Veronica Marie Coleman is a normal 22year old just graduating school in study of becoming a paramedic which in her luck becomes true with a call from Gracelands hospital paramedic service, chief calls Veronica to let her know shes employed. Being a newbe defenitley has it's perks around toronto paramedics and getting use to her new partners Zayn Malik and Louis Tomlinson is even more. But meeting one of Gracelands handsome, ER doctor maybe give her a new idea of how to deal with our everyday sirens.


3. First Night Shift


My eyes stare straight ahead at the flat screen playing breaking bad on it. Its about 10 right now since I had no choice but to take the 24hour shift with Zayn and Louis.

   I yawn before I glancing down at my neck and pulling out my necklace my dad gave me when I was about 10 because I finally hit double-digits. It was a heart locket that had a picture of me holding Ashton when he was a baby on one side and my parents holding me when I was a baby on the other. It makes me start to ponder on my age growth that felt so quick to happen.
I mean I can't believe I'm 22 already, time really does fly by.  My friend Des is pregnant with her second child, My other friend Bryan is engaged, Rachael's a teacher, and I'm a paramedic. It's so crazy, it seems like it was just yesterday we we're playing tag at recess and scraping our knees by the time it was over.  Damn I miss living the memories.

  " Coffee?" I hear Zayn ask standing behind the couch. I turn my head to face him and nod merely in response to his question. He shares a short smile before handing me a hot cup of Joe, then sitting right besides me on the couch. " You ready for tonight?" He asks without turning to face me.
 I accidentally slurp my coffee then paused to glance at him for his reaction. The struggle he had to keep from smiling made us both end up laughing. " Sorry." I apologize and he chuckles.

" Oh calm down it was just a slurp, you need to get use to the embarrassing stuff already, we are going to be living with each other four days a week, yeah." I bite on my lip nodding in agreement.

  " Hey was it scary, like your first time doing this." I ask timidly.

He shakes his head before slurping his coffee, making me laugh. " Nah you'll fall in love with the adrenaline rush it makes you wanna go faster and every things unpredictable you know."

   I smile already excited for it to-  " CODE 3 on 22 Moss Road,    
    Winggington. 17 yr old male, Eye punctured with a fork. "

I nearly choked to death on the coffee hearing the alarm go off.
" Ready?" Zayn smirks before getting up to go change. " N-no!" I stammer wide eyed.

Louis chuckles as I pass by, tripping over my feet while I try to get to my uniform. I push his obnoxiously stiff body out of the hallway, getting to my uniform hung on my station room's door by a hook. I quickly change into it, rushing out of the room along with Zayn & Louis.

 We all race to the ambulance like kids, pushing each other out the way. Louis eventually got to the ambulance first and swung the bulky white door open, before we both hop in after him. Zayn gave it no second before starting the ignition and driving out the station. I couldn't help but stare mesmerized at the " Sirens Button".

" Go Ahead, Rookie." Louis showed a smug smile. I grin sheepishly before pressing down on the button that made loud sirens come from the truck.
" Cher, can you give back that address again." Zayn radioed. I sunk my head back into the seat watching us go pass all the traffic, through the windshield.

" That's a, CODE 3 on 22 Moss Road, Winggington. 17 yr old male, Eye punctured with a fork over chicken dinner altercation with roommate." I knit my eyebrows amused from the emergency report. Hmm, sounds like something Ashton would get himself into.
" Who would stab someone with a fork in the eye over a chicken dinner?" I hear a soft chuckle from both Louis and Zayn.

 " Have you met Niall?"                 

                                            * ---*--- *
After about 7 minutes of arguing about whether it's what the guy deserved or not we finally make it to a small apartment that had two conspicuous cop cars outside of it.

 " You ready rookie?" Louis asks as I go in the back to grab a stretcher since I doubt anybody who just got stabbed in the eye, would feel like walking.

 " Ready." We walk over towards the apartment with a medical kit, Louis helping me with the other side of the gurney, startled by a guy being held by his fists in cuffs, by two police men while screaming " HE SHOULDN'T HAVE RUINED THE MEAL!!HE SHOULDN'T HAVE RUINED IT!" and get quickly tased right after.

We're all quickly greeted by an intimidating police officer with a noticeable toupee, explaining to us the situation while moans of agonizing pain left the 17 yr olds mouth, inside the apartment. I follow the two of them inside still in mortal shock that I'm- " Where the fuck were you guys!?" A guy clutching a piece of clothing over his bloody eye asks laying in a fetal position on the floor asks. We assist him onto the gurney while blood trails down his wrist from holding something over his eye.

" We came here as soon as we got the emergency report, lad." Zayn says as the kids groans begin to get sharper by the second of us trying to remove the blood soaked clothing from over his eye as we finally get him into the ambulance.
  " Hello love my names Veronica. So,We're gonna need to see that eye if you want us to help, hun." I say, feeling awkward because I'm actually telling this to a human not a body sized dummy in ems training I'm use to. " Just one little peek." I pause with each word slowly getting his hand off of his punctured eye. Successfully it comes off and we all shift back seeing how deep the injury was.

" Ouch looks like it punctured the retina." Me and Louis squinted our eyes from knowing that it was that far deep, and the amount of surgeries he's going to need to repair it. Which sounds like a lot of dollar signs $$$.               

                                             *  --*--  *

  Zayn drives us to Graceland's while Louis and I assist the patient we now know is named Greg. I put more solution to the eye before I place a secure eye pad over it.

 " Your doing good new girl." Zayn says parking the ambulance right in font of the ER.

 " Wait.. Your new?" I glare at Zayn for saying that in front of the patient. Obviously no one wants someone new at their job to have anything to do with their life because to, many patients they'll think you basically have no idea what your doing.

" Yeah she is. Doing pretty good for a rookie, yeah?" Louis asks before continuing to take more documents on the patients medical history. He nods more relaxed since we put the solution in his eye, making me grin a bit.

 " Okay let's go." Zayn hops out of the drivers seat and slams the door behind him as Lou gives me a hand with the stretcher. Zayn opens the back door for us as we roll the patient out cautiously, and a few nurses meet us half way. We take him inside the ER that smelt much of latex gloves and wheel him down to the directed room.  

 " Who are they?" I ask as two men wearing white coats and black pants walk down the hallway one with a a chocolate brown quiff, tall and  young looking with deep dimples piercing both cheeks, and emerald brown eyes.

Louis looks back at them and back to me. " Oh dimple face is Dr.Styles and blue eyes is Dr.Hemsworth."

 The other guy had light brown hair, pretty tall also, broad shoulders seems pretty fit, very..very attractive, oh gosh he's smiling. That smile is so- " An hour later my eye needs to be amputated." Greg's nagging brings me back to reality as they approach us.

" What do we have here?" Dr.Styles says examining the patient visually, tilting Greg's chin back

. " He got stabbed with fork in his eye we think it may have reached the eye's retina." Louis says to them and they lightly cringe.

" Call in a ophthalmologist before this thing gets infected and really will need to get amputated." Dr.Hemsworth orders two of the nurses who quickly follow his orders.

 " At least your eyebrows are on fleek, lad." Dr.Styles joked making us all chuckle a bit, while Greg kept a straight face.

 " Haven't seen you before." Dr.Hemsworth calls out as I follow Louis, Dr.Styles, and Zayn out the room. I turn around to face him and smile warmly.

 " Oh, I'm Veronica Coleman. Graceland's new-." "-Aha, I know who you are." He cuts me off.

 " Well that didn't sound creepy at all." He grins before walking over to me and offering a hand. " I'm Dr.Hemsworth very nice to meet you Ms.Coleman."

  I shake his hand ignoring him towering over me and his smile that could also cure cancer.
 " Please, just call me Veronica." I wave.

 He combs his fluffy brown locks grinning at me. " Oh yeah, same here aha, just call me Liam." Damn he's attractive. Stop staring Veronica. Stop staring. Dammit he caught me staring.

 " So I'll see you around I guess." I say backing away and accidentally walking into the wall behind me. He laughs from my embarrassment and I roll my eyes smiling from what I just did.

 " Haha yeah, I'll see you around Coleman." He smiles waving me a goodbye.
  I wave bye to Greg and him before leaving the ER and walking back outside to see Dr.Styles talking to Louis while Zayn was leaning against the hospital wall smoking. I walk over to Louis and Dr.Styles, so, call me nosey

 " So tomorrow morning definitely?" Dr.Styles asks rather close to Louis to were he was towering over him also.

 " Oh I'm sure I can make that happen, Dr.Styles." Louis giggles made me knit my eyebrows cluelessly to what they were talking about. Louis must if heard my footsteps and looked over at me.
" And this is Veronica our new nosey emt." Louis turns Dr.Styles around to face me. LORD he's gorgeous. Jesus take the wheel.

" Nice to meet you Ms.Veronica, I'm Dr.Styles but that makes me sound old so just call me Harry,yeah?" He says smiling friendly making his dimples pierce his cheeks even more.He gives out a hand that I quickly shake. After we talk for about a few minutes about how I felt about my first shift a nurse called him in about a patient.

 " Damn the doctors here are hot Lou, Feels like I'm back in Highschool but without having my retainer and white converses with sharpie drawn on Nirvana logos on it." I say packing everything back up. Louis chuckles while helping me pointing at Dr.Styles walking towards the hospital.

  " That one's mine."

I snap my head over to him smirking. " Pft no way."

He raises his eyebrows and a grin plays on his thin lips. " Styles!"

He calls out making Dr. Styles stop to turn around. Louis struts over to him and presses his lips into Harry's and their lips continue to play against each others while Dr.Styles masculine long fingers wrapped around Louis' waist until they traveled to his arse. The British are lucky.

" Oh we're definitely on for tomorrow morning." Louis mumbles through attached lips before pulling away, and walking back over to me while Dr.Styles bites his lips staring at my partners prominent ass. Haha such a perv.

 " Believe me now ,new girl?" He asks chuckling. " Oh shut up, Show off." I roll my eyes laughing as we get into the ambulance.

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**        ps.. Who wouldn't stab someone in the eye for ruining a chicken dinner? **


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