nothing's perfect without you

This story is about a girl name Amy evens she lives with her sister (daisy) and her mom (Rosa),until winter break was over and the new year has come,will Tony or damon get the girl

find out for more......


10. wats wrong amy???

no one's p.o.v.

it was almost the end of may and it's almost amy's birthday. amy woke up as usual took a shower, get dress and did her makeup.


amy p.o.v.

i got out of the shower and got dress, i wore a black skirt, black stockings, white short-sleeves crop-top, and suspenders and put my black vans on. i said my goodbyes to daisy and mom, and head off to starbucks. once again i order the usual, caramel frappe and blueberry muffin. once i reached the campus, i didn't see tony but saw carly. 

note: t=tony, c=carly, a=amy, d=damon

a: where's tony?

c: idk

a: txt tony

c: fine 

t: hello

c: hi, where r u 

t: home, not coming to school

c: ok, ttyl

t: *hangs up*

amy p.o.v.

when carly hangs up the phone, both of us went to math. good thing the teacher was absent today, yay i guess.

~skips to lunch~

damon p.o.v.

hey babe i said and kissed amy's lips. amy was blushing and carly was really curious about me and amy.

carly p.o.v.

r u too dating or something? i said.

amy p.o.v.

idk i said. 

~skips to the end of the day~

amy p.o.v.

i was walking home with damon and he ask me if he can come inside my house. i said sure i got both of us a snack and like usual daisy is still in school and mom is at work.

damon p.o.v. 

i step in amy's house and bout' to ask her something until her phone buzzed.

a: hello

t: wyd

a: nun

t: i can see u with him :)

a: *gasp and drops phone*

damon p.o.v.

wats wrong amy i said

amy p.o.v. 

i dropped my phone and damon said something to me. im fine, i lied. i'm so tired, damon maybe we can hang out sometime later, ok

damon p.o.v.

i know there is something wrong with her and she just lied to me! yea, maybe i said angry and upset.

~skips to middle of the night~

amy's dream p.o.v.

no, go away tony! your hurting me, stop! let me love you toby said. no! stop, let me go! i escape out of tony's grip and ran as fast as i could, i ran into a dark ally way,shit no where else to run, i panicked. amy come out, come out where ever u are he said, i can tell he's close. i was about to make a run for it but he had caught me. he pull out something like a needle and sticked it in my shoulder and then everything went black.

~end of amy's dream~

amy p.o.v.

wow! that felt so real. wat if that really happens, i felt scared. i should text tony and sees wat he's up to.

t: wat do u want

a: well hi to u too, wats up.

t: none of ur damn business

a: wat is up with u, r u mad at me?

t: *hangs up the phone* 

amy p.o.v. 

well that was rude of him. i need to talk to him face to face and see wat his problem is.




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