"I'll love you forever , so please , just stay"


3. one

The cold winter air brushed through my hair . My hands were cold as ice and I was holding onto the box in my hand for dear life . My face was cherry red . My leather jacket and jeans weren't helping me warm up at all . Streets were empty except for a few homeless people . I put a €2 coin in a woman's cup and she gave me a friendly smile . I felt good about what I had just done . If it wasn't for my mother being homeless before I was born , I probably wouldn't have given that money to the poor woman . I shook the thought from my head and continued walking . It was dark , but a beautiful kind of dark . September in Mullingar was always like this . I glanced at my watch . 7:00 . My mother would be looking for me soon . I walked down the street and hopped into the nearest taxi , telling him my address .

I looked out the window , admiring the beautiful city around me . The river we were crossing over was a beautiful blue . The same blue as my boyfriends eyes . I giggled to myself . He was beautiful and so good to me . I loved him more than I had loved any boy before . I was drowning in my own thoughts until the taxi driver asked me a question that I didn't quite hear . "huh?" I asked him .

"I said 'are you crazy?its freezing out there . you'll catch a cold!" . I thought to myself and he was right . It was freezing . "I went to get a birthday present for my boyfriend" . The taxi driver made a sound which sounded like a mix of a sigh and a laugh . "You girls" he said in a raspy voice "you will do anything for boys these days , won't ya'?"

"He's my boy" I whispered but it was loud enough for him to hear me .

I looked out the window again and before I knew It I saw my house coming into view . "Now that will be €12.45 please m'love" he said . I nodded and took my purse from my coat pocket . "Here" I said , handing him the money . He smiled and I got out of the car . "Your box" he called out to me , reminding me that I had left it in the car. I ran back to him and he rolled down his window . I reached out my hand for the box and he placed it in my right hand . "Thank you" I said and walked away . "Bye!" He yelled to me "I hope he likes it!" . Giggling , I fumbled in my pocket for my house key and eventually unlocked the door . Before closing the door he smiled at me once again . He was a nice man . And he was a right man too . I would to anything for my boy to be happy . I sighed and put the box on the mirror&stand by the front door .

Ok this is bad😂but bear with me😂

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