nothing's perfect without you part 2

this one has more abuse, drama, and romance. tony is out of prison, damon and amy are married and have two children, find out more if u dare.


5. the problem

amy's p.o.v.

today was the presentation about the children's parents, the parents tell what jobs they do to help or save people and families. hopefully it'll be fun, i was getting out of the shower and put on a long sleeve knee-length blue lace dress and my beige heels. i curled my hair and put make-up on, while i was getting ready my phone buzzed.

a: hello???

t: hey, wyd

a: nun of ur business

t: well then, OK

a: wat do u want, tony

t: let's hang out

a: let's...not

t: suit yourself, just trying to be nice

a: the only way to be nice is too leave me the hell alone psychopath

t: now, that's no way to talk to Ur friend like that 

a: *hangs up*

i'm so sick of him, wish he could leave me alone or die in an asylum. i started to get myself together, hugged Damon and went straight to Starbucks, after eating my breakfast and talking to Carly i headed off to work. the children and one of their parents talked about their jobs, it was interesting and exciting to hear. lunchtime was beginning and i talked to the parents while their kids were eating, they are all so nice and amazing of what they do, it was almost the end of the day, the kids said their good byes and hugged me, they are so adorable and sweet. "i wish i had my two future kids right about now", i said to myself. i went to the store to get something for dinner, tonight damon and i are just having BBQ chicken, leftover mashed potatoes and mac&cheese. i drove home, and cooked the dinner, damon was yelling to someone on the phone while entering the house, it's probably him. "i don't fucking care if u kill me, i'll still love her and there's nothing u can do about it, and one more thing tony, ur the problem not me!" damon said. i finished cooking and he hung up the phone and started to kiss me kind of harshly, i couldn't breath afterwards.

a: whoa, wat was that for

d: just to let u know ur mine, all mine

a: well i already now that, let's eat

d: ok

damon and i ate and started to go upstairs. while i was putting my white nightgown on i felt arms wrap around me, and wet kisses on my neck, it tickled.

a: damon wat r u doing

d: im really pissed off of what tony had said about u and me

a: wat did he say

d: he'll take u away from me and do exciting things to u while i watch

a: leave that out of ur head, don't think about it, he's not worth our time

d: well now that he got me pissed off, i want to do something

a: like wat

d: the only person to do exciting things with u, is me

a: oh

d: *kisses amy passionately*

a: *pulls damon off*

d: amy, wat the hell

a: not tonight damon

d: fine

i can tell damon is really, i mean very pissed. when ever he's like this he kissed me very harshly and starts to grip my hips tightly. i brushed my teeth and went straight to bed. 



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