Worst Weekend Ever

Four boys live together. They are all roommates who go to a special High school. This is how they spent their weekend. It wasn't at all what they expect it would be like.


2. Worst way to spend a Friday

Jaia's POV

When I woke up on Friday morning I found Jacob on the floor trying to do what I think was yoga, but it more looked like he was possessed and being moved in funny ways. well from experience I completely ignore this and go take a shower. After my shower I go to eat breakfast, I thought James made Waffles, but when I got there no waffles were left to be eaten so I made myself a bowl of cereal and sat down at our long dinner table.

"Where are the waffles?" I ask Rafe

"Well you see, Jacob took your share. It definitely wasn't me." He responds.

Now me being me I thought, this is going to be the worst part of my day. Oh how I was wrong.

after I was done eating I got two text. one from my friend Armando, the other from my other friend Andie(Andy and she is a girl). Armando's text said: hey I'm having a party after curfew, you guys should all come. And so I said yeah we all will be there. and Andie's text said: Hey, are you going to Armando's party? if so good, if not, don't be coming over to my house. 

I didn't have a chance to text her back. Rafe was talking to me about something dumb, like he always does.

"Jaia, should I take Tuesdae to the soccer game tomorrow, or to a movie?" he asked me

"I don't know, soccer game." I say, I really don't care, but he seems to think I like to her him talk about his girlfriend. Yeah she's pretty cool, I mean what other 15 year old girl would paint a unicorn on her face every Monday? and what other 15 year old girl is so focused on her future, that she's sure Rafe is in. But I don't think so. Their relationship is somewhat too good to be true. But Tuesdae is definitely special, and also definitely a keeper. she's just as funny as Rafe, just as in to history as Rafe, and just as in to living in nature as Rafe. Which is why it's too good to be true.

I do wish I could find someone as special as Tuesdae, someone that's just as interesting in the same stuff as me. And when I think of girls I know who fit this description I think of Andie, but I don't think she's interested in me at all. But maybe one day I'll find someone.

Rafe is still talking about something he and Tuesdae could do after the game.

"Take her to the park, of the beach. she likes Vast Beach." I say remember how he was going on and on about how much she liked that beach.

"Yeah that's perfect, thanks Jaia." he says right as the school bus honks outside.

When I get to school I seek out Andie. I want to just talk to her, maybe find out if she likes me.

"Hey Andie." I say to her.

Andie has blond hair down to her shoulders, Brown eyes, light skin and she is at least a foot and a half shorter then me.

"Hay girl hay." she says to me.

"So why can't I come over to your house after curfew?" I ask

"because I'm having a slumber party." she says

"oh makes sense, but why wasn't I invited?" I ask

"because my guardian is against having boys over after 9." she says

"Well that's a dumb rule. Tuesdae can having Rafe sleep over at her house." I say, thinking that some how her guardian would go along with that.

"Yeah as long as he sleeps in the guest room, a floor under Tuesdae's room." she says, a little annoyed, I can tell i should shut up. so I change the subject.

"how's Davy?" I ask, Davy is her boyfriend. I think he is a complete jerk, and Andie deserves a lot better, even Jacob would be a big step from Davy. Not to be rude to Jacob but isn't exactly what you call a charmer.

"He's good, he moved back to the main area of town with his parents." she says.

"oh, is that good or bad?" I ask

"Bad, I don't see him as much. besides school." she says

"Well Andie, I really don't think he's right for you. From what I've seen he's a real jerk to Tyler, and some of the other girls at this school." I say. right away I know this was the completely wrong thing to say, she goes from happy to ready to rip my head off in a matter of seconds.

"Well Jaia, I really don't think you have a say in the matter! If he was rude to Tyler, she would tell me!" she yells at me.

I know that I should go and put as much distance between Andie and I. but I can't. I have last thing to say to her. but I can't get the words out. so I get my note pad from my pocket with a pen and write it as a note. and the note says: The only reason I told you the truth is because I love you. -Jaia. I fold the it in half, then quarters, then I hand it to her and walk away to my locker as fast as I can.

why did I write that note? yeah every thing on it is true. but still, way to go, and I failed. I know she probably hates me now. and is probably off to just gossip about the note to the other girls that live on our street.

Andie's POV 

As soon as Jaia was done writing some note, and folding it he handed it to me and ran away in the opposite direction. at first I was thinking about running after him. but then I decided I should read the note first. and it made me want to cry, it said and I quote; "The only reason I told you the truth is because I love you. -Jaia" 

How could I be so rude to him when all he wanted to do was protect me? Davy comes behind me and puts his arms around my hips, but I wiggle myself free. Davy is a little taller then me, blond, green eyes, white, and fat. yeah not any look of beauty. But he asked me out about three weeks in to school. so I said yes, considering I didn't want to feel left out from Tuesdae dating Rafe.

"What's a matter?" Davy asks me.

"You." I say

"What did I do?" he asks

"Are you mean to Tyler?" I ask

"Yeah, she's dumb, stupid, and doesn't belong in this school for smart people. Oh and did I mention she's ugly?" he says

"Really? Because if this school isn't right for Tyler since she's 'dumb and stupid' then you don't belong here either because your a moron!" I shout at him

"What is that rat your friend?" he asks

"Yeah she is, unlike you." I say

"oh and your also going to tell me that you hang out with Tuesdae and her dumb boyfriend, and his retarded roommates." Davy says

"actually, Tuesdae is my best Friend, and I've known Rafe and his roommates since we were in kindergarten." I say

"Well if you want to hang out with that dumb group of people them I guess we are through." he says

BOOM! you here that Andie? you have lost your boyfriend and possibly one of your best friends. I can't believe I'm so stupid.

I walk over to my locker, which is awkwardly placed across the hall from Jaia's, and right next to Tuesdae's. when I get there Jaia is on the bench near his locker and Tuesdae is next to him. Great, now I'm going to look like the bad guy to my best friend. she is saying something soothing. I wish I could just go over there and tell Jaia how I feel. instead I get my note book out, and write I love you too. and fold the paper in half and slip it in to Jaia's locker.

Then I go to find Jacob. If any one knows Jaia it's Jacob. I don't know what I want to know, but it's something, and. I'll know it when I find him. when I do fine him he is coming out of the restroom.

"Jacob!" I say to him over the crowd of people. he comes over to me looking puzzled as ever.

"What is it?" he asks.

all I do is show him the note. he understands immediately.

"How long has he liked me?" I ask

"since 5th grade" Jacob says. we are in 9th grade now that's 4 years.

"wow, really?" I ask in disbelief.

he just nods his head. it's strange, usually we can work up a good conversation. not today.

"Anyway. He is over by his locker, and he looks really upset. Tuesdae was talking to him last I saw." I say leading Jacob to where Jaia is. now it's only Tuesdae, but Cristian is there too. but he's not as good at talking about whatever they are talking about as Tuesdae is.

Jaia's POV

When I went to my locker I threw my backpack in it then sat on the bench near my locker. Tuesdae saw me and came over to ask what's wrong. and I told her the whole story.

"oh Jaia..." she says, she gives me a quick hug then sits down next to me.

"I don't regret telling her. I just wish I told her in a different way. Although I couldn't say it at loud no matter how hard I try." I say, I put my head between my knees and just sit there as Tuesdae tells me things like "I'm sure she understands." or "She probably really appreciates that you told here about Davy." and other stuff along those lines. after five minutes of this I see Andie's shoes walk by, avoiding me. I then sit up and look Tuesdae I'm the eye.

"Tuesdae, what if she doesn't like me at all? what if she hates me? What if she told Davy about the note and he and his friends are coming to kill me right now?" I say

"Jaia, the only person Andie hates is her older brother. She doesn't hate you. And I know she wouldn't tell Davy about the note. So no one besides maybe the twins(Cristian and Armando) are coming to kill you." she says. she has managed to get a small smile from me. but it disappears when I see Davy walking up. what on earth would he want?

"Are you the person that made Andie brake up with me you pink haired freak!?" He yells at Tuesdae.

"No it wasn't me." she says visibly scared of Davy. he has publicly embarrassed her more then once.

"You liar, all of you waldorkian lane kids are freaks and liars! Especially you afro boy!"  He yells at me

"Yeah okay I'm the one that made her brake up with you. and you want to know how I did it?" or say looking him in the eye

"How?" he growls

"it was easy. I told her the truth of how you felt about us 'waldorkian lane freaks' and one other step." I say

"which is?" he asks clearly interested now.

"I love her. Unlike you Davy. You never really loved her. You just wanted to walk around saying you had a girlfriend. But you forgot something, care, you didn't bother to learn her favorite color. You probably don't even know her middle name." I say

"Yeah I do, it's umm Ruthy." he says

"No it's not Ruthy it's Joanne." Tuesdae says.

that's the final straw, he's gone. and I feel even worse then I did before. I ruined Andie's relationship. it's all on me. and God damn it, another reason to hate me. I put my head back between my knees. all I want to do is go home and sleep. but I can't. I see Cristian's feet approaching me.

"What's wrong with Jaia?" he asks

"He's just up set." Tuesdae says

"Why are you upset?" Cristian asks me.

I slowly bring my head back up before talking

"I told Andie..." I stop, I trail off. because I see andie leading Jacob over here. great. he is probably here to scold me.

"Jaia, are you alright?" Jacob asks me.

"Yeah I guess." I say. Tuesdae gets up so Jacob can sit down.

Andie's POV 

It's the most awkward moment ever walking up to Jaia with Jacob at my heel. Luckily Tuesdae gets up and comes over to me.

"I know about it Davy." is all she says

"cool" I say, with no real emotion.

"I know how you feel, you have to tell him." Tuesdae says to me

"I already have."

Jaia's POV

Andie and Tuesdae walk away and so it's just Cristian Jacob and I.

"what did you tell andie?" Cristian asks

but then the bell rings.

"saved by the bell." I say

"don't worry cris, I'll tell you in a minute Jacob says going to his first class that Cristian is in.

before I go to class I go to my locker to get my math book. I find a piece of lined paper folded neatly in half. I unfold it and written on it in Andie's hand writing are 4 words: I love you too. this makes me really happy, I fold it small enough to fit in my pocket and then write her a note. that says: how long? I fold it in quarters then slip it in to her locker. then I head to math class. Rafe is in this class with me. when I get there I sit in the seat next to him.

"Why did Tuesdae hug you?" he asks, more like snaps at me.

"Because she did." I say

"Why was andie yelling at you?" he asks

"Because I told her the truth about Davy." I say

"Why did Tuesdae hug you?" he asks again.

"Because I told Andie the truth about Davy. which ticked her off. then I have her a small note." I say

"what did the note say?" he asks

"it said I love you. as in I told her I love her." I say

"Woo, okay well that took a jump." he says

"How did you ask Tuesdae out the first time?" I ask

"I just got up the nerve and did it." he says

"great this will be easy." I say sarcastically.

after school around 10:30 PM

I was just getting ready to go across the street to Armando's party when I got a text from Andie. it said: since 4th grade. you? I sent back a text saying since 5th grade.

when we are ready, we go across the street to the party. and literally as soon as I rang the bell a cop car pulls up. the cop walks up to me since I was out passed curfew. and instead of walking me across the street, he drives me around town till midnight. then I decide to crash the girls party. And Andie is my next door neighbor. again a cop comes and drives me around till 2 AM.

then once I'm home I ride my bike to the big park in the center of town. I read there for awhile. then just think. about Andie. would she go out with me? even after I was the reason she is single at the time. at 6 AM I decide to bike bake home. I go to my room, and someone beat me to my bed. And he was watching t.v.

"Rafe! you have a television, a computer, a video game system, and guitar in you room, and you pick to hang out in my room, where there is only a television two beds!" I yell at him

"I was just waiting time till I'm leaving to meet Tuesdae at the colosseum." he says

"I don't care. out of my bed." I say.

he gets out of my bed and leaves to go do something else.

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