I looked at the birds flying over the hill. I wanted to reach up to them, to fly with them. I wanted to feel free. Feel the cold fresh air in my face, while I was falling down and then just before hitting the ground I would spread my wings and fly up, up, up.


2. First period

I stretched my arm out and grabbed my phone. 08:45, shit. I’m going to be late. I jumped out of bed and bit my lip to stop myself from screaming again. My back hurt like hell. I took my jeans out of the wardrobe and in no more than five minutes I was downstairs in the kitchen. Grabbed an apple from the table and walked out the door.

      It was a chill morning. I buried my hands deep in the pockets of my jacket as I walked towards my school. I lived only a block away, but I still had to almost run to make it in time for my first class. I walked as fast as I could and when I arrived there were still people in the hallways. I slowed down and reached into my bag trying to fish out my phone that had started ringing. I looked at the screen and it showed no more than an emoji, I swiped and brought the phone to my ear. “Hey?” I said as I picked up.

      “Where are you?” The voice said. It was my best friend or wait. I wouldn’t call her my best friend. That sounds so cheesy, but never the less that is what she is. My best and only friend. I looked around and saw her standing right in front of me.

      “Turn around Lissy.” I said and hung up. I walked up to her and hugged her. “Long time.” I said.

      “Come on we’re going to be late.” She said and grinned a little. She is my complete opposite. Where my hair was long, blond and curly, hers was short, dark brown and strait. My eyes dark green, hers blue like the night sky. Then of cause the way we were built. She was built with more curves than me, but were where almost the same height. I am a little taller though.

      “Hey…? We saw each other yesterday.” She said with a weird look in her eyes. I didn’t answer because in the same moment the bell rung and I took my seat in the back of the room. I looked out off the small window in the classroom. The view wasn’t that great from here, but at least better than listening to the boring history teacher. He was talking about chapter seven. It was about World War 2. I read the book in the beginning of the year and hadn’t looked at it since. I still remember every single word on every single page. I don’t think I am ever going to forget it. I have what you call photographic memory. It’s a terrible curse. Some say it’s a gift from God, but I don’t believe in God and they don’t know how it is to remember everything. Every small detail, every second in my live and trust me I have a lot of memories I don’t want to remember. Like when I got my heart broken last week or when my parents split up five years ago. I looked up at the teacher to pretend that I was listening, but he was already looking at me. “Sorry what did you say?” I said and looked at him with a dizzy look.

      “I said,” He said with a patience tone. “When did Hitler die and how?” I took a deep breath and cleared my throat.

      “He …” But I was interrupted when a boy walked into the class. The boy was hot, really hot. He had dark hair, high cheekbones and the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen. I have never seen anyone with eyes like that. I dropped my pencil and it fell with a loud sound to the ground. I bended down to take it from the ground and when I looked up again the teacher started to talk.

      “Class, I forgot to tell you that you’re going to have a new student today. His name is …” He looked at his paper and then said with a little smile: “Well you can introduce yourself.” The new guy walked toward the middle of the room. His eyes shined brighter as they looked straight at me. In normal circumstances I would have looked away and even flushed, but I couldn’t look away. His eyes were purple. There must be something wrong. I must be seeing things. His eyes couldn’t be purple. Eyes can’t be purple. That’s not natural, not possible.

      “My name is Nate.” He said still looking at me.

      “Well hello Nate.” The teacher said. “If you just sit down besides Kayla.” Then the teacher pointed at the chair beside me. With his head held high Nate walked over to sit beside me. The teacher started to talk and I doze away again, but Nate decided to be chatty:

      “Hey my name is Nate.” He said looking at me with those purple beautiful eyes. Well he must be stupid.

      “Yeah I know.” I said and looked away. My suspension was right. Sadly. No one can be both hot and smart. I had hoped he was different though, with the weird eyes and all, but no. “What’s with your eyes?”

      “What’s with them?” He turned the question around with a suspicious look.

      “Nothing I guess.” I answered and looked down at my notes. But there is something odd about him and I wasn’t about to let it go that easily.


      First period went annoyingly slow. Nate kept asking me questions about me – I lied mostly though – and tried to figure out why I had asked him the question about his eyes, but I’m stubborn. I don’t know why I just wouldn’t tell him about the purple. The most annoying thing was that no matter how many times I robbed my eyes his eyes were still not normal. When the bell had rung I walked relived out of the classroom toward my next class, English. 

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