I looked at the birds flying over the hill. I wanted to reach up to them, to fly with them. I wanted to feel free. Feel the cold fresh air in my face, while I was falling down and then just before hitting the ground I would spread my wings and fly up, up, up.


4. Not my body

When I opened my eyes again I was nowhere near our little coffee café. I was in a big stylish room with dim lights. The wall in front of me where filled with old books. They looked like first editions, but I couldn’t be sure before I touched them. I started moving, but I could not control it. It was like some one was controlling my body. Moving me around like a doll. Made my legs walk, arms bend, hands rubbing my beard – wait. Beard? I don’t have a beard!

       This can’t be me. I thought. The body kept waking, with me as a prisoner. It walked over to the big mirror beside the books. The head looked up. I was shocked. How? In the mirror I did not see my own reflection, but a young man stood in my place. He was a handsome guy, with short dark hair and yellow eyes. People need to stop with those weird eyes. First the new guy in my class, now this guy too, but who is he and how did I end up in his body?

       I really need to shave soon. He thought. The guy in the mirror took his hands to the beard again. I didn’t think that! That wasn’t my thought. I was beginning to panic. This was so weird that I can’t even find words to explain it. I wanted to punch my self in the face to wake up from this creepy dream and so I did, or I didn’t. The man in the mirror punched himself.

       “Ouch.” He said out loud. He had a nice raw voice. A voice I normally would have melted to, but this was not the time. Why would I do that? He thought to himself.

       I don’t know. Maybe you deserved it or wait maybe you like it? I think it’s that one. I answered, with a voice dripping with sarcasm. I don’t know why, but when I get mad or afraid, I start being sarcastic. It’s just a thing I do in defense, I think. Honestly I didn’t expect that he could hear me and I don’t think he expected an answer to his question, because his reaction was priceless. Without further ado he fell to the ground and held his hands to his head. His eyes lid up like fire and he looked terrified.

       “Wh – o are yo – u?” He managed to say.

       No need to be afraid. I thought as I tried to figure out how this worked. You’re not the only one going crazy right now. At least you still have your own body. That didn’t seem to calm him dawn, but he managed to control his voice and pushed himself up from the ground. Instead he sat with his legs crossed and stared at his refection.

       “So …” He said hesitating. “What’s your name?” Trying to sound calm like this was an everyday event and he succeeded, his thoughts gave him away. What am I doing? Am I out of my mind? I sitting and talking to myself, maybe I’ve got one of those conditions where you hear voices. I don’t want to be crazy, no, no, no this can’t happen!

       Easy, easy. I thought to him. I have never been good at calming people down, but nevertheless I tried. Okay. First thing first my name is: Kayla Green and no I do not visit others peoples mind very offend just as you know. Normally I am a completely normal girl, so I’m a bit confused too. I’m still on that thought that all this might just a really weird and creepy dream and I have no idea how I wake up. This is a really sick dream. First, all the things with the eyes. Now this.

       “What thing with the eyes?” He said maybe a little to quick. I studied his face in the mirror. His expression had gone from frightened to curios and wary and than back again so fast that I wasn’t even sure it had changed.

       What is it to you? I asked him alerted.

       “Nothing!” He answered. Excellent now I know I’m crazy, when I even begin to lie to myself. If anyone hears me talking to myself, this can’t be good this is not good!

       Serious what’s with you? You panic so easily, but your face does not show at all and by the way it’s not nice to lie to people. Even thought all this could just be a dream, but whose dream would it be, yours or mine?

      “Mine.” He said with a strong voice. “I can’t take this anymore. Get out of my head!” He screamed the last part. My vision started to blur and for a couple of seconds it felt like I was in the middle of his mind and mine. The only thing I could see was a mix of the colors yellow und green, but I could hear more than one thing. Far away I could hear Lissy call my name. Closer I could hear someone open a door and ask: “are you okay, my lord?” Slowly Lissy came closer until the odd young man was all gone and the colors started to brighten. Just when I thought the colors couldn’t get brighter it all turned white and I got pushed back to our little coffee café.

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