diary of a lifetime

the diary of Emily Lou. follow Emily through only her diary entry's and see the drama she goes through day-to-day.


1. entry 1.dea

dear diary,

im sorry if this seems awkward but it is my first entry. im not quite sure what to say exactly. well im Emily Lou, that's a start. im 12 years old and its the year 1970. how about I just tell you about myself?

well you know my name and age, what else is there? oh! I have a older brother who is 18 and he is in the army, Jake. I don't see him often because of him being in the army, but we write letters to each other a lot so we keep in contact.

my mum unfortunately died in child birth with me but I don't mind talking about her that much. I do feel guilty sometimes but I try to let it not bother me. yet my father doesn't help on the fact. he gets drunk often and he says things about it being my fault and that's when it bothers me. Jake doesn't like our father that's one of the reasons why he went to the army, to get away. another reason being he wants to make me proud.

Yes im proud of him but im also scared for him.

well im not sure what else to say to you diary. sorry its not that long hopefully that will improve.

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