Christmas Miracle

When I entered the competition my friends bet I wouldn't win but, I did it anyway. On Christmas Day I will receive and email which could change my life forever or make no impact at all.
Could we meet the boys in LA and four with them? *hint*hint*


2. Email

I woke up and groaned as I rolled over to look at my clock. It read 6:43...I guess that's late enough. I jumped out of my bed, slipped on my slippers and ran downstairs to my laptop. 1247 emails..."what a great time to have so many emails" I mumbled under my breathe as I desperately searched for anything to do with One Direction. There it was. This email could determine whether I meet one direction or not. I hesitantly reached towards the email. I threw my hands over my eyes and clicked.

Congratulations Hattie Bunn!

You have won tickets to meet One Direction. You and six friends will have the opportunity to spend 6 weeks with the boys of tour.

I squealed. This was literally the best thing ever. I grabbed my phone and tapped in my Instagram password. I clicked on direct message and sent one to my friends. (Emily, Isabel, Jem, Phoebe, Ellie and Rhys)

Hey guys. You know I entered that comp to win tickets to meet 1D?!?!? Wellllllllll..........I won! You guys are coming with me!!!:0:0:0 ly xx

Having the amazing friends which I have, this only took seconds for them to reply.

Emily:Please say you are not kidding?!

Jem: You couldn't have got tickets for 5sos?!jk sounds awesome

Rhys: That will be fun

Pheebz: you and iiiiiii

Isabel: Oh my god Niall<3

Ellie: Oh my god! Liam is gorgeous!

Hattie(Me): yup this is 100% legit. Will have to try for 5sos next Christmas;) anyway two things: 1.we leave tomorrow be at mine for 6am 2. Zayn is mine;);)

After that, the conversation trailed off into ridiculous side conversations about ridiculous things. But we were going to meet One Direction tomorrow!

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