My Tutor ;)

Hehehe, you'll find out!


1. The test was so stupid!

It's been a long ass week and I've been working my ass of for this "exam" and it turns out I got a D.!
What in the blue fuck! I actually studied!
So now I'm stuck in my room waiting for some tutor.
Mom said he's my age and in the same grade as me.
I tapped my pen in my desk as I waited for this "tutor".
"Jada?" My mom knocked on my bedroom door.
"Yes mom?"
"Your Tutor is here, he's in the living room. So come downstairs and study with him. Now!" She yelled.
"Okay,okay!!"I said back
She's really pissed off that I failed.
As I walked down stairs I saw this tall figure with curly hair and some books in his left arm. He's fucking hot.
"Hey." He said
"Hi." I replied
Fuck, his voice is even hotter.
"Okay, Jada I'm going to do some Christmas shopping, so I'll be back in 2 or 3 hours." She said and kissed my check.
As she left I've noticed that Harry boy was staring at my moms car leaving.
As her car was no longer in distance. He looked at me.
I started to get butterflies in my stomach. He kept looking at me head to toe as he bit his lip.
He came closer to me as I took a few steps back till the fucking wall was in my way.
"You're fucking hot." He whispered in my ear.
"I hate that word." I snapped back
To be honest I hate that word, but when he's says it, it makes me want to love that word..

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