Kate is the top spy of the CIA but now a days CIA are having problems that even Kate could not solve. Who ever it is, it is in the CIA and their trusted member and have a lot in common with Kate and is someone she knows better than anyone but WHO IS IT?


2. The Gala

Today, was the big day. It was the Awards night of the CIA. Every one of the big people were their and all of the agents were there, they were all happy but a little anxious too after all Who is gonna be the Spy of the year?.

Daniel was also the top agents of the agency but he had no doubt that the awards gonna go with none other than  Kate Washburn she has been winning it for the last 4 years and she was the one whose gonna win it today too. He had known Kate for long time and is her partner they had been through a lot and seen some ugly cases.

Kate knew she is gonna win the award today.She was the top agent of the CIA. 


Well the time is here the award is gonna be anounced now. Dr Neil Adams walked up too the stage it was taking ever so long and their was visible effort in his walk he took the award and said-


"The award of the year 2014-2015 goes to none other then Miss Kate Washburn ladies and gentlemen. please everyone give a big round of a applause for her."

Kate walked up to the aisle in her flowing sky blue gown which matched her eyes she was the most beautiful women in tonight's Gala and she knew it through she was 38 years old she was looking in her twenties. 

She greeted Dr neil and took the awards from him now It didn't looked like a award at all it was like daily appreciation that she always get in her office everyday. She was quite indifferent about it. At first she was very excited when she used to get the award now she doesn't care about it anymore she get it every year.

Daniel saw Kate make her way down to the aisle after giving the thank you speech he looked at her face and saw no expression of happiness or excitment of winning the award. She came and stood next to him.

"Not very happy on winning the award. Huh!" Daniel said to her.

"I would have been excited If It was my first award but now I get it almost every year." Kate said shrugging her shoulders not caring about the award in her hand for which any agent would have done anything even Daniel.

No longer had she said those words when the windows of the building shattered and the huge crystal chandiler fell down with a loud bang as it divided into a million pieces and everyone started to run like wild animals almost causing a stampede and killing only one man who had been standing under the Chandiler was none other then Dr Neil Adams the chairmen of the CIA.

But Kate was just standing at her place and gave no expression of being scared It was like she had seen this a type of thing a lot of times and was not very affected by it and Daniel saw it. He was alittle confused on her expression but thought she was very experinced and had seen these things before.So, he didn't gave much thought to it and forgot about it completely.

The cops were pulling up everywhere and completely covered the entrances and exits completely not letting anyone go out they checked evry place for any type of bombs and stuff because the chandiler could not be broken except some kind of small bomb. They checked every control room and even the brooms room and kept everyone inside the building until everyone was checked and they were finally let go but the wrote everyone's names and numbers.

The next day death of the chairmen of CIA caused a lot of buzz in the media and the newspapers on every news channel only the last nights events were being featured.

It was no suprise to Kate that she and Daniel got this case and were told to investigate Dr Neil's death.

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