Birth Of A 200 Pound

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  • Published: 19 Dec 2014
  • Updated: 4 Jan 2015
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Kim is over 200 pounds and is in love with schoolmate Dean Ambrose who is dating Renee Young. She dreams of one day being his girlfriend and maybe marrying him. Dean's best friend Roman Reigns cares for Kim and comforts her when she's left for embarrassment. One day Kim disappears after being hurt and embarrassed by Dean; Roman searches for Kim, but no signs of her. 1 year later Kim returns back to UCLA under the name Kansas Milwaukee to get her revenge on Dean. Dean comes across Kansas and is interested in her, he befriends her and introduces her to Roman. Roman and Kim soon clicks like the old days, and slowly he opens up to her about his feelings for Kim, which makes her thinks twice about wanting to be with Dean. Renee soon picks up the friendship of Kansas and Dean and starts to get jealous. Kim later reveals to Roman that she's Kim and Renee puts the puzzle/stories together and hints Dean which makes him confront Kansas being Kim. Will she reveal she is Kim or hide it


11. Game Back On

(A Few Weeks Later) 

Seth: Hey bro, you been okay lately? 

Roman: Yeah, why? 

Seth: Just asking, you haven't been so you after that incident. 

Roman: I'm fine Seth, I always am. I don't need to be someone's superman to make myself feel good. I'm done being the hero. 

Seth: Right, well just wanted to ask you... Kim? 

Roman: *looks at seth* What about her? 

Seth: Did you ever find her? I mean, I know you loved that girl at one point. 

Roman: Not just at one point, I still do. 

Seth: She's dead Roman! Move on! I see you're also interested in that Kansas girl, why don't you just get with her. Who cares if she likes Ambrose, if you like her, then make her yours. 

Roman: *sees kim from afar* I can't, I tried, that girl is stuck with Ambrose. 

Kim: *walking to the parking lot* 

Roman: I got to go, I'll talk to you later. *walks off* 

Seth: *looks at kim* 

Kim: *crosses the street and gets hit by a car* 

Seth: *eyes widen* Roman! 

Roman: *turns around and sees kim on the ground and runs to her* 

Seth: *runs after roman* 

Roman: *carries kim to his car* 

Seth: What the hell were you thinking! 

Driver: I'm sorry, I didn't see. 

Seth: Didn't see! Are you blind! I'm sure you saw her!  

Driver: Sir, I said I am... 

Seth: No! Get out of here or I'll report you! 

Driver: Here's my business card, just have them call me and I'll explain everything. 

Seth: *takes the card* Business?! What are you a mailman! *walks off* 

Dr. Agnes: She's gonna be ok, she just needs to recover and she's free to go home. 

Roman: Thank you doctor. 

Dr. Agnes: *walks out the room* 

Roman: *sits on the chair next to kim* 

Kim: *out on conscious still* 

Roman: *holds kims hand* I was thinking about you today, wondering when you'll talk to me again... if we were even gonna talk again. I'm sorry if I hurted you Kim. I'm sorry if you thought I hate you. I can't hate you because I love you, I can't hurt you because I'm all you have left, and even in that same case, I wouldn't hurt you because I love you too much. I love you Kim. I don't want to lose you. 

Kim: *moves* 

Roman: *lets go of kims hand quick and leaves the room* 

Kim: *wakes up and coughs* 

Roman: *leaning against the wall outside the room* I'm sorry Kim. *leaves* 

Dr. Agnes: Oh you're up? *looks for roman* 

Kim: What happened? 

Dr. Agnes: You got hit by a car, but you are fine, it was just a small hit.  

Kim: How'd I get here? 

Dr. Agnes: Roman? Is that his name? Brought you here to this hospital. *smiles* 

Kim: Roman? 

Dr. Agnes: Yes, how are you feeling? 

Kim: I don't feel any pain. I need to get home. 

Dr. Agnes: I can't until your results are in. Once they are in, and if you're ok, you may leave. Do you have a ride? 

Kim: I can call. 

Dr. Agnes: Ok, I'll come back and check on you in 30 minutes. 

Kim: Ok.  

Dr. Agnes: *leaves* 

Kim: *calls dean* 

Dean: Hey. 

Kim: Can you pick me up at the hospital? 

Dean: Yeah, I'll be there. 

Kim: Thank you. 

Renee: You're picking her up?! 

Dean: Yeah. 

Renee: Dean, doesn't Kansas remind you of anyone? 

Dean: No, why? 

Renee: Perhaps like Kim. 

Dean: What you mean? 

Renee: The "I love Dean" and just wanting to be with you so much. 

Dean: No? 

Renee: *gasp* What if Kansas is Kim? 

Dean: Renee. *laughs* 

Renee: What if she got plastic surgery to get her revenge. What if she got plastic surgery to win you from me? 

Dean: *thinks for a bit* 

Renee: Think about it Dean, only Kim would try to win you from me. If it was other girls, they wouldn't even bother fighting for you, they wouldn't even care if you love them or not. Only Kim does that to you. 

Dean: Now that you mentioned it... Yeah, she does remind me of Kim. 

Renee: I wouldn't be so attached to her if I was you. 

Dean: What if she's not? 

Renee: You really think a very attractive and beautiful girl would want to fight and be with a man who's already married? When she can go and get another guy to suit her. Dean! Kansas gives you that look like Kim does when she's near you or talking to you! 

Dean: I'm gonna have to ask her for confirmation. *leaves* 

Dr. Agnes: You're free to go home Kansas. *smiles* Your results came back and you are perfectly fine, just make sure to get plenty of rest only. 

Kim: *smiles* Ok, thank you Dr. Agnes. 

Dean: *smiles and helps kim to the car* 

Kim: *sits in the passenger seat* 

Dean: Is there anywhere you want to go? 

Kim: I'm hungry 

Dean: Then let's go eat at a cuisine. *smiles* 

Kim: *smiles* Ok. 

Chef: *sets dean and kims food onto their plate* 

Dean: How are you feeling? I got the news from Seth. 

Kim: *smiles* I'm ok. 

Dean: *studying kim* 

Kim: *smiles happy at dean* 

Dean: I'm glad you're ok. 

Kim: *chuckles softly and takes a bite of her food* 

Dean: Can I ask you something? 

Kim: Yeah? 

Dean: Who are you? 

Kim: *eyes widen* 

Dean: Are you Kim? 

Kim: Uh... 

Dean: Renee told me, so I'm just asking you if you really are. 

Kim: *chuckles* You're believing her because I'm the one in love with her husband, so she's using that to make us break apart. 

Dean: I'm just asking Kansas, I mean, if you are let me know so I can put myself together. 

Kim: *looks down* 

Dean: You know I hate Kim. 

Kim: *looks at dean* 

Dean: I don't like her, I hate her guts, and her fat self. But you can't possibly be her because there is no way you could of lost the weight that fast. *chuckles* 

Kim: *smiles upset* I'm not her, I'm Kansas Milwaukee, I told you that from the start. 

Dean: Right! *laughs* Renee, she told me she envies you because you're the new Barbie and the new eye candy. 

Kim: *smiles/to herself* Good, I'm glad she notices that she's not the center of attention anymore. 

Dean: Speaking of that, she's calling me, can you excuse me. *walks off with his phone* Hello? 

Kim: *grabs her wallet and puts a $20 out and walks off* 

Dean: Kansas? *sees the money/calls kim* 

Voicemail: I'm sorry, the number you called is off right now, please call again later. 

Dean: Great. *leaves another 20 and leaves* 

Kim: *bangs on romans door* 

Dean: *driving by* 

Kim: *sees dean coming up and runs to the back* 

Dean: *pulls up to his driveway into the garage* 

Roman: *gets out of bed and opens the door* The heck, I thought I heard the door. *closes the door* 

Kim: *runs to roman* Roman! 

Roman: *gets startled* Whoa! What the fuck! How'd you get in? 

Kim: The back door was unlocked. 

Roman: Ok? You can't just barge into my house like nothing's happened. 

Kim: I need your help. 

Roman: Are you ok? How'd you get here? 

Kim: Dean picked me up, but I took the taxi here. 

Roman: What's going on? Why do you look like you saw something? 

Kim: Renee knows I'm Kim. 

Roman: What how? 

Kim: I don't know! But I think she told Dean. 

Roman: So he knows now too? 

Kim: I don't know, he asked if I was, but I denied it. I'm scared Roman, what do I do now? 

Roman: Well you played it off so he thinks you're still Kansas. 

Kim: Roman! 

Roman: What! 

Kim: Can you not be a dick right now.  

Roman: We don't even know eachother anymore Kim. Well at least you don't know me anymore. 

Kim: Ok, I'm sorry! Just... please? Help me. 

Roman: Ok, what do you want? 

Kim: Um... Let me stay here again? 

Roman: For?  

Kim: Ok! I need to live here again, I have to listen to them. 

Roman: Oh, so you want to eavesdrop again like the old times. 

Kim: Yes! *chuckles then smiles*  

Roman: *chuckles softly* Ok, when do you want to start? 

Kim: Tonight. 

Roman: Alright, let's go this then. *puts his fist out* 

Kim: *joins roman and smiles* 

Roman: *finally smiles* 

Kim: *smiling at roman with emotions* 

Roman: *looks into kims eyes and smiles again* 

Kim: Let's do this.  

Roman: Alright. *sets up the tape recorder in his room* I think I got it, we just have to set it up at their house again. 

Kim: *screams in excitement* Thank you, you're the best Roman! *turns romans head and kisses him* 

Roman: *taken by surprised* 

Kim: Uh... *smiles nervously* I'm gonna go get the food ready. *walks off* 

Roman: *touches his lips and smiles then chuckles silently to himself*

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