Birth Of A 200 Pound

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  • Published: 19 Dec 2014
  • Updated: 4 Jan 2015
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Kim is over 200 pounds and is in love with schoolmate Dean Ambrose who is dating Renee Young. She dreams of one day being his girlfriend and maybe marrying him. Dean's best friend Roman Reigns cares for Kim and comforts her when she's left for embarrassment. One day Kim disappears after being hurt and embarrassed by Dean; Roman searches for Kim, but no signs of her. 1 year later Kim returns back to UCLA under the name Kansas Milwaukee to get her revenge on Dean. Dean comes across Kansas and is interested in her, he befriends her and introduces her to Roman. Roman and Kim soon clicks like the old days, and slowly he opens up to her about his feelings for Kim, which makes her thinks twice about wanting to be with Dean. Renee soon picks up the friendship of Kansas and Dean and starts to get jealous. Kim later reveals to Roman that she's Kim and Renee puts the puzzle/stories together and hints Dean which makes him confront Kansas being Kim. Will she reveal she is Kim or hide it


15. Sentenced To 5 Years

(First Day Of School) 

Seth: Hey! *laughs* How are ya Kansas? *hugs kim* 

Kim: *ignores seth* 

Seth: Hey! I'm talking to you! 

Kim: What do you want Seth. 

Seth: I'm sorry Roman died, but you still have me Kansas. I can love you like Roman did too. 

Kim: *fakes a smile* No one could ever replace the love he had for me Seth.  

Seth: Watch me. 

Kim: I'm sorry. *walks off* 

Dean: *walking by* 

Seth: Better watch your back or you'll be dead just like Roman too Kansas. 

Dean: Dead you say? 

Seth: Dean! *laughs* Didn't see you walk up, don't you have class. 

Dean: Don't you have class. *gives seth a look* 

Seth: *chuckles* Of course I do Dean. We all have class right now.  

Dean: Right. Um, dead like Roman I heard.

Seth: I have to get to class, see you later. 

Dean: Yeah, you will. *walks off* 

Seth: *walks off* 

Dean: *approaches kim* 

Kim: *smiles* 

Seth: *turns around and sees dean talking to kim* 

Kim: *laughs* 

Seth: *gets jealous* 

(Later That Day) 

Dean: *helping kim set up the table* 

Kim: Thank you for having me over and letting me cook for us. 

Dean: *smiles* It's not a problem, we both need to move on and start new. I mean it'll take time, but we can slowly move on. 

Kim: Yeah. 

Seth: *breaks into romans house* 

Kim's Phone: *notification* Front door unlocked. 

Kim: Huh? *looks at her phone* I have to... 

Dean: No, let me go check, it's not safe for you to go. 

Kim: Well it's not safe for you to go alone either. 

Dean: Not to sound like an ass, but I am a guy, and I'm stronger than you.  

Kim: *sits back down* 

Dean: Just lock up in my house, I'll bring my keys in any case. 

Kim: Here's the house key to Roman's. 

Dean: Thanks. *takes the keys* Just stay in and hide, if you don't hear me, don't come out. If you hear my voice calling you, then come out. If it's not my voice, don't come. 

Kim: Ok, I got it. 

Dean: *looks at kim then her lips* 

Kim: *hugs dean* 

Dean: Thanks. *smiles* I'll need that.  

Kim: Be safe. 

Dean: *walks to romans house* 

Kim: *locks the door and sits against it* 

Dean: *checks every room and corner* No one's here.  

Kim: *starts to get worried* 

Dean: *calls kim* 

Kim: Hello? 

Dean: I checked all rooms, there's no... hold on Kim. *walks to the curtains* 

Seth: *stabs dean on the chest* 

Dean: *grunts and drops his phone* 

Kim: Dean? Dean?! *hangs up*  

Dean: *looks up and sees seth*  

Seth: *smiles* You really thought I was gonna let you get away and be with Kansas Dean? *laughs* I wasn't planning on killing you, but guess I have to now. *smiles* 

Dean: *falls to the ground* 

Seth: *kicks dean down* 

Dean: *grunts* 

Seth: I hate to do this to you, but I have to for my safety. *takes off his belt and chokes dean with it* 

Dean: *fighting for his life/struggling* 

Seth: C'mon Dean! Why'd you make me do this for! *screams and laughs in mental* 

Dean: *out on conscious* 

Kim: *leaves deans house and heads to romans* 

Seth: *dragging deans body* 

Kim: *opens the door* 

Seth: *drops deans body and hides* 

Kim: Dean? Are you in here? 

Seth: Stop what you're doing. *holds up his gun* 

Kim: *stops walking and turns around* 

Seth: Surprise. 

Kim: Seth? Why are you in here? How'd you... where's Dean? 

Seth: Dean's dead Kim. All because of you, the people that are close to you is dead. 

Kim: *cries* Why? What did he ever do to you? 

Seth: You really think, I was gonna let you have a happy life without me! No!  

Kim: I hope you know that the cops are on their way and they're gonna arrest you. 

Seth: *laughs* Not if I kill you first and flee off. *switches the gun on* 

Kim: *closes her eyes* 

Seth: *pulls the trigger and shoots* 

Anne: *blocks kim* 

Kim: *closes her eyes and turns away* 

(Bullet Bounces Back And Hits Seth) 

Seth: *gets hit with the bullet and flies back* 

Kim: *gasp* 

Seth: *grunts and holds his chest gasping for air* 

Kim: *looking at seth* 

Seth: *gasping for air* Hell... hell... help m... me. 

Cops: *arrives to the scene* 

(5 Months Later) 

Seth: Your honor, I don't recall doing that to her. She is lying! I'm the one that got shot here! 

Judge: From the DNA results, there is no handprint of hers, but yours. 

Seth: You really think I was going to shoot myself?! I'm not that stupid! *laughs in anger* 

Judge: *looking at the papers* 

Seth: This is bull! I did not do anything!  

Judge: *cont. talking* 5 Years behind bars, 

Seth: What! What for! 

Judge: Burglary and attempting to murder Miss Kelton. 

Seth: *looks at kim in revenge* 

Cops 1,2: Let's go. *handcuffs seth and takes him to his cell* 

Kim: *smiles* 

Seth: I will not let this go Kim! Never! 

Kim: *walks out the court room and looks up to the sky* 

Seth: This is bullshit man! Let me go! Let me go! I can walk myself! I have legs!  

Kim: *heads to the cemetery and sits in front annes stone* Hi mom. *smiles* I won my case today after 5 months. *gives a sad look* I guess it's time I'll be leaving for New York now. *cries* Mom, I hope you're happy with dad there. Tell Roman and Dean I said hi and that I miss and love them both.  

Anne: *stands nearby* 

Kim: I have to go now mom. I love you, and when I get back, I'll come and visit you. *stands up and looks around* Bye mom. *walks back to her car and leaves*

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