Worst Weekend Ever

Four boys live together. They are all roommates who go to a special High school. This is how they spent their weekend. It wasn't at all what they expect it would be like.


5. So, what is this school?

Okay, here's a head up, this chapter is just about the school they go to. 

Okay so there is this branch on the local high school for really smart kids who have special talents, or large bank accounts. that's how Davy got in, but every one on waldorkian lane is in it for actually skill.
Rafe for his survival skills, Jaia for his genius math skills, Ryan for his computer skills, and really no one knows how Jacob got it, but it definitely wasn't money. 

So in the morning everyone who goes to the local high school and everyone who goes to Norwegian Wood High School(NWHS), goes to normal classes like, math, English, history, science, and P.E. and in the afternoon, everyone who goes to NWHS goes to their specialty classes, everyone picks a foreign language to study, Then for the different skills they teach, like for Jaia he goes to algebra 4, Ryan goes to computer science, Rafe goes to classes like woodwork, and other survival skills.

Some kids don't live in the rather small town that the school is in, so there are houses where students can live and have a legal guardian for the time of the school year. your sorted in to groups, and although it's allowed no girls live with boys. The reason why Jaia. Rafe, Jacob, and Ryan were put in to the same house is because of there skills. And the reason no one lives with Andie is because no one has identical skill classes. 

So I'm guessing some of you people wonder what my inspiration was for this school. And that's easy, I myself am in 7th grade, and where I live I have to be looking in to high schools now, and one is just like this. where it has normal school in the morning and the specialties in the afternoon. And I thought of the name from a Beatles song called Norwegian Wood. So that's where that's from.

So I thought this might sort out any confusion you may have about the school, if you want me to explain anything else like tell you everyone that lives on Waldorkian lane, or any other questions you have. just tell me in the comments, I'll explain it all, if you just lend me your ear.


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