nothing's perfect without you part 2

this one has more abuse, drama, and romance. tony is out of prison, damon and amy are married and have two children, find out more if u dare.


9. sleeping with enemy

amy's p.o.v.

tony gave me a choice to either forgive him or not, but i can't after what he had done to me and damon. he can't have me, i already have my love and my life together and he's not going to ruin it!

a: don't come any closer to me, tony

t: *walks towards amy*

a: *backs away slowly and bumps the wall*

t: no where to hide, babe

a: i said never call me.... *gets cut off*

t: *tapes amy's mouth and drugs her*

~skips to the night~

damon's p.o.v.

when i got to tony's house the door was open. "hello", i said but, no answer. i checked all the rooms, no tony. where can this fucker be?! i realized that i left amy all alone, he's probably there, fuck. i trashed his place, got in my car and drove home.

amy's p.o.v.

i woke up and notice i was tied up to a bed and almost naked. i looked around and saw tony shirtless. i had so many questions he's going to do with me spinning in my head of what he's going to do to me. soon, i started to feel pain on back, he was hitting my back with his belt, i tried to struggle out of it but, it made it worse.

t: does that hurt

a: yes it does, stupid

t: don't worry it'll be over soon

tony stop hitting my back, then slid on a condom on him and enter himself in me, it hurts when he was thrusting in me, i cried in pain

a: stop please this is rape

t: no it's not, u feel good by the way 

a: stop 

t: *keeps thrusting*

a: stop.... im pregnant tony 

he didn't stop and kept on going.

t: i don't care if u r or not

t: i just want you to be mine forever, and i won't stop until damon gives up u

a: get off!

t: *keeps thrusting*

t: about to cum


t: *cums in the condom and pants next to amy*

t: good night babe

that night i couldn't sleep but finally did, i woke up the next day to see damon on the side of the bed and not tony.


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