Kate is the top spy of the CIA but now a days CIA are having problems that even Kate could not solve. Who ever it is, it is in the CIA and their trusted member and have a lot in common with Kate and is someone she knows better than anyone but WHO IS IT?


3. No leads


Kate  p.o.v

Well I was sitting in my room with Daniel going over the list of witnesses and other bullshit. What CIA can’t do they give it to me and Daniel. I was bored to the bone cause their wasn’t just any proof that some person did that and it wasn’t a accident. Well if someone did do it they did one hell of a job because their wasn’t even an evidence not even a smudge and forensic had already gone over the hall 10 time and they still didn’t get anything.

‘’You know there is nothing we could do in this we don’t even have a lead .How are we gonna solve this . Huh?’’ I asked Daniel and from his look it seemed that he was bored too.

‘’I don’t know Kate but we got orders we have to do it. No matter what’’ he said

‘’We have to do it. No matter what.’’ I said mimicking him and that just got a snout from him.

‘’Come on . Let’s go to joe and tell him we can’t solve it.’’ I said standing up. Ready to go.

‘’ what? You crazy.’’ He said but I was already out the door.


We were now standing out of Joe’s door.

‘’Hey, Brenda .Could tell J we are her. It’s kinda important.’’ I said to Joe’s personal assistant a little girl of 21.

‘’Of course ,Ma’am Just a moment.’’ Brenda said and picked up the phone and dialed joe. After 3 rings he picked up.

‘’Good morning, Sir I have Lieutenant Kate and Inspector Daniel here with me they wanted to talk to you it’s urgent.’’

After a few more exchange she putted the receiver down and said

‘’ He called you in.’’ Brenda said and lead the way. She opened the door to the Joe’s office. It was big and I saw Joe seated behind a desk with lot of paperwork on the desk.

‘’ Well , What did you wanted to discuss with me Kate.’’ Joe said and signaled us to sit and told Brenda to bring water.

‘’Sir, It’s just that we are not able to solve this case with no leads, no evidence and not even a witness. It’s better off as a accident.’’ I Said

‘’But you have to do something about this it looks too good to be a accident and why Neil and not you, you were also standing their a minute ago. Don’t you think it’s too clean to be a coincidence and I have to say something to the press too. What am I supposed to say?’’ He said with too grim face and drank some water too calm himself.

‘’Say what is true, That we have got no proof to say that it was a murder on purpose.’’ I said looking at him with full determination.

‘’No I want you to go over this again maybe you left something.’’

‘’But sir-‘’ That bastard cuted me off.

‘’Go to your office and look over it again.’’ And with that Joe waved me off.

I left the office and slammed the door behind me. That bastard never listens to me. I walked off to my office and took my things and went to my car enough is enough I am going to my house now.

Daniel called after me but I ignored him and went away.



It was weird Kate never shows that kind of behavior and what more she never gives up as easy this. Something felt wrong in all this.


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