Birth Of A 200 Pound

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  • Published: 19 Dec 2014
  • Updated: 4 Jan 2015
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Kim is over 200 pounds and is in love with schoolmate Dean Ambrose who is dating Renee Young. She dreams of one day being his girlfriend and maybe marrying him. Dean's best friend Roman Reigns cares for Kim and comforts her when she's left for embarrassment. One day Kim disappears after being hurt and embarrassed by Dean; Roman searches for Kim, but no signs of her. 1 year later Kim returns back to UCLA under the name Kansas Milwaukee to get her revenge on Dean. Dean comes across Kansas and is interested in her, he befriends her and introduces her to Roman. Roman and Kim soon clicks like the old days, and slowly he opens up to her about his feelings for Kim, which makes her thinks twice about wanting to be with Dean. Renee soon picks up the friendship of Kansas and Dean and starts to get jealous. Kim later reveals to Roman that she's Kim and Renee puts the puzzle/stories together and hints Dean which makes him confront Kansas being Kim. Will she reveal she is Kim or hide it


14. Dead And Gone

(The Next Week) 

Roman: Are you all set? 

Kim: *smiles* Yeah, I'm all set to go. I want to leave all this heat behind and start off fresh in Paris. 

Roman: *smiles* Me too. *pulls kim and kisses her forehead* 

Kim: *smiles* 

Joey: *calls roman* 

Roman: Hold on. Hello? 

Kim: *looking at roman* 

Roman: We have to go, we can't stay.  

Kim: What's going on? 

Roman: I'll tell you later. 

Roman: *opens the door*  

Seth: *knocks kim out* 

Kim: *out on conscious* 

Roman: *looks at kim in shocked then looks up and sees seth* 

Seth: *smiles* 

Roman: *gets knocked out from behind* 

Seth: *carries kim into the house and lays her on the floor* Take Roman and let's go! 

Roman: *knocked out* 

Randy: *dragging roman into an abandon building* 

Roman: *wakes up* Where am I? Kim? *looks around* 

Seth: You want to take off and marry Kansas huh? I don't think so! *hits roman on the back with a chair* 

Roman: *falls onto his hands* 

Seth: *kicks romans left arm* 

Roman: *falls and hits the side of his face on the cement*  

Seth: *looking down at roman in anger* 

Roman: *confused/about to pass out* Why... why are? 

Seth: *hits roman on the arm with the chair* 

Roman: *bracelet breaks* 

Seth: *kicks the bracelet out the way* 

Roman: *sees the bracelet/heartbreaks/tries to reach for the bracelet* 

Kim: *wakes up* Roman? Roman? *gets up* Ow, my head. 

Dean: *rings the doorbell* 

Kim: *slowly gets up and opens the door* 

Dean: Kansas?! 

Kim: *falls into deans arm* 

Dean: *looks at kim worried* What happened? Why are you like this? Why are you still here! Where's Roman?! 

Kim: *confused* 

Dean: Aren't you two supposed to already be close to Paris by now?! Where is Roman? 

Kim: I can't find him, Roman opened the door for me and next thing I knew I woke up on the floor. 

Dean: Do you know where he might be? 

Kim: Where's my phone? 

Dean: I don't know. 

Kim: *looks on her and takes it out from her jacket and tracks roman* 

Dean: Renee's locked up. 

Kim: What? *phone beeps* 

Dean: *looks at kims phone* Where is he? 

Kim: *quickly looks at her phone* He's in Pensacola. 

Dean: His hometown? Why is he there? C'mon, let's go. 

Kim: *grabs her bag and follows dean* 

Dean: *drives off to Pensacola from Orlando* 

Seth: Let's go. *leads off* 

Dean: *pulls up to the building* 

Kim: Roman? *calls roman* 

Roman: *phone rings* 

Kim: *hangs up and looks to her left* 

Roman: *covered in a white blanket in blood* 

Kim: *walks slowly to roman and kneels down* Roman? *slowly removes the blanket* 

Roman: *covered in blood* 

Kim: *sees the bracelet next to roman on the ground and cries slowly in silence* Roman? *puts her arm under romans head and cries* Roman! *cries her heart out* 

Dean: *eyes widen* 

Kim: *cries onto roman*  

Paramedics: *carrying roman into the ambulance* 

Kim: *sitting in silence crying* 

Cop 1: We're gonna have you go down to the station with us. 

Kim: *cries more* Roman. 

Dean: *shoved against the cop car* She's innocent! She didn't do anything! Let her go! 

Cop 2: Get in the car! 

Kim: *goes inside the car* 

Dean: Kansas! 

Kim: *turns and looks at dean* 

Cop 2: *closes the door and takes off* 

Dean: Kansas! *runs after the car* 

Cops: *beats dean down* 

Kim: *sitting in the back of the cop car/looks at the bracelet*  

Lady 1: It's a relationship bracelet, it's an old saying that if one puts it on their love ones, they're relationship will last forever, but if it falls off, their relationship will fall apart and break into misery.  

Kim: I'll take it. 

Lady 1: Remember, one of you have to put it on the other. It only works if you two truly love eachother. 

Kim: Roman... *cries her heart out again silently* 

(The Next Day) 

Dean: *walks to the station* I'm here to see Kansas Milwaukee. 

Cop 1: We'll bring her. 

Dean: *waits for kim on the other side of the wall* 

Kim: *sits down* 

Dean: Kansas. 

Kim: *tries not to cry* 

Dean: Why didn't you tell me you were Kim from the start? 

Kim: *looking down* I didn't want to get hurt again Dean. 

Dean: I'm sorry about the past, and I'm sorry about your mom... and Roman. 

Kim: *looks up and dean in shock* 

Dean: I'm sorry Kim.

Kim: *cries silently* 

Dean: *looks at kim* Seth called and told me Roman didn't make it, he died on the way there.

Kim: *looks at her bracelet*

Dean: Kim, I'm really sorry. I didn't know that would happen to him and you.

Kim: *crying* Who did this?

Dean: I don't know, but I'll get to the end of it for you.

Kim: I have to get out of here and find them.

Dean: No, he's my brother; I'll look for the people who killed him.

Kim: *cries in anger* They're gonna burn in hell for this.

Cop 2: Times up.

Dean: Kim, I'll bail you out.

Cop 2: No need to, she's free to go home.

Dean: What?

Kim: *looks at dean*

Cop 2: *opens the gate for kim*

Dean: I'll take you to the house to change and we'll start our mission*

Kim: *walks into the house and looks around in silence trying not to cry*

Dean: *standing behind kim*

Kim: *walks to romans room and closes the door*

Dean: *grabs a water bottle*

Kim: *sits on romans bed and cries* Why is everyone I love dying? *cries harder*

Dean: *looking at the picture wall and sees the picture of him and roman*

Kim: *walks out from her room* I'm ready.

Dean: Let's go. *leaves with kim*

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