The World Has Just Begun

Here's what I have so far Hope you guys enjoy it. Also Comment, Thanks.
I know Im in progress I only have chapters 1 and 2 so enjoy part of chapter 1.

Chapter 1

“Life is full of surprises that are unexpected.”

I wake up in a dark place, so dark that I can't see anything. There's people screaming. Im not sure where its coming from but all I hear is people screaming. Then all of a sudden the screaming stopped. Now I'm scared, I dont even know where I'm at and where my parents are. I move my hand around in search of a flash light. But instead of finding a flashlight I felt a hand. I almost forgot about my little brother Calvin. He’s 3 years old and I can't believe I forgot about him.
“Calvin is that you?” I ask the unknow person that I have touched.
“Yes ? Gus?” Calvin says back.
“Yes its Gus, come over by me ok.”
“Ok” he says back.


3. “To stand and look at what we have done to the world is unbearable to comprehend in so many, not so grateful ways.”

“Wake up, Wake up Gus, wake up!” I hear someone call, but I’m not sure who it is. I open my eyes and see Calvin standing with his eyes glaring at me with so much love, courage and not to mention extremely excited energetic person you will probably not met in your life. Unlike me I’m more of a quiet person who likes silents but that had to change once Calvin came into my life as my brother who I adore and well always  protect no matter what kind of situation happens.

“What is it Calvin” I say as calm as possible. Tired actually. 

“Can we go outside for a little bit.” Calvin says staring at me waiting for my answer.

“I guess but I have to come with you ok”

“Yes, lets go then Gus!” Calvin says jumping up and down.

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