Life on Baker Street.

Crossover: Harry Potter and Sherlock. The day Harry's parents got killed, was the same day that John Watson had visiting James and Lily. He had managed to get Harry away, but didn't make it back to save James and Lily, left with their son. John returns to Baker Street with one-year old Harry Potter. Will Sherlock accept Harry? Will Harry grow up between crimes and murders? Read and find out! (Warning: Contain Yaoi. BoyxBoy. )


1. Accepting?

Sherlock was pacing back and forth in the flat, he had kept starring at John, who held a smaller black haired baby boy.


“Sherlock we need to-“


“Don’t speak, John. I’m trying to think.”  Sherlock interrupted, he went back to pace back and forth, his eyes fixed at times at the smaller boy. Soft asleep, but what the forehead contained, it was a trance for Sherlock to keep starring at it.


The lightning bolt scar at the boy’s forehead, it still had the fresh sign on, that it was new there.


“Sherlock.” John’s voice snapped so suddenly, as the smaller boy was turning a bit into John’s arms.


“I don’t care what your thoughts is right now, the thing is simple. Lily and James’ son shall not be growing up between Petunias family, have you seen how horrible they are?” John asked the detective.


“Yet, you are not observing that we are not capable of taking care of him ourselves, correctly?”  Sherlock asked, while he stared at John for a while. Sherlock had fold his arms behind his back, his eyes fixed on the small one-year old in John’s embrace.


“I rather want to raise him myself, than letting him be raised by the hateful muggle family.” John hissed lowly.


“So you want Harry to grow up with my madness?” Sherlock almost roared out against John, his hands tight behind his back.


“You have no madness, Sherlock. You are just special on your own way, why keep calling it a madness? You are clever, you are brilliant an-“


“And I don’t care about small babies, why else would I live far away from them?!” Sherlock interrupted John again, his voice were not calm, and that is for sure.


John took a deep inhale, while he looked at Sherlock with a softer face expression. “I know you are scared, you don’t need to hide it away from me, Sherlock.” John whispered, he had dared stepping near the detective, as he held the smaller boy into Sherlock’s arms.


He noticed at first, that Sherlock would not dare hold the child. However, as soon the boy was in Sherlock’s arms. He looked calm, professional looking father, but relaxed to the best point a man under pressure could be.


“I know it’s scaring, but I’m not going to let them have him.” John whispered, he gently rested his forehead against Sherlock’s shoulder. The smaller child in Sherlock’s arms curled against Sherlock’s chest, Harry’s small hand grab softly onto Sherlock’s scarf.


Sherlock looked down at Harry, he had gently removed some of the small black hair, there almost covert the lightning scar.


“If we keep him, how can you be certain about if he ever would be alright?” Sherlock asked the other, his gaze never left the smaller child in his arms.


“Because he shall grow up with the truth, he needs to know everything, he needs to know his true parents, his true life and what happened to him.” John explained, he had looked up at Sherlock. “I deny to let him be treated like a...a freak for them, they hate everything with magic. Why else would Lily never mention her sister that much, can you explain that?”


“I can’t, no. “ Sherlock mumbled, he glance down at John, as he let a breath escape his lips after that.


“You might not be by magical blood, Sherlock. On the other hand, you understand the world as good as a wizard does.” John whispered.


“The first time you ever said, that you was a wizard. You still freaked me out until you proved it, however, I’m….I’m not sure I can be there as you want me to be. I can try, but if I fail….”


“Sherlock.” John interrupt him, while he placed a hand at Sherlock’s cheek. They looked into each other’s eyes a moment or two, John’s hand caressed Sherlock’s cheek ever so gently. “I know you won’t fail, you might be odd on your own special and loving way. However, you are never a failure. “John murmured, his voice was soft and kind, as he then rested his head against Sherlock’s shoulder again.


The detective looked down at Harry in his arms, he had gently caressed the younger boy’s cheek. After a good amount time, Sherlock nodded in agreement.


“We will take care of him, but when we are out doing crimes, my brother shall look after him. I don’t trust Mrs. Hudson that much, she do only feed him with lots of sugary stuff.” Sherlock mumbled lowly.


“Deal, let’s get him in a crib.” John whispered, he leaned up on his toes and pressed a soft kiss at Sherlock’s cheek. Seeing the detective’s cheeks turned slightly red, John smiled and giggled softly.


“Never getting used to it, do you?” the blonde male asked, while he saw Sherlock rolled his eyes. John carefully took Harry out from Sherlock’s hold, as he placed the young boy against his chest and hold around him.


“Just…don’t do it in front at other people.” Sherlock mumbled, as he looked at the black haired boy.


His hand had slowly placed itself on top at Harry’s head, while Sherlock removed some of the black hair. His eyes once again was on the scar.


“Welcome to our family, Harry Potter.” 

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