Worst Weekend Ever

Four boys live together. They are all roommates who go to a special High school. This is how they spent their weekend. It wasn't at all what they expect it would be like.


4. Worst way to steal a masterpiece


I feel really bad about yelling at Rafe, but also really good. why I don't know. but I know for sure I'm still mad at him, and every one else I know. like I'm mad at Ryan for being smart enough to stay out of all this, and I'm mad at Andie for really no reason. the only person I'm not mad at would be Lexi. I could never be mad at her. she's to perfect. but other then her, I hate the world. so I think I will do something cool. like steal a masterpiece from the art gallery. hey, the worst that could happen is I get sent to the community jail for a week, which means no school, no people, and one phone call a day, 3 meals a day, and getting to do absolutely nothing for a week, sounds more fun then sitting around here and getting yelled at and also getting no where. so I wait till 5:30 till I leave for the art gallery, when I'm there I go to the rather large painting I'm planning on taking and just take it off the wall, as soon as I do an alarm goes off, and a cop arrests me. I'm taken to the community jail, and James is called to be told I'll be here for a week, then I'm allowed to call one person. for some dumb reason I decide to call Jaia.

"no I'm not bailing you out." he says

"it's not that, just wanted to talk to you." I say

"no. I don't want to talk to you. so bye." he says and hangs up.

well I'm an idiot. but I guess I'll be here for a while. 

yeah I know it's short, but I really want to get the "secret chapter" written, which involves a lot of finger taping. so I wrote this in a rush, but don't worry it's worth it.

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