing and his chest was so warm. “You’re so warm.” I said burying myself into him.

“You’re freezing.” He answered tightening his arms around me.

The next time I looked at the clock it was nine and Heather was walking through the door.

“What exploded in here?” She asked picking up a few things before coming over to us.

“Don’t take the blankets off.” I said to her. Usually she would come in and rip the blankets off but if she did that today she would see her son naked.

“Oh.” She said. “Well get up and get ready, we are leaving in an hour.” She said before walking out and me and Jared peeled ourselves off the bed and headed for the shower.

“Is it bad?” He asked and I nodded. I had super bad cramps and my boobs hurt.

“My stomach and boobs hurt.” I commented letting him know what was going on.

“I’m sorry. I would take the pain away if I could.” He said kissing me and I nodded my head.

“Another reason I don’t want to live with my dad. He wouldn’t know what to do.” I said and he nodded his head.

“Well I don’t either but there is a women in our house.” He said and I nodded.

“At least I’m not pregnant.” I said and he laughed.

“Yeah. Thank god.”



I could tell Ryan was in pain as she gripped onto her shirt and let out a few breaths. I walked over to her and rubbed my hands up and down her stomach and she leaned back into me.

“It hurts so bad.” She whispered to me.

“I know, Baby. I wish I could make it better.” There was nothing more that I wanted than to make the pain she was feeling go away but I knew I couldn’t. My mom then began digging in her bag and pulled out some pain medication and handed it to her along with a water bottle. We were getting ready to go four wheeling but if she wasn’t feeling well I didn’t want her to. “If you don’t feel good we don’t have to go. We can go back to the hotel room.” I said wrapping my arms tighter around her.

“No. I’ll be fine.” I didn’t believe her but I let it happen anyway. We were ahead of everyone else as we were the only teenager’s here and everyone else was older than us. When we got to an opening in the woods we cut the four wheelers off and got off of them.

“How are you feeling?” I asked and she shrugged.

“Better than before.” She answered. Now let me tell you how perfect she looks right now. Her hair was up in a bun with the straight ends sticking out and she was wearing a super tight white tank top and blue short shorts. Her boobs were sticking out of the top but not enough to make her look like a whore but just enough to turn me on. It was nearly dinner time when we had first gotten started and most people had brought a picnic basket but since me and Ryan went ahead of everyone else, we had to wait for like an hour before anyone else showed up.

“There you are!” My mom shouted when everyone else showed up.

“We knew what we were doing.” I answered and wrapped an arm around Ryan. Everyone then chose places in the grass to sit and eat. Ryan and I sat away from the group of everyone else. We had found a little place that we wanted to be just us.

We sat watching the sunset before we had decided to start heading back. I made Ryan go first so I could keep an eye on her. I knew the pain meds were beginning to wear off and she would need some more soon.

“Wanna go swimming when we get back to the hotel?” She asked when he were finally in the car. We didn’t have a long ride back and the pool was open pretty late.

“Sure.” I answered. We had stopped to get some ice cream before we were back on the road.

“Did you guys have fun?” Liam asked.

“Yup.” Ryan answered before I was even able to think about an answer. “It was awesome! My ass hurts though.” She pouted and I smirked.

“It’s going to hurt when I’m done with it.” I said and everyone laughed.

“You’re so gross.” She smacked my chest before she giggled. She rested her head on my shoulder for the car ride. I rest my check on the top of her head and I’m pretty sure I fell asleep.




I literally dragged Jared into our room so we could change and go swimming.

“Are you sure you want to go swimming?” He asked and I nodded my head while stripping from my clothes and throwing on a red bikini.

“Yes. Now put a suit on and lets go.” I grabbed some towels before he put on his suit and we both went down to the pool. It was outside and it was heated. There were lights all along the outside and the inside under the water.

“You get in first.” Jared said and he shoved me which made me fall and I scraped my foot on the cement before I fell in.

“Jared! You jerk!” I shouted at him. He just laughed and jumped in after me and wrapped his arms around me.

“But you love me so much.” He smirked that damn smirk that nearly made me melt. It was now dark and most of the lights in the hotel were out. “Wanna do something?” He asked and I looked at him and tilted my head to the side and squinted at him.

“What?” I questioned. He didn’t answer me he just took his bathing suit off and he threw it outside the pool before he took my bottoms off. “Jar, we can’t.” I whispered when he positioned himself in front of me.

“Yes we can. Just stay quiet.” He said as he pushed into me and I opened my mouth to scream but he placed his hand over my mouth. He leaned in and kissed my neck as he pushed even harder and fast. I moved my hips to meet his and he moaned out. “Jesus. How could you possibly be this tight?” He moaned out and he moved his hand away from my mouth.

“Ugh. Jared. Don’t stop.” I moaned out and I heard him laugh as I threw my head back.

“Wasn’t planning on it.” He answered. I wasn’t sure how long we were in there but I knew I orgasmned at least four times. When we finally got out I could barely walk and Jared had to help me out and into the elevator. “Go take shower.” He said pointing to the bathroom.

“Come with me.” I said wrapping my arms around him.

“Baby, no. I’m gonna order some food and then we are going to sleep.” He said kissing my forehead before sending me into the shower. I sighed as I stripped of my towel and hopping the shower. I let the water run over my body before I actually washed my hair and body. I was thinking about what we just did in the pool. I could hear Jared talking and I heard him picking up a few things. Oh my god did we-?

“JARED!” I shouted for him in a panic and he came running into the bathroom and flung the shower curtain open and he looked around before sighing.

“Jesus christ. Don’t do that to me.”

“Did we use a condom?” I asked him as I got out and wrapped a towel around myself.

“Shit. Have you taken your birth control?” He asked and I nodded. I was almost positive I took it everyday. “Then we have nothing to worry about. As long as the birth control doesn’t fail, we will be fine.”

“Jesus christ it better not fail.” I commented. I was praying to god right now that I didn’t get pregnant. There was a knock on the door then so Jared went to get it. I heard him talking and the guy wheeled in the food. I quickly changed into the clothes I brought into the bathroom with me and walked out of the room drying my hair with a towel.”Smells good.” I smiled wrapping my arms around Jared.

“Yes. Pick whatever you want. I’m going to get a movie set up.” We could stay up as late as we wanted as we didn’t have any plans for tomorrow. Me and Jared were just going to walk around Boston while Liam and Heather went out together. I planned on staying in the hotel room to sleep. I hope Jared wanted to do that because I was. I picked up a plate with a ton of random treats on it and sat down on the bed while Jared set up a movie and grabbed the other plate.

Once we finished eating we laid down together and he rubbed my back and I eventually fell asleep. My dreams have never been so peaceful. I loved being in his arms. I wish I could be there all the time. I will never forget the feeling I felt when I first started talking to him. The first time he touched me. I won’t forget anything I ever felt with him, good or bad.

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