Veronica Marie Coleman is a normal 22year old just graduating school in study of becoming a paramedic which in her luck becomes true with a call from Gracelands hospital paramedic service, chief calls Veronica to let her know shes employed. Being a newbe defenitley has it's perks around toronto paramedics and getting use to her new partners Zayn Malik and Louis Tomlinson is even more. But meeting one of Gracelands handsome, ER doctor maybe give her a new idea of how to deal with our everyday sirens.


1. S i r e n s .


I see blurry red flashing lights from multiple ambulances and police cars just now arriving. I walk closer to my partner bent down observing the accident which seemed to be a-   " Car accident, 4 intoxicated adolescents they all have pretty horrid injuries but this one seems most serve." She motions her hand over to me. My mind took control of my legs as my eyes dilated on a deceased Ashton laying on top of the bloody concrete pavement surrounded by car pieces and shattered glass.   " Ash.. Ashton!" I practically shrieked through Cry's of my brothers name. " ASHTON!!"  

" Veronica!" I jerk my head up from my pillow and about a thousand gasps leaves my body along with another thousand heart beatings pounding against my chest. I place one hand over my chest, barely catching my breath before throwing my pillow at my annoying best friend Rachael who apparently found the house key under my mat. I hear her gasp and probably pick up the bowl of cereal my pillow caused her to drop.   " What the fuck Ron?" She calls me by my nickname before throwing the pillow back at me.

" Can I get a thank you for waking you up? You were breathing so erratically I couldn't enjoy my gossip girl reruns on Netflix." She points over to my television set in front of my bed. I groan before falling back onto my bed.  

" I legit had the worst dream ever." I run my hands through my face flustered.  

  " What happened?" She asked sitting on the edge of my bed turning gossip girl back on. Man, I never liked that show.

   " I had a dream that I was actually a paramedic," I gulped before finishing. " And I found Ashton dead." I uncovered my face to see her already coming over to hug me and tell me it was okay but in my head I know it wasn't.  

  " Aww, Veronica I'm so sorry honey, but I swear that'll never even happen okay he's alright." She reassures just as I knew she would.   

  " No." I shifted away from her hold. " He isn't, he keeps screwing around and shit and he knows how bad it worries our parents. He's such an amazing kid I can't imagine living through a day and knowing he's not." I resort almost toneless. 

   She smiles shaking her head. " He will okay, Ashton maybe a careless dumb ass at times but he eventually knows what to do." I laugh and nod trying to convince myself she was right. Because she was, Ashton is very smart and he knows wrong from right he just decides from the two. " Okay well enough nilly nally let's go! " Rachael grabbed me by my wrist pulling my from the bed to the bathroom.

  " Wait, where are we going?"   " Out clubbing with Tyler, Michelle, Kennedy, and Olvia to celebrate your graduation, duh!" She gushes searching through her make up bag she had clearly broughten with her.

  Oh shit that's right. I had barely graduated school, studying to be a Paramedic less than about two weeks ago. I already applied for hospitals and I'm yet to get a call back but honestly it's been my dream for as long as I could remember. I was actually born into loving this sh*t , my whole family has something to do with it. My mom's an Rn my dad's a retired firefighter, my aunts a pediatrician and my grandfather is an osteologist and my little brother Ashton is just a 16 year old hormonal hot mess still crossed between becoming a rock star or a pimp. But you get my drift.   " Nope I actually have this th-thing I have to do later.." I lied pulling at her grip.

She raised her eyebrows watching my facial expression intensionally causing me to snort.   " What thing?"

  " Th-th-the thing that requires me to um...." I pause thinking of a good excuse.   " Um, what?"   " Hold on, I'm still thinking of a lie." I lie back on my bed and her her snicker across the room.

  " They're going to call you, Ron." My head shots up, surprised that she knew what was on my mind. " You applied to at least 7 hospitals already it's out of the question that all of them are going to reject you."   I sigh knowing some how she was right. " So come on, hike up your big girl panties so we can go get stoned, drunk, and fuck two wannabe Justin Biebers in the clubs bathroom."

  I roll my eyes and before I could agree my house phone rang. I walked over to it on my dresser and answered it.    " Mom, hi!" I beam missing the annoying yet lovable mother of mine I haven't seen nor talk to since my graduation. " Yeah she's here." I glance at Rachael eves dropping on our conversation. 

  " So how've you been!? You never call me anymore, sweetpea." My mom asks.   " Good, I've been okay how's you and dad?"  

" Well work 24/7 and your dads doing okay grumpy as always- Frank turn down the television!" I hear my mom shout at my dad in the background. I laugh to myself truly missing my crazy parents.  
   " So how's Ash?" I ask beginning to bite at my nails. I ignore the pillow thrown at my head from Rachael and walk back over to my bed.

  " He's been.. Uh..-"  " Mom."  " Just, He's been okay, don't worry yourself silly. Your brothers just going through the same dumb phase you went through. You remember how you started asking for tattoos, belly piercings, wearing hot pants-"
" Mom." We both end up laughing. Man, I miss hearing her laugh.   " But honestly, Veronica, your brothers oka-" All of a sudden my phone started ringing before she could continue.  
  " Hold on mom, I'm getting a call." I forward the other call and answer it. " Hello?"  

 " Yes, this is Graceland hospitals ambulance service and were calling to let you know you have been recuted. Welcome to the team." My heart nearly falls out of my chest once more this morning. Did I just hear what I think I heard.  

" Jeez, you look like your going to faint, Ve." Rachael turns from the television eyeing my over elated facial posture. " Are you okay?" She resorts getting up and walking over to me.   I look back at her shaking my head. She knitts her brows together and grabs the phone out of my hands while I sit on my bed still in shock.  

" Excuse me who is this, and why is my friend looking as if she just saw the Titanic?" She asks.

  " Haha, your friend is now a legal paramedic she starts today and her new partners Mr.Malik and Mr.Tomlinson are looking forward to her arrival, tell her I said congratulations and we expect to see her at exactly 4:30pm." Rachael looks over at me sharing the same exact expression I have written all over me.

  " W-will do thank you sir." She struggled to say before he hung up. As soon as he did we both jumped up and down in place hugging the hell out each other and possibly blowing out each other's eardrums with screams of excitement.   " Your a paramedic, Veronica, you did it." She says amazed. I shake my head in disbelief until it finally just sunk in.

  " Holy sh*t." I run my hands through my face before switching my mom back on the line.
  " Everything alright?" My mother asks.   " Mom," I pause to gulp my tears pouring down my cheeks. " I-i-iii-i" " Well spit it out, Veronica I'm only getting older." She cut me off. I smiled from it. " Mom, I got the job a Gracelands hospital ambulance service!" I practically shout shocking through. 
" You- you got the job?" I answer a sly yes only to have her bun bard me with her excitement and achievement, and then of course dad hears mom whaling on the other and and when she tells him the news he cheers along.   " When do you start sweetheart?" 
  " Today at-at 4." I stammer.

  " It's  3 something right now." Rachael interjects.

  " Well, go! Go! I'm so proud of you Veronica." My mom shares with me before she hangs up.   This is actually happening and I can't believe its happening less then an hour. " Thanks mom, for supporting me."

Author's note!(: Hi I really hope you guys enjoy this so far maybe atleast 5 likes for a next chapter? Thanks for reading Oh and ps this is Veronica ->>


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