nothing's perfect without you

This story is about a girl name Amy evens she lives with her sister (daisy) and her mom (Rosa),until winter break was over and the new year has come,will Tony or damon get the girl

find out for more......


7. back to school


it was september and i was back in school, great. my mom and i went school shopping, mom already took daisy for her shopping. i was in the mall, i heard someone calling my name it was damon. i was really embarrass and mad. "amy, isnt that ur friend?" my mom said, i was going to say make a run for it but, i stupidly said, "yes mom, that's my friend damon." damon ran towards us and greeted my mom, and my she ran off to the shoe section, thx for leaving damon with me, i said in my thoughts. damon pulled me into the bathroom and locked the door. 


damon p.o.v

hey babe, u look sexy today i said. i went to give her a tender kiss until she slaps me hard on the cheeks. wtf was that for, i push her hard against the door i started to search her body with my hands. get off of me asshole, "amy said". i didn't listen to her and pulled her hair.


amy p.o.v

he pulled my hair, and got interrupted by my phone. damon got off of me and i answer my phone, hello? hey sweetie where r u? it was my mom. i'll be coming out. i hang up my phone, damon gave me a little kiss on my lips and unlock the door. damon slaps my ass and i slap his face again. i got home, hoped on my bed and sighed. 

~skips to morning~

amy p.o.v 

 once again i woke up a 6am and hoped in the shower. after i got out of the shower i put on some black rip jeans, grey sweater, black beanie and converse. i walked into the kitchen greeted my mom and sister and grab my bag and notebook. i walked to starbucks and got a caramel frappe with blueberry muffin. i checked my phone and see that i still have time to walk and meet my friends. while im walking to the schools campus, someone tap my butt and i knew who it was, damon. i ignore him and walked off, i spotted toby and carly. the bell rang, carly and i sperated from tony and went to math, ugh!






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