Never say Forever

You thought you met the love of your life, but it turns out, you met your worst nightmare waiting to happen. Can katie make it without breaking? or will she give up.


1. The night things fell apart

Katies p.o.v.

 How can he do this to me?

      Every single night, Nash comes home drunk as fuck and expects me to do every thing for him. Well not tonight.

  I sit on my couch, as usual, and wait for Nash to come home. When i hear the door open, i jump up.

    "k-k-kati-e. Where is your ugly ass at?" He slurs while trying to catch himself from falling. I took a long sigh and walk into the hallway. once i got there. I see Nash fully.

  His polo shirt is raised alittle above his belly button and a couple of alcohol spots stained the top of his shirt. The khakis he is wearing are unzipped at the fly and some more spots layered his pants. and his hair is sticking up and every direction. I shook my head in disbelief.

  " Nash, you promised you would not come home drunk tonight. I thought you had to go to work?" I say while Nash is edging closer to me. as he comes close i smell really cheap perfume mixed with the stench of whiskey on him. I stood there frozen as i quickly realized what he did. "I cant believe you." i walk towards him and slapped him on the cheek. after all we've been through, this is how he pays me!

  "Why did you do that?" He screams in my face and i stand my place.

"you know why Nash! why would you do that to me and your little girl! what went through your mind while you were having sex with another women? did you ever stop and wonder if i'd find out! you sick man! you are fuckin sick! i dont want to see you again after tonight. i mean it! you can go live with whoever you were with tonight cause me and lily wont be here in the morning. Im done." i slammed my fist on Nashs chest as he trys to embrace me. Just for right now. i let myself cry onto his polo. "why?" i ask again when my sobbing wears down.

     "im so sorry." this time he's crying and hugging me tighter. i jerk out of his brace and back away.

   "nash, dont!" i walk towards the jacket rack and grabbed my jacket. i start to walk towards the front door but i heard a tiny voice.

"Mommy." i turned around and saw my little girl at the doorframe, hugging her teddybear against her chest as tears ran down her cheek." i walk towards her and picked her up on my arms and grabbed her jacket off the rack too.

 i walk back over to the door and turned around.

  "dont even try to stop me this time." and with that. me and lily walked out the door.

I walk towards my car and buckled lily up in the backseat and sat  my self in the front seat. i banged my fist against the steeringwheel and layed my head against it. i start up the car a minute later and pulled out of the driveway.

"mommy, why are you sad?" my little girl asked and i looked at her through the front mirror. "wheres daddy?"

"Mommys not sad sweetie, just mad. and hes at home baby." i wiped my tears away as i gripped the steering wheel harder. lily nodded her head and hugged her teddy bear tighter.

I turned the corner really fast without knowing. and saw headlights infront of me. and before i knew it. we collided and everything went black.




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