I looked at the birds flying over the hill. I wanted to reach up to them, to fly with them. I wanted to feel free. Feel the cold fresh air in my face, while I was falling down and then just before hitting the ground I would spread my wings and fly up, up, up.


3. Nice way to get friends

I didn’t get that far, before someone grabbed my arm and pushed me against the wall. I hit my head hard on the wall and after a few seconds of dizziness I could see clear again. I was Nate. He stood no more than five inches away from me and he had his arm on me so I couldn’t move.

      “Nice way to get friends.” I said with a sarcastic voice. “Now get of me!”

      “Not before you tell me something.” He said and something wasn’t right. When I talked to him in the classroom his every word sounded stupid, now his voice sounded somehow different.

      “What?” I spit out before he could say anything else. I looked him directly in his eyes. I would show no fear.

      “What color do you see when you look into my eyes?” He asked with a serious look on his face. I couldn’t help myself but laugh; I have never been good at serious situations and especially not when I was over something so dumb. In the some moment I heard Lissy’s voice besides me:

      “Kayla? We are going to be late.” She looked nervous at Nate and then back at me. “Are you coming?”

      “Sure.” I said and pushed Nate away. “There are something seriously wrong with you, you know.” I said to Nate as I turned on my heel and followed Lissy down the hall. I could feel her eyes on me all the way to English class, but she didn’t say anything. That’s one of the things I like the most about Lissy, she never pushes me to talk about something I don’t want to talk about or at least she tries.


      English class went fast and so did rest of the day. Lissy and I decided to go to a café in town to drink some coffee after school. It is the same café as always. We went there at least twice a week and sometimes more. Sometimes we just take our homework with like today. I had an English essay I had to work on and Lissy got some biology, I think. She has different classes than me so it’s very rare that we could copy from one another. That doesn’t stop me for trying though.

      “So,” Lissy said trying not to sound to curios, “do you wanna talk about it now?” I tried to look like I didn’t know what she was talking about, but I know I can’t fool her.

      “It wasn’t anything.” I said, but even I could hear that it didn’t sound that convincing and she gave me an intense look. “Fine … He just wanted me to stop talking to him. I don’t know why. I think he got a short temper.” I said as I giggled. I was shocked over myself, I have never lied to her before and it came so easy, almost like an instinct. Normally I’m really bad at lying, but there were something different about the way she looked at me that made me think, that she actually believed what I was saying.

      “Well that’s a nice way to get friends.” She said with a glimpse in her eyes.

      “That’s what I told him.” I said to her and we started laughing. We have known each other for way to long and we practically finish each other sentences sometimes.

      “So what’s the topic?”

      “Huh? Ah you mean the essay?”

      “Yeah dummy.” She answered with a teasing look.

      “We have to write about a mystic advent.” I said with a sarcastic voice imitating miss Potts, my English teacher, and giggled.

      “You forgot the best part.” Lissy tried to say through her giggles, waving with her hand, like she’s waving my bad imitation away. “This is she.” Lissy said with a high laugh. She took her hand up to her eyes like she was pushing some fake glasses up her nose and made a funny noise. I laughed, but then I stopped. The room started spinning. All the colors blended together. I could see Lissy’s face look worried, but her expression changed. She started to look more afraid than worried and I heard her say my name. A bright light burned my eyes and I was forced to close them.

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