nothing's perfect without you

This story is about a girl name Amy evens she lives with her sister (daisy) and her mom (Rosa),until winter break was over and the new year has come,will Tony or damon get the girl

find out for more......


9. spring prom (part 2)

amy p.o.v.

finally, it was saturday and the party was on! the dress that damon brought me was beautiful and probably cost 300 dollars. i put the dress on and some black high heels with it. i put on light eyeshadow, mascara, and red lipstick. my phone buzzed, it was damon to let me know he's out front. of course mom wanted pics of me in my little dress of mines, and daisy got in the pics too. we were so adorable actually. damon had gotten us a limo and it was amazing, i actually gave him a peck on his lips, and we both blush. we had arrive at the spring prom,  my favorite song, feel so close by calvin harris came on. i was dancing with tony and carly, this is so fucking awesome. someone spin me around, it was damon. we were kind of dirting dancing, it feelt great.

damon p.o.v.

she was so gorges in that dress i picked out for her, all of a sudden so close by jon mclaughlin came on, her other fav song. i sang along to the song while she hold me. she looks so happy, i can tell.

amy p.o.v. 

why me damon? i said

damon p.o.v.

because ur the most special, sweet,loving, and talented girl i know. remember u didn't reconigse me on the first day of school, well i want u to remember that boy that u met in 1st grade. 

amy p.o.v. 

i was about to say something, but was cut off by the princable.

the princable made the announcement of who was the spring king and queen. everyone cheered because damon and i won, i can tell tony was upset tho.

no one's p.o.v.

when the party was over damon drove amy home, damon gave amy a passionate kiss on her lips, they said there goodbyes and went on with there lives


i hope u guys like this chap and the rest plzz comment,REMEmBER NO HATING if u want to know wat kind of dress amy is wearing its a strapless mint green dress with black roses :P




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