Christmas Miracle

When I entered the competition my friends bet I wouldn't win but, I did it anyway. On Christmas Day I will receive and email which could change my life forever or make no impact at all.
Could we meet the boys in LA and four with them? *hint*hint*


3. The Flight

My alarm woke me up at five am, I wasn't going to miss this flight. I had had a mad packing frenzy the night before and everything that I could possibly need was laid out in the order in which I could possibly need it. The doorbell rang. I skipped down the stairs and quickly platted my hair. I swung the door open to reveal all of my friends. Within seconds I was forced into the biggest, most excited hug I have ever had, I could hear squealing in one ear and laughter in the other. This was going to be a good trip.

(About an hour later)

"Is everyone ready?" Emily yelled stuffing the last few bags into the limo. "Yessssss" we all replied in excitement as we bundled in.

The journey to the airport was full of squealing and me desperately trying to teach everyone the lyrics to Night Changes. Evidentially, when we reached the airport, we all had headaches but we were all singing Night Changes. I felt my job had been done.

What happened in the airport was rather hectic. Running through each section into different stores. "Final call for gateway 34". "Shit" I yelled as we all sprinted towards the gate. We trusted our tickets in the face of the lady. She chuckled looking at our tickets. "Competition winners then? Have fun!" She said as we all ran through the seemingly endless tunnel to the plane. When we reached the door, we were escorted to the front of the plane. Turns out the tickets were first class!

The journey was filled with Champagne and laughter as each of my dearly loved friends took the piss out of me. It's okay though because I love them all really. We soon fell asleep/passed out and the rest of the journey was a dream.

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