The World Has Just Begun

Here's what I have so far Hope you guys enjoy it. Also Comment, Thanks.
I know Im in progress I only have chapters 1 and 2 so enjoy part of chapter 1.

Chapter 1

“Life is full of surprises that are unexpected.”

I wake up in a dark place, so dark that I can't see anything. There's people screaming. Im not sure where its coming from but all I hear is people screaming. Then all of a sudden the screaming stopped. Now I'm scared, I dont even know where I'm at and where my parents are. I move my hand around in search of a flash light. But instead of finding a flashlight I felt a hand. I almost forgot about my little brother Calvin. He’s 3 years old and I can't believe I forgot about him.
“Calvin is that you?” I ask the unknow person that I have touched.
“Yes ? Gus?” Calvin says back.
“Yes its Gus, come over by me ok.”
“Ok” he says back.


2. “ The world at some point changes in ways people can't control.”

I’m standing outside. My eyes started to water. Everywhere I looked everything was destroyed. There's broken glass shattered and no sign of people. I walk around a little. I even walked into some houses to see if there was anybody there, but, so far there was no sign of anybody. Until I walked into this one house and walked down stairs to what seem to be the basement and in the corner of my eyes I saw something. It look human. I walked by the figure and there lying on the ground lay a boy that look my age. I kneel next to him and shake him to see if he’s alive or something. He walks up. I guess I startled him because he jumped to his feet and started run.

“Hey its ok my name is Gus, there's others with me!” I shout out to the running person. He stops running and turns back around and walks back down stairs to the basement where I was standing.

“You say there's others with you, I thought they took everyone.” The boy says to me.

“Yes there are others, 2 girls and 2 boys,” I say.

“What is your name?” I say to the boy.

“My name is Henry.” He says.

“Would you like to come back with me to meet the others?” I ask Henry.

“Sure, since theres nothing out here why not,” He says.

“ Ok lets go then before it gets dark and I get lost,” I say.

“Ok lets go then,” he says back to me.

We both walk up the steps and out the door. The sun is starting to go down and I need to find something for us to eat.

“We need to find some food and possible more blankets, will you help me find something to put food and supplies in?” I ask Henry.

“Yea, sure what about that wagon across the street we could use that to put the supplies in.” He says.

“yea that would be a great actually.” I say back.

I run across the street where the red as an apple wagon is and ran back where we were standing.

“Ok so i’ll leave this wagon right here and we will get the supplies we need to survive tonight. And also try to get some things girls and little boys like to play with or to entertain themselves with.” I say to Henry.

“Ok met back in 10 mins, that sound good to you?” Henry asks me.

“Yea that should give us plenty of time to get the stuff and head back.” I say back.

We both run in different directions. I ran to the gas station of course to get some snacks and stuff. When I got there the doors were lock. Why didn’t I think of the doors being locked? So I searched for something that can break the glass doors. I found a heavy almost concert enough to break the glass so I picked it up and smashed the window with it. The glass shattered right in front of me. Leaving only a little of the glass attached to the doors. Once I got the glass broken I walked in and grabbed all the snacks and luckily I had found some bags in there so I had a lot of food that would probably last for like ever. Maybe not for ever, but for a long time. About the time I grab everything that we need it was time to head back and go to our kind of like save zone. When I got back to the wagon Henry was already there and this time the sun was halfway down.

“You ready” I said to Henry.

“Yep lets go” he says backs.

I grabbed the red wagon full of things that can last for a little bit and we headed our way to where I found myself when I woke up. Once we reached the place it was finally dark. I opened the door and we walked in with the supplies.

“Gus is that you” Calvin asked when I walked in.     

“Yes its me” I tell Calvin.

Calvin runs to me and gives me a big hug and says “I thought you weren't coming back.”    

“Calvin I’ll always come back to you” I say looking into his blue eyes full of sadness and nothing else.

“Dont you ever forget that Calvin.”         

“Ok Gus,” Calvin says back to me with a different expression that I can't quite explain.

“Who’s that,” Calvin asks while look at the figure that I found in a basement in a house.

“My name is Henry, I was hiding to like you two were but I didn't know this place,” Henry says  to Calvin.

“There's actually three others with us” I say to Henry.

“Where are they then?”

I look around the room and there they were, sound asleep, Calvin must've heard me coming because he wasn’t sleeping. They look so peaceful and happy but deep down I know that they're not.

“There right over there sound asleep” I say to him.

“O My gosh”

“What?” I say.

“That girl that's on the left, I know her I thought she was taken too”

“How do you two know each other?” I ask him.

“Me and her are dating, we been dating for almost 5 months now, I can't believe it” he says with sadness and at the same time happiness. When I looked into his brown eyes they started to water. At least we finally have someone here that knows at least one person. To get back on track I looked back at him and now he’s walking towards her. When he reaches her he just stands there like he’s taking the time to remember this day or  moment. Then he touches her face gently feel around her precious face as if it was fragile and breakable, but not. She wakes up from his hand touching her face, her eyes light up like the fourth of july as she looked at the figure touching her face. She jumped up to her feet and hugged Henry so tight and he also hugged her back. They stood there hugging each other for what seem to be for a very long time but was briefly a few seconds.

“I've messed You I thought you were gone like the rest of the city.” She tells him.

“I thought the same thing happened to you too, Im glad it didn’t “ he says back to her.

“Anybody hungry” I ask the two that were up.

“Yea Im starving” the girl says.

“Help yourself” I say as I walk over to the two that was sleeping, Kelvin and Elliot and set down next to them.

“You're not hungry?” Henry asks me.

“No, Ill just wait until they wake up” I say looking at the two peacefully sleeping.

“Alright well Hillary and I are going to eat if thats ok with you” he says to me.

“Yea go right ahead help yourself ” I say to the both of them. They walk over to where the food in the wagon was placed in front of the exit door. They grab some food and sat on the opposite wall from us. Before they ate Henry walked back over by me and says “we're going to stay over on the other side for tonight.” After he said that he walked over by the blankets and picked them up and walked back over to where Hillary was sitting. Then they sat by each other and started eating whatever they grabbed from the red wagon.  I on the other hand just sat there next to Elli and Calvin. On the other side of Elli was her little brother Kelvin sound asleep just like her.

“Gus” Calvins says to me.

“What?” I ask.

“Im hungry”

“Then go by the red wagon over there and find something you would like to eat, ok” I tell Calvin.

“Ok” Calvin says while getting up and walking over where the food is. He grabs some food and then comes and sets next to me and starts eating.

    I sat there for almost hours it seemed like with my eyes open staring at the concrete ceiling. Its so cold in here. I grab the blanket that was next to me and covered myself. I look over to where Elli and Calvin were still sleeping, I guess they were really tired. I looked at them and saw they hand no covers on them so I got up and picked the blankets that where by there side and covered them. They look so peaceful.

“Sorry did I wake you?” I ask Elli because right when I covered her she woke up.

“No, Its fine” she says back to me. She now sitting up and I take a set next to her staring out torse the door.

“You know I had you in some of my class in school” I tell her to start a conversation. I look over to where Calvin sat next to me sound asleep covered so the cold won't get to him, like it couldn’t.

“I was......, I don’t remember you, and believe me I would remember a face like yours”  she says to me and I could tell she was blushing but she would say anything about it.

“A face like mine?” I ask her confused rather thats a good thing or not.

“Well you're kind of cute if you ask me,” she says.

“Ow, thanks,” I reply back to her. That just made things awkward. Silence filled the room with nothing but the breaths of breathing human beings.

“ You dating anybody?” I ask her, don’t know why but I just had to ask because have you seen Elli it looks like she was brought down from angles from above and carved from the core from the sea of earth.

“Sadly no, I single, you?”

“What can I say my good charming looks like mine, with every girl in the school trying to get with me, I turn them done not interested in them besides one girl that  hasn't yet flirt with me, but until that day comes Im single too.” I reply back. I look at her and she giggle a little bit.

“What?” I ask.

“Nothing just you could of said you were single” she says.

“Well, I just wanted to make sure you know why im single and not think that i'm a sore loser like the rest of the school.” I tell her. She looks at me and starts laughing again.

“Well, don’t get me wrong your story about everyone flirting with you but none satisfied you was indeed funny but I bet I can top that.” She says.

“Ow you can, can you, I'm here to listen when you ready” I say smiling.

“Ok here it is then. Sorry to break it to you that the sexyiest girl in that school was me with every guy drooling all over me was just unbearable to handle, I simply wasn’t going to date one of those drooling dogs that can't keep themselves together when I walked the halls with my stylish up to date outfit. So I just told them to go find someone similar to drooling dogs that would handle there unbearable behavior. And that is why i’m single. How was that for you.” She says to me. I started to laugh just for a couple of seconds.

“I believe that mine “single” story  was way  better than your story, sorry to break it to you but I don’t believe guys are drooling dogs thought I would think they were simply just snout up sor losers waiting for something that they simply can’t have.” I tell her.

“Well, you can believe whatever you want to, but we all know mine “single” story tops yours, big time Gus.” She replies back.

“OK, Ill let you believe what you want” I say back to her. Out of no where we just started laughing but not loudly so we wouldn’t wake up anybody.

“You hungry?” I ask.

“Yes Im starving” she says.

“Good cause I’m hungry too, so let me go get some food” I say getting up as I look into her blue eyes.

“Ok sounds good to me”

“Ill be right back then” I tell her. I walk over towards the red wagon while looking around. Hillary and Henry are sound asleep to, with Hillary’s head on Henry's soldiers. There just to adorable, that's what a girl would say. I grab some snaps and head back over to where Elli was setting and took a seat next to her.

“Chips sound good to you?” I ask.

“Yea thats fine as long as its food Ill eat it” she replies back.

“Good, Would you like barbecue or plain?”

“Barbecue” she says.

I hand her the bag of barbecue chips and I took the pain. I would prefer the barbeque but unfortunately I got stuck with plain which wasn’t a crisis to me. Im not one of those crazy kids who have to have what they want.

“Thanks again for the chips”  Elli says looking at me with her blue eyes.

“No problem” I say back.

“So what are we going to do now, since we are practically screwed and we can't stay down her for ever.” When she asked me this I could tell she wanted to cry. All I wanted to do is hug her and tell her that everything is going to be ok. But how can I tell her that when really everything isn’t fine. Where stranded on our own and on the other hand I have to look out for my baby brother. So yeah we screwed. I always thought that being down here was the only way we can survive. I was wrong because she is right we can't stay down her for ever.

“I guess if you're up to it, all of us can find out what really happen to everyone including what happened to our parents.” I ask her, hoping she would say yea cause I sick of being down here. Its colder down her then it is up there where there's houses. And plus its not going to be winter for a while since we just got through the winter before all this crisis stuff started happening.

“That sounds like a mission ready to begin, I'm in but we have to make sure that Hillary and Henry if they're in for the mission. I know my brother and yours well follow us wherever we go so we don’t need to ask them.” She says to me happy because we're leaving this dark concrete hiding place.

“Ok we will wait until there awake but for down I think we both need to rest, don’t you think?” I ask her in a tiered kind of way but polite as possible. The last thing I need is her to think I didn’t want to talk to her. Even though what I said doesn’t sound that way. I know how girls are and they will twist or think its something that it isn’t.

“Yea I guess” she says back to me.

Then I stand up and say “good night then and see you when I wake up.”

“Good night,” she says back as she starts to  get settled to go to sleep.

“You need anything before I go over there?” I ask her.

“No Im good thanks for asking though.” she says.

“No problem,” I say back to her.

Then I picked my sleeping brother up and walk over to where we left our blankets and I laid hem down as gently as I could trying not to disturb his peaceful dream. I wrap him up so he wouldn’t be cold and then I laid next to him and the next thing you know is I'm sound asleep.


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