Christmas Miracle

When I entered the competition my friends bet I wouldn't win but, I did it anyway. On Christmas Day I will receive and email which could change my life forever or make no impact at all.
Could we meet the boys in LA and four with them? *hint*hint*


1. This is me

Sorry had to unpublished or a bit

My name is Hattie. I am a twenty year old girl who is quite frankly, probably the weirdest person you will ever meet. My clothes tend to consist of the exact same pair of jeans and a different variation of the same sort of top. I am rather dull and anything but extraordinary. My life pretty much sucks but there are a few people in my life who make it worth while.

Basically, I am shall we a soft spot when it comes to my family. Every day I wake up to arguing and pointless conversations. My friends are now the people I rely on. My mainstream friends are Emily, Isabel, Jem, Ellie and Phoebe and then of course, there is my social counsellor, friend, brother (not by blood) and basically my best friend. He is called Rhys.

Luckily I also have nine boys who give me something to keep my mind off any other issues. Their names are Calum, Luke, Michael, Ashton, Zayn, Harry, Louis, Liam and Niall. Yup that's right, I am a mega fan girl. My room is covered in posters and I spend most of my time seeing what the lads are up to.

It's Christmas in 11days and on Christmas Day, I will find out if I won the competition to meet One Direction with my friends. Anyway for now, I need to stop talking about me and talk about what happens.

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