nothing's perfect without you

This story is about a girl name Amy evens she lives with her sister (daisy) and her mom (Rosa),until winter break was over and the new year has come,will Tony or damon get the girl

find out for more......


8. spring prom (part 1)

its the beginning of april and i'm setting up a spring prom and tony and carly are helping me with it.

amy p.o.v.

while i was putting up the decorations up, i heard carly scream my name and said to come down from the ladder. "wat is it, im busy" i said. look at this note she said, the note read

"want to go to spring prom with me? already have a dress for u". weird i said, and the most weird thing was no one signed it. the bell rang to go home since i've been working with the planning of the spring prom all day, no classes. i was walking home and no ones their at the moment, it feels like someone was following me home. i walked as fast as i could and got home safely, i went to the kitchen and grab an apple, while the doorbell rang. i opened the door and i try to close it because damon was there.

damon p.o.v. 

i put my foot in front of the door and let my self in, did  u get the note i sent you? i said. she looks at me like she was going to hit me in the nuts.

amy p.o.v.

that was u?! i said, bitch! i actually did punch him in the nuts, but he stopped me. let go of my fist, pervert! instead of letting me go he pulled me into him and crash his lips to mine, and i stupidly kissed him back. am i falling in love with this thing i said in my thoughts.

~back at the school~

amy p.o.v.

i can't beileve i have to go back to school to finish decorating the spring prom. good thing i have tony and carly to help me, espically pizza and dr.pepper.

carly p.o.v.

who sent u the note? i said, damon , amy said. ewww, toby say.

amy p.o.v.

i actually said yes to him and also he kissed him, i stupidlly kissed him back, i said.

carly p.o.v.

u are craze.

tony p.o.v. 

amy she is right tho

amy p.o.v. 

ok, lets not talk about my life and who im kissing or dating which im not,lets just finish up these damn decorations and get over it. understood? 

tony and carly p.o.v. 

yes, they said in unsion


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