nothing's perfect without you

This story is about a girl name Amy evens she lives with her sister (daisy) and her mom (Rosa),until winter break was over and the new year has come,will Tony or damon get the girl

find out for more......


5. winter break

It's the start of the winter break and no school for the rest of this week and the next. I started my Christmas wishlist and also my sister,carly and Tony did as well, I wrote just a few down. I didn't ask that much this year but, daisy did. Daisy is just little and pretty selfish as well. Daisy and I couldn't wait for Christmas, I was screaming  my lungs off of my chest, my mom shouted at us "come on, let's go Christmas shopping", my mom said. Me, daisy and our mom hoped in the car and drove off to the mall and target, I was so happy.

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