Birth Of A 200 Pound

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  • Published: 19 Dec 2014
  • Updated: 4 Jan 2015
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Kim is over 200 pounds and is in love with schoolmate Dean Ambrose who is dating Renee Young. She dreams of one day being his girlfriend and maybe marrying him. Dean's best friend Roman Reigns cares for Kim and comforts her when she's left for embarrassment. One day Kim disappears after being hurt and embarrassed by Dean; Roman searches for Kim, but no signs of her. 1 year later Kim returns back to UCLA under the name Kansas Milwaukee to get her revenge on Dean. Dean comes across Kansas and is interested in her, he befriends her and introduces her to Roman. Roman and Kim soon clicks like the old days, and slowly he opens up to her about his feelings for Kim, which makes her thinks twice about wanting to be with Dean. Renee soon picks up the friendship of Kansas and Dean and starts to get jealous. Kim later reveals to Roman that she's Kim and Renee puts the puzzle/stories together and hints Dean which makes him confront Kansas being Kim. Will she reveal she is Kim or hide it


10. Can't Make It Home

Roman: She said that? 

Kim: Yeah, she said for me enjoy while it's lasting. 

Roman: I won't let her ruin you again Kim, trust me. 

Kim: What if she tells Dean? Then I'm really gonna lose him. 

Roman: You still love him? 

Kim: I don't know, he was the first guy I really liked and loved. 

Roman: You don't have to marry me if you love Dean Kim. 

Kim: *feels bad* 

Roman: If you love him, I'll let you go and if you come back, then it's meant to be. 

Kim: Roman, I'm really sorry. 

Roman: *smiles* No, it's understandable Kim, follow your heart and don't listen to others words. 

Kim: *smiles* 

Roman: *hugs kim* Let's do this. *puts his fist out* 

Kim: *smiles and puts her fist out* 

Roman: *smiles heartbroken at kim* 

Kim: *smiling* 

(The Next Day) 

Dean: Hey Kansas. 

Kim: *smiles* Hey Dean. *smiles in love* 

Dean: What's with that look? *chuckles* 

Kim: *smiling* Nothing, I'm just glad to see you today. 

Dean: So am I, I mean I always love seeing myself. *chuckles* 

Kim: *chuckles softly* 

Dean: What are you doing today? 

Kim: Today? I am free today. 

Dean: Great, then let's ditch school and go somewhere fun. 

Kim: *smiles* Ok. 

Dean: Really? *laughs* 

Kim: Yeah, I'm dead serious. 

Dean: Alright, let's go then, well take your car, well leave mine so Renee thinks I'm actually here. 

Kim: Well I don't want Roman to... 

Dean: Then well take mine and leave yours 

Kim: Ok. 

Dean: *grabs kims hand and heads over to his car* 

Kim: *sees roman pulling into the parking lot and stops* Roman. 

Dean: *looks* It's about us Kansas, leave school and him behind for today. 

Kim: Ok. *follows dean* Where are we going? 

Dean: Just somewhere where we can be alone and not get disturb. 

Kim: *smiles softly* Ok. 

(Later That Day) 

Renee: Are you sure you haven't seen Dean? 

Roman: Yeah, I can't even get a hold of Kansas myself. 

Renee: Tell me they aren't together. 

Roman: She's not she said, she had to go somewhere and will be back. 

Renee: Well it's about to be 3 o'clock Roman, where is Kansas and Dean. 

Roman: Call him, he's not my responsibility anymore. 

Renee: *sighs and calls dean* 

Dean: Let's buy this and cook it yeah? 

Kim: *smiles* Ok. 

Dean: *grabs a few things and sets them into the cart* 

(A Few Hours Later) 

Kim: *cooking outside with dean* 

Dean: Here, let's add this onto the grill too.  

Kim: Hey! *laughs* 

Dean: *smiles* You'll eat it, trust me. *walks off* 

Kim: Huh? *looks up* 

Dean: Shit, it's starting to rain, let's go inside, c'mon. I'll bring the food in. 

Kim: *runs into the cabin* 

Dean: Damn, why did it have to rain for. *sets the food onto the counter* 

Kim: How are we gonna get back home now? 

Dean: Well just tell them something happened. 

Kim: We? 

Dean: No, you tell Roman you can't make it home because it's raining you're gonna stay at the hotel and I'll call Renee and tell her I'm gonna stay at the dorm at school. 

Kim: Ok. 

Dean: *smiles and hugs kim* It's gonna be ok, trust me. 

Kim: *smiles softly* 

Renee: *staring outside the window with roman* 

Dean: *calls renee* 

Renee: Dean's calling.  

Roman: *looks at renee* 

Renee: Hello? 

Kim: *calls roman* 

Roman: It's Kim. Hello? 

Renee/Roman: You won't make it home tonight? 

Roman: *looks at renee* 

Renee: *fakes a smile* It's ok, I understand, I'll just see you tomorrow then. Bye, I love you. 

Dean: I love you too. 

Roman: *hangs up and looks at renee* Where is he? 

Renee: He rented a dorm to stay in. 

Roman: Oh. 

Renee: Where's Kansas? 

Roman: She's at a hotel. 

Renee: I see. I'm gonna go home now. 

Roman: Stay here, it's raining like crazy outside. 

Renee: *chuckles* Roman, I live down the street. 

Roman: I don't care. 

Renee: Ok. Then I'll sleep out here. 

Roman: You can sleep in my room, I'll sleep in Kansas's room. 

Renee: Ok. 

Kim: *looking at dean from the window inside* 

Dean: *looks back and sees kim and smiles* 

Kim: *smiles back* 

Dean: *walks in the house* You ok? 

Kim: Yeah, just can't believe we got stuck here. 

Dean: Yeah, sorry. 

Kim: *smiles* It's ok. 

Dean: It's getting late, we should get to bed. 

Kim: I'll... 

Dean: No, I'll sleep down here; you can take the bed upstairs. 

Kim: *smiles* Thank you. 

(The Next Day) 

Roman: *gets out his car and closes the door* 

Dean: *drives by* 

Roman: *sees deans car* That looks like... 

Dean: *parks* 

Kim: *gets out the car and smiles*  

Roman: That's Kim. 

Kim: Thank you for taking me out on a nice trip, I really enjoyed it. 

Roman: Who is she talking... *sees dean* 

Dean: *smiles back* No problem, glad you enjoyed it. 

Roman: She was with Dean last night? *gets heartbroken* 

Kim: I'm gonna head off first.  

Dean: *smiles* Ok, I'll see you in a bit. 

Kim: *smiles and walks off* 

Renee: *sees kim on campus* So she wasn't with Dean? 

Dean: *walks onto campus* 

Renee: Wait... 

Kim: *finds roman* Hey! *smiles* 

Roman: *smiles* Hey. 

Kim: *smiles* Sorry, I couldn't get home last night. I wanted to, but the rain was so crazy, and it didn't stop until... 

Roman: Almost midnight. 

Kim: Wait, it rained here too? 

Roman: Yeah, it did, believe me. 

Kim: *makes a face* So what are we doing tonight? *smiles* 

Roman: Nothing. *walks off* 

Kim: *makes a sad face* 

Dean: *walking with renee* Hey Kansas. *smiles* 

Kim: *sees renee and then looks at dean and smiles*  

Dean: Doing anything tonight? Seth is throwing a party at his place, you and Roman should go. Renee and I will be there. *smiles* 

Kim: *smiles* I'll make sure to tell Roman, thanks. *walks off* 

(Later That Night) 

Seth: Glad you two can make it. 

Dean: Always. *walks in with renee* 

Roman: *parks the car* Let's go. 

Kim: *smiles* Ok. 

Roman: *gets real drunk* 

Kim: Roman, stop drinking, that's enough. 

Roman: No! Get away from me! *pushes kim back* 

Kim: *gasp* 

Roman: *walks up to dean with a beer in his hand* 

Dean: For me? *grabs the beer* 

Roman: *smacks the beer across the room* 

Dean: Dude! 

Kim: *gets startled* 

Renee: Roman, are you ok? 

Roman: Last night. You and Kansas were together right? 

Dean: *chuckles* What? *looks at renee then roman* What are you talking about? 

Roman: I'm not stupid Dean! Tell me! Where you and Kansas together last night! 

Dean: No! We weren't Roman! I was studying on campus all night and rented a dorm to stay. 

Renee: *looks at kim* 

Kim: *looks down* 

Roman: Kansas, tell me the truth, you weren't at a hotel last night were you? Or were you with Dean last night in the hotel. 

Kim: *slaps roman* 

Roman: *kind of hurt* So it's true then, I'm right. 

Dean: *gets angry* We weren't together Roman! How many times do I have to... 

Roman: Then why did you drop her off at school this morning! 

Renee: You lied to me Dean? *cries a little* How could you do this to me? *looks at kim* Kansas, you know Dean and I are married, why would you do this to ruin us for? 

Kim: Uh... Renee, I... 

Dean: *starts to feel bad* 

Renee: You want to ruin me and Dean don't you!? Is this what it's all about?! You're having an affair with him aren't you! 

Kim: *cries silently* I love Dean. 

Roman: *heartbreaks* 

Renee: *to herself* I knew it, you really are Kim. 

Roman: You what? 

Kim: *looks at roman* I'm sorry Roman, I don't love you. I love Dean, it's always been Dean that I loved. *looks at dean and walks off* 

Roman: *hurt* 

Renee: *crosses her arms* I knew something was up with Kansas and you Dean. 

Roman: *goes after kim* Kim! 

Seth: *outside* Kim? *looks back* 

Roman: *grabs kim by the arm* Hey. 

Seth: He must be drunk. *laughs and walks in the house* 

Kim: I'm sorry Roman, I really am. 

Roman: *cries* You can't Kim, you can't love him. Not after what he's done to you in the past. 

Kim: It's different now, he likes me now. 

Roman: It doesn't matter, the scar is still there Kim. 

Kim: *shakes her head* No, you're wrong. 

Roman: I won't let you be with Dean, I won't Kim. 

Kim: Why! You told me to follow my heart and I am! 

Roman: Because I love you! *cries* I love you Kim! I didn't care for you because I wanted to back then! I did it because I had feelings for you! I did it because I loved you!  

Kim: *tries not to cry* 

Roman: And I still do Kim. You don't know how hard I've been looking for you when you vanished. I never gave you up Kim! You walked out on my life! *cries again* Each day of my life, I had prayed to god to lead me to you again, and here we are Kim. Why hurt me when I've done nothing wrong to you? 

Kim: *cries* It's not that I don't love you Roman. I only saw you as a brother to me, I never meant for you to fall in love with me. 

Roman: I get it, you aren't hurt enough by Dean. From now on, I'm gonna let you do what you want, and believe me when I say you won't ever see me in your path or life anymore.  

Kim: *gets hurt/to herself* I'm sorry Roman. I really am. I love you, but I'm just not ready to let Dean go yet. 

Roman: Take care Kim. *walks off to his car*

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