Worst Weekend Ever

Four boys live together. They are all roommates who go to a special High school. This is how they spent their weekend. It wasn't at all what they expect it would be like.


3. Worst Date Ever


After getting yelled at by Jaia I called Tuesdae to ask her if she wanted to go to the soccer game. I had forgotten that Ella and Kamryn were playing in this game. So of course she said yes. I ate breakfast and then packed a picnic lunch for later. At about 9 I left for the colosseum, I waited for Tuesdae out side and waited and waited and did I mention I waited? When she got there the gates were closed and the game had started. 

"Hey Rafe. I'm sorry I'm late, I meant to get a ride with Ella and Kamryn, but I forgot I promised Tyler I would help her with her essay on Christopher Columbus." She says in a rush.

"Its fine Tuesdae, the gates have been closed, but we can hang out here till the end of the game, then we can go to the beach. I packed a picnic." I say

"Yeah okay. I am really sorry that I was late, I really wanted to see this game." She says

"As I said, it's totally fine." I say 

"Okay. So how's Jaia?" She asks

"I don't really know. He was gone all night, and when he got home this morning he was in a mood." I say

"Gosh. I hope he is okay." She says

"He probably is. Just needs some rest. I don't know where he went last night, but I'm going to find out." I say


"Well at least he came home." I say

Yesterday after school I went to Andie's house. And all she could talk about is how bad she felt for yelling at Jaia, then how she was super happy she had broken up with Davy. And then how she loves Jaia. I know I will talk about Rafe for hours, but this was way worse. Her parents had to meet Davy before she could date him. And they already know Jaia, and aren't his biggest fan. But they loved Davy since he was rich, and seemed like a gentleman. But not Jaia, he does have money, and he is definitely more of a gentleman then Davy, but he is to pure for her parents. That's what upsets me.

"Yeah I guess. But how's Andie? She was in a worse mess it looked like then Jaia." He says

"Yeah, she was really upset for yelling at him. But she didn't run away last night at least." I say

Then the soccer game ends, and the winning team comes out first. I'm happy to see it's the waldork star team not the other team. Kamryn is leading them out, so she must have scored the most goals. I run up to them, and congratulate them. It's not an all girls team either. It has a good mixture of boys and girls. 

"So yet again perfect Kamryn scores the most, and is on the winning team." I say to her

"Hey I'm on the winning team too." Ella says jokingly

"Oh, I'm sorry I forgot again." I say

"Well guess what the score was." Kamryn says

"It was 1-0 Kamryn scored the one and only goal." Ella says

"Wow. Nice Kamreno." Rafe says(Pronounced kam-re-no) coming up behind me. 

"Thanks Rafael." Kamryn says

"Well I'll see you guys later." I say taking Rafe's hand.

"Bye, we will save you guys some cake from the party." Ella says.

Rafe and I walk to the plaza(same place Jaia was last night) and we hang out there for a while. 


okay let me remind you, Tuesdae and I were not, kissing, or touching each other, besides holding hands. That will be crucial for you to understand or not understand what happens next.

"Hello you two." A police officer says to us.

"Hello officer." I say. I'm used to nosey piggies in this small town. 

"You two are being much to erm how do I say this, uhh touching. If you don't mind, please leave this park." He says to us. I look around and see another couple making out about ten feet from us.

"Actually sir. We do mi-" I begin to say, but Tuesdae kicks me very hard in the shin and says something else.

"Sir, we will leave but only if you ask those people to leave also." She says pointing to the other couple.

And she grabs my wrist and pulls me away from the park.

"So now where do we go?" I ask

"Lets just go to your house." She says

"Okay sounds good." I say. 

We bike to my house which from the plaza is a good hour and half ride. When we get to my house it's  around 2:30.

Of course Jacob has to be in a bad mood also, Jaia isn't anywhere to be seen, and Ryan is in his room playing video games. 

"Why did you bring her here?" Jacob snaps at me

"Because got kicked out of the park." I say

"You could've gone any where else in this dumb town, and you pick our house!" Jacob yells at me

"Yeah because we thought it would be more fun then any other place." I say as calm as I can

"Well you thought wrong!" He yells.

Ryan comes from his room to see what's happening, and as soon as he sees Jacob and I ready to kill each other he goes back to his room.

"Hey Jacob do you know where Jaia is?" Tuesdae asks

"Yeah, he's at the twins house." Jacob says to her, in a hundred percent calmer tone to her then me.

"I think I'll just go over there." She says

"No Tuesdae stay here!" I call after her, but she's already out the door.

"Thanks Jacob." I tell him then go to my room.

After a while Ryan's computer brakes again. So I go and fix it. Then I just go out to our small pound and throw small stones in it. This is definitely the worst weekend ever. 

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