nothing's perfect without you

This story is about a girl name Amy evens she lives with her sister (daisy) and her mom (Rosa),until winter break was over and the new year has come,will Tony or damon get the girl

find out for more......


1. the change in my life

Hi my name is Amy evens I'm 17,I just moved to another state and school.The reason why I moved because my dad passed away and its just me,daisy,and our mom.we moved to new York to start a new life,when daisy and I step into our house everything was freakin huge even our bedrooms and many me and my sister jumped on our beds our mom called us down for dinner.we all said our goodnights,I brushed my teeth and hop into my bed to get some rest







sorry guys some of these chaps are short i kind of ran out of ideas but im bac and more writing is coming ur way

comment if u like it NO HATE COMMENTS !!!!  luv ya all

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