nothing's perfect without you part 2

this one has more abuse, drama, and romance. tony is out of prison, damon and amy are married and have two children, find out more if u dare.


3. why amy???

amy's p.o.v.

while eating lunch with damon i asked him something, i explain that tony came here and kissed me in the office, he was pissed but he didn't wake up the children.

d:amy why???

a: i pushed off

d: still....

a: hey, not my fault

d: sorry im just.....*gets cut off*

a: i know pissed off and i get that

d: well, good thing he didn't kidnapped u

a: damon, please, don't bring that up

d: sorry, *kisses amy*

while i was kissing damon one of the children said "the teacher is kissing a stranger," no, this is my husband no stranger" i said and the kid, me and damon laughed a little. all of the children woke up and it was time for damon to go.

damon's p.o.v.

i just laughed at what the kid said, and i notice i had to go cause the children woke up. i went back to the shop and started sketching more tattoos. only five people came in and mostly they were teens that wanted some tattoos.


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