Lost My Senses I'm defenseless her Perfume's holding me Restless, Sweet and Sour I devour Lying here I counting the hours ~ Zayn Malik

sleep, where you lay, still a trace of innocence on the pillow case~ Harry Styles


1. Prologue

"Miranda c'mon" Eleanor said begging me to leave. "why we just got here" I said "I have a bad feeling about this place" she said. "well I don't so just let loose and have fun" I told her. 

"oh sorry'' I said to someone I bumped into. We made eye contact and his hazel ones were staring at my brown ones. "its alright. he said, I walked away and I bumped into another male. "oh sorry" he said, his green ones staring at my brown ones. "its alright" I said. 


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