Rez has lost everything. His wife, his kids, his house, his money. Even his mistress. He is homeless, but, on the night of a major power outage, can he repair his life?


1. The Bar


The Bar.


     "How about another for the road?" Cane, the tall, lanky bartender with an eagles nose pushed forward another glass full of purple liquid to the hunched figure of Rez. He had drunk himself into a stupor that night, and now his head was banging; he had gotten over the joy of being drunk, and now he just hurt. But, he guessed that the only way to get through it, was to drink through it. He picked up his head, squinted his eyes and sluggishly accepted the glass. Nodding a thank you to Cane, he downed the little glass' liquid in one and slammed the empty cup down on to the bar. Wiping his mouth, he returned to his resting position. He didn't have any intentions of leaving- besides, where did he have to go? His wife, Lia, was gone now. His long, twelve year marriage had disappeared. The kids, even the dog, had been taken by her. She sold the house while he was on a work trip, or rather, a secret escape with his secretary, and he returned to an empty home. His bank was pretty much dry- she'd made sure of that. He doubted he even had enough money to rent a place for the night, so he decided that he would crash on the bar. 

     "Rez," A compassionate voice came, "You can't stay here." It was Cane's Mother, Annia. She was a middle aged woman, but with the new miracle make-up, she didn't look a day over twenty. Cane was a lot taller than her, and he stood by her side, his hand on his hip. The bar around them was fake wood. It was supposed to look vintage, but it really just ended up looking like cheap, tacky mahogany, which made a hollow sound at the slightest touch. 

     "Come on An, let me stay." He raised his eyes, straightening his posture to the best of his ability. "She left me, you know?" He shook his head, bringing his eyes down to his burly hands. He squeezed them into fists and resisted the temptation to smash the glass on the table in front of him. Picking up on his anger, An moved the glass, gently, and passed it to her son, who had a smug look on his face. 

     "Sweetie, how long have I known you? Ten, maybe fifteen years." Annia opened the gate that separated her from the customers. She walked through, not bothering the close the gate behind her, and stood next to Rez. She looked at him with cautious eyes, taking care not to get too close; he could burst at any minute. Her eyes drifted to her son and she gave him a look, telling him to go home. She knew that Rez disliked her son, and his presence would only make the tension stronger. An had deal with drunk after drunk after drunk in her long career, looking after this bar. She knew what to say, and how to deal with each of her customers individually. She knew who she should be forceful with and who she should be gentle with. She often thought that she was better employed as a therapist, but that line of work was hardly successful any more, though her current employment hardly was, either. 

     After slowly and carefully considering her first move, she placed a hand on Rez's shoulder. Lightly, at first, and as her hand began to settle, she spoke. "Rez, what I'm trying to say is, the whole time I've known you, I've never known you to give up." She started to pat her hand on his back, as she felt him relax more. "You can stay here, just tonight." He looked at her with happiness and gratefulness in his eyes. He was about to say something, but she waved her hands, "Don't mention it, please, don't. The sooner I forget it, the better." She got up and walked back over to the gate. "I'm upstairs, if you need me." She smiled, before closing the gate and turning off the main light in the bar. 

     Rez was in almost pitch darkness, now, and he had no intention of getting up. Again, he just collapsed his head into his arms, and closed his eyes. It didn't take long for him to doze off, and within a few moments, he had drifted off into a deep and restful sleep.


     "ARE YOU KIDDING ME?" Rez awoke, with a jolt, upon hearing a rather shrill shout. He opened his eyes, but immediately covered them as the only thing he saw was painful, burning light. Slowly, he pulled his arm away rubbed his face. He opened his eyes and began to brave the intensely agonizing headache. Swiftly, he span around on his stool to face where the shouting was coming from. It took him a few seconds to adjust to the light, but when he did, he saw An, standing in a tense position; her arms folded. 

     "Blade, I have told you, you can't stay here any longer." An stood, a towel hanging out of her rear pocket, facing a rather extravagant girl who was matching An's stance. The girl, Blade, was tall and thin, with long, coal black hair, that was shaved on the right side; the side that was visible to Rez. She wore tattered jeans and a loose t-shirt, topped off with a leather jacket. Her face, as far as Rez could see, was laden with piercings. He could see a thick eyebrow piercing that looked irritated; perhaps it was recently pierced. There was also a nose piercing and a lip piercing. Rez had seen worse recently, and although it was 'what the kids were into these days', he could never bring himself to be one with fashion. He preferred his simple outfits; consisting of slacks, a shirt and a long, dark overcoat. Rez put his hand on his mouth, stifling a laugh, as he noticed the shoes the girl was wearing. They were thick soled and added a good few inches to her height. They had various buckles and even a fiery pattern on the back.

     Rez stopped his laughter, as Blade shot a look towards him. Her face looked angry, tense and severe. She opened her mouth as if to tell him off, but thought better of it. Her attention turned back to An as she said, "Fine, you know what? I don't even want to be here any more, not when there are people like him," She nodded her head towards Rez, now he noticed that both sides of her head were shaved, "Living here." She shook her head and stormed towards the door, before walking out and slamming the wooden board behind her. 

     An sighed and took out the towel from her back pocket, before picking up a stray glass and wiping the inside. She noticed Rez and shook her head a little, before she started walking towards the bar; towards Rez. "Off you go." She said, as she walked through the gate and behind the bar. She had both of her hands, on the wooden top, on of them was clutching the towel, and her head was looking to the floor. Rez could tell something was up. It was most likely money. The Wire had been making sure that any independent businesses were bullied into closing. The Wire wanted every single store and restaurant to be made in their name, and if they weren't, then their building would be confiscated. Rez knew that if the Bar was going to be confiscated, then An would have nowhere to go. The Bar was her home; she lived upstairs. Maybe she could stay with Cane, but even Rez knew, from all of the complaining Cane did, that his house barely even fit him and his two bratty little children. 

     "If it's money-" Rez began, but he was stopped by An, who looked up at him and almost shouted the words "GO!" Tears were in her eyes and her face was reddened. Rez knew when his time was up, and he nodded, before lifting himself off of his chair and walking towards the door. He wrapped his coat, tight around him, as the clouds seemed to be holding in a considerable amount of rain. Rez had no idea where he was going to go. He would, of course, have to roam the streets for a while. Pretending like everything was okay. He would draw out the last of his cash, so he could perhaps buy himself some dinner, or a sleeping bag at that rate. He sighed, took one last look back at An, who was still staring at the floor, and opened the door, walking out on the cold streets of the City. 


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