Veronica Marie Coleman is a normal 22year old just graduating school in study of becoming a paramedic which in her luck becomes true with a call from Gracelands hospital paramedic service, chief calls Veronica to let her know shes employed. Being a newbe defenitley has it's perks around toronto paramedics and getting use to her new partners Zayn Malik and Louis Tomlinson is even more. But meeting one of Gracelands handsome, ER doctor maybe give her a new idea of how to deal with our everyday sirens.


2. W e l c o m i n g T h e R o o k i e.

 I jump out of the passenger seat of Rachael's range rover and reluctantly got out of the car glancing back at her then back at the paramedic station house we were parked in front of. She reassures me that every thing will be fine, but of course the hurry in her voice haunts me. I bite in my bottom lip nodding then turning around and walking towards the glass door that had 'Toronto Paramedics' in bold letters printed on the glass doors. My eyes catch sight of the huge Ambulances in the room that had plugs connected to them, meaning they were probably getting charged. 

I bite down on my bottom lip as my eyes search the empty area to see if anyone else was here. I turn to face the back of the ambulance in front of me and grab a hold of the lever handle to make hear the god amazing click which means it was now open. My eyes lit up the same way a child's does in sight of candy. But this, this was my candy.
I took a step inside still holding on to the handle and smelt the aroma of latex gloves and Frito's. Swear you would think I was in Ashton's room from the scent. I glance around noticing the dirty white blanket on the stretcher that had vomit stains on it, the cardiac monitor on the counter, and the medical kits on the floor opened. Talk about nice hygiene. I go underneath the cabinet to lurk around a little more.
 " Enjoying yourself?" I wince after my head shoots up and hits the cabinet above it. " Holy shit," I place a hand on the top of my head, slowly opening my squinted eyes to see a blonde girl with sky blue eyes, holding a Arizona beverage in one hand and a plastic bag with chipotle written on it, in the other and a blonde guy with brown streaks in his feathery blonde hair standing next to her with cornflower blue eyes that fit his pale skin really good, that was eating doritos watching my every move standing next to her. 
" W-where'd you guys come from?" I stammered a bit baffled, still wincing in pain

. " Chipotle, what's your excuse?" The blonde chick asks before taking a sip from her Arizona. " I-i well- I um- I-" They both give eachother a quizzical look before facing back towards me.
 "She's lying." The girls mutters under her breath while her eyes was still glued to mines.
 The blonde guy rolls his eyes still keeping contact with me. " No shit, Sherlock."
I sigh rolling my eyes. " Look I'm here because of a job I barely just got accepted in to hav-" " Oh shit. Your the new girl." The blonde chick grins ,pointing at me from her grip on her Arizona can. I laugh lightly nodding in agreement.
" Ohhh." They both harmonize to each other. The blonde guy with brown streaks ran his tongue across his lips staring at me as if I was a chick on a porno magazine or something.
" Jeez your hot as fuck. How would you like to spend the next hour on the Irish Express darlin'?" He winks biting his lip before he groans quickly after the blonde chick smacks the back of his head.

I laugh lightly from his witty yet earning remark. " How would you like my foot up your leprechaun ass?" I smirk biting the inside of my cheek as the blonde chick next to him starts laughing hysterically.

" Holy shit Niall I love this girl." She clutches her stomach and laughs more at ' Niall's ' irritated facial expression.

 " Yeah, yeah, whatever. New girl, you crossed the wrong barrier." He warns trying his hardest to look intimidating. " Oh gosh I'm so scared, what are you gonna do? Banned me from eating lucky charms?" I attempt to say through laughter sharing tears with the blonde girl still clutching on to her stomach.

" Okay, okay, okay I'm Perrie and the horny fuck right over here is Nialler, the EMT." She pinches his cheek that started turning 50 shades of red before she finally releases. I start to smile while he stands there and glares at her, caressing his cheek.
" Oh and your partner Zayn is my-" " Oh, wait, you guys aren't my partners?" I ask them confused.
"  Nope. Hmm, you would think Simon would of told you that while giving you the news." Niall says searching for another Dorito in his bag. All of a sudden a huge gasp leaves Niall's paranoid face startling both of us.

  " Shit! Speaking of Si-" " Bloody Hell! Where are those two twats!?" I hear a older voice shout in a irritated tone that scared the daylights out of me. I slowly Niall smiling sheepishly.

  " Who's tha-" " That's Simon. A very, very pissed off Simon. Niall what did you do now?" Perrie crosses his arms glaring at him, as we both wait for him to respond to the answer. He opened his mouth to say something but before she could he was cut off by the older guy walking towards us in a navy blue tie and the name  " Chief " printed on his white shirt. So he's the boss.

" Why in bloody hell is there a patient talking about you hitting on her while she was going through a seizure!?" He asks rather loudly, staring so hard at Niall you would think it would burn a hole in his head.
" All I said was one look at me, the ladies go wi-" " Don't you even try and save your self you horny pig, I mean seriously on a patient. What is it the fourth one this month, eh?" He slaps the back of his head making me and Perrie turn away to chuckle quietly.
" You." He snaps, and I turn around to face him assuming he was talking to me. I smile nervously holding out a hand.

  " Oh I'm Vero-" " I know who you are, welcome to Graceland's Ambulance service hope your not a sleep lover because starting tonight you surely won't be getting much of it. Where's Zayn and Louis?"

  Niall laughed. " Haha Probably somewhere fuckin- Owe!" He hissed After Perrie and Simon hit him on the back of his head. I bite down on my bottom lip trying to hold in my laughter. Jeez I didn't know working in this field would make me laugh so much.

 " Well come on let's go get you your uniform and go to Cher so she can get all your paper work and shifts in order." Simon says. Haha 'Simon says' man I'll never get use to that one. I nod as we follow him through the glass doors and my eyes fall on every one in side the huge red room.
  There was people in paramedic uniforms sitting at tables going over paper work probably, and just talking. There was a huge long couch in which would seem to be the living room that had a flat screen playing the walking dead on it. My eyes trace around the room until Simons yelling brings me back to reality.

"  Tomlinson! Zayn! Come here!" I jump and cover my ringing ear from his shouting. " Everyone this is Veronica, The New Girl." All eyes land on me and warm smiles and " Heys" were given to me and exchanged back.
" What's up? I was just about to kick Zayn's ass in FIFA 17 on the Xbox." A feathery brown haired guy with a slight noticeable beard and beautiful blue eyes to match, walks up to us. Okay does everyone have blue eyes here?

 " This is the new recruit, your new partner."  Simon says and I wince from him patting my shoulder harder than intended probably.
 " Oh hey I'm Louis." He smiles friendly. My lord his smile could cure cancer. I smile back timidly and before I knew it I'm pulled into a warm embrace. I didn't want to let go either, his underarms smelled like Axe deodorant mixed with Michael kors.

 " He's gay by the way." Perrie blurts out. Way to ruin the moment. We both pull away from each other and he glares at Perrie. " What I'm just sayin' she was hugging on to you like she was Rose and you were Jack." We both chuckle from her titanic reference.
  But so what if he's gay, I mean are you kidding me that's like the best welcoming present ever. I get to work with someone who won't lie if I look shitty when I come to work, talk to about guys, and get advice in about sex. Who wouldn't wanna work with him?

" But yeah she's right, I am gay. Do you have a problem with gay people or anyth-"  " No!" I say unhesitant. " I love gay people. In fact I thought my little brother Ashton was gay when I caught him going through my jewelry and make up, but then I found out he was just to cheap to buy his girlfriend something." They all bursted out laughing and I was the only one who just realized how stereotypic that entire sentence was. Shit. Way to go , Veronica.

 " Are you always this stereotypic?" Louis asked in between laughter. " I swear I didn't mean it like that I was just saying like-"
" Haha it's okay I know what you meant. Don't get your panties in a bunch rookie I was just joking." I smile coyly as Simon shouts for this guy named " Zayn" .

" Hold on. Here I am." We turn around to face a guy with also a faint beard, jet black hair, and dark chocolate brown eyes. Finally someone with the same eye color. He was really attractive looking especially the way he bites down on his full pink lips the way he is now. I shift awkwardly In my stance as he walks over to us. Who ever gave birth to these two, deserve a freaking medal.

" Babe!" Perrie squeals meeting him half way, slinging both arms around his neck as their lips meet pressing hold of each other while we all stand there feeling the awkward.

" And that's a prime example of how herpes transpires, Ladies and gents." Niall speaks like a radio host making us all snicker from his witty remark.

They pull away from sucking each others face off and smirked at Niall. " Oh shut up you'll find a leprechaun woman at the end of your rainbow one of these days Ni." Zayn walks over to him and pinches his cheek.

" Zayn this is our new recruit, Veronica." Louis introduces me and his eyes shots over to me. I gulp feeling intimidated by his stare. I swear you would think I'm in fifty shades of Grey right now. He walks over to me and stares at me emotionless until a wide grin appears on his lips. " Hey, I'm Zayn." He pushes my hand away and comes in for a hug. My gosh he smells like old spice, Figi deodorant. Yum. " So when does she start?" He pulled away and walks over to Perrie, holding her by her waist. So he's Taken , Louis gay, and there's an Irish pervert i'm now working with. Seems Accurate alright.

" Well earlier if you two twits were waiting for her in the office with Cher." Simon resorts walking over to the clear door office a few feet away from us .

" Wait who's Cher." I ask. " Cher's basically the secretary in the ambulance station, she receives the 911 calls from emergencies they give to her and she programs it into that alert post which gives us the location and incident." Louis points to a pretty big prominent post on the wall. I nod amazed at all this stuff u saw for the first time.

" So wait you didn't get that tour yet right?"  Zayn asks walking into the kitchen others were in making coffee or other food. I shake my head following him inside along with Louis, Perrie, and Niall.

" Nope we found her in the ambulance." Niall mutters grabbing his chipotle burrito out of the plastic bag and placing it in the microwave.

 Louis' eyebrows knitted together. " Wait, why were you in an ambulance?" Perrie and Niall smirked waiting for me to come up with an excuse.
 " I was was-" "- Anyways you guys need to give her a tour because me and Niall's shift is like in an hour so good luck with that since yours is in 30." Zayn opened his mouth to say something but was quickly cut off by Perrie kiss pressed against his lips. " Bye boys, Veronica." She waves before grabbing Niall's wrist and tugging him out of the kitchen while he struggles to get his burrito out the microwave.

" Okay so there's really not that much stuff to go over," Louis pauses to sit on one of the kitchen's counter's. " We just have to go over the bed room, living room, bathroom and getting ready timing, kitchen, driving, talking to patients, promising to the patient and, etc because you don't have that long till you start." 

Iknitted my brows together. " Okay um, how long do I have to do all of this?" I ask rejecting a sip from Zayns Gatorade before he scarfs it down. They both sigh glancing at each other than back to me.
  " Less than 20 minutes."

  x X x X x Author's Note. x X x X x

Hey hoe's xD jk i love chuu <3 all!! But anywhore, Thanks for reading to who ever's reading and i'll find you and throw a jar of nutella at your forehead if you don't Like, Comment, & Fan. Haha bye babes(; && let's hit  " 10 likes for an update? "
  Thanks byeeee xx



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