My best friends brothers band!


1. Chapter 1

Geena's POV


I shove my brother out of the way. Having a friend over is much more important than their silly little band. I dial the number quickly and rushed to my room. "Hello... yes its Geena... can I talk to Emma please...yes now..."


Emma's POV


"Hello, Emma speaking... sure what time... okay, but who's your brother" I asked my friend Geena "Ashton Irwin" she replied. After we talked for a bit, Geena said she'll be there in 10 and hung up I let out a sigh and started getting ready I put my hair up into a messy bun and then I put on a Nirvana shirt. when I went down stirs I heard a car pull up and car doors slam shut. I ran up to the door and opened it. There stood in front of me was my best friend and a blonde haired and blue eyed boy, about my age. "Luke" the blonde boy said introducing himself, "Emma" I replied shaking his hand as we got into the car and drove to Geena's house.


Geena's POV


We arrived at my house and run to my room almost hitting luke in the face with the door. I bring Emma into the garage to introduce her to the rest of the band "This is Luke, Michael, Calum and the most annoying of all, my brother Ashton. Oh and this is my mum, you can call here..." "I already know her" she replied.


Luke's POV


I saw the door open and Geena and Emma her friend walked in. Geena started talking but I completely zoned out, staring at Emma. Once they left the boys noticed and started laughing, as a blush crept onto my face. "Shut up" I said as I started tuning my guitar.

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