Genie In A Bottle// H.S.

"I'm a genie in a bottle, baby. Come on, and let me out."


2. one

               "Babe." I rolled my eyes when he didn't respond. "Vincent." No answer. "I'm leaving!" He looked up, and stared at me. He smiled. Smiled. That smile would be the death of me. "I love you, baby." I ran back to his bed, and hugged him. "I love you," I spoke, taking in his scent. "Get to work." I kissed him, and as usual, my heart exploded. Fireworks, like in the movies. It was perfect. "Bye, babe." I waved, and exited his apartment. I wish I could leave him, but my heart wishes, otherwise. I love him.

               Vincent wasn't a cheater, he wasn't a hitter, but he did have me wrapped around his finger. We argue, we love, and that's all I could ask for. Some days, he'll leave. He'll leave me for a few days. 'Vacations with his best friends are needed,' as he puts it. All he'll leave me with is a note that says, "I love you, Ellie." Even though it's so wrong, it feels so right, because in the end, he tells me he loves me, one way, or another.

              "Vinnie?" My voice echoed throughout the apartment. It was dead silent. I knew this kind of silent.  A stray tear made its way down my cheek, and I walked into the kitchen. There, on the counter, lied a note. "I love you, El Bell."

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