nothing's perfect without you part 2

this one has more abuse, drama, and romance. tony is out of prison, damon and amy are married and have two children, find out more if u dare.


11. planning to kill tony

damon's p.o.v.

amy and i were going to kill this bastard once and for all. i gather all of my guns, amy had two and i had the same. i grab a bat, and fill some needles with anesthesia. we packed everything in a bag, put it in my car and drove off to tony's house. we sneak around tony's house and open his backyard door. tony is sleeping on the couch while the tv was on. amy turned off the tv and sat on tony's lap. tony woke up and was happy when amy sat on his lap, it's working. she started  to kiss him roughly and i taped his mouth. amy and i drag tony to his basement, and wrap him around with a rope. tony had woken up, muffled. i took the tape off his mouth and amy slapped him. amy and i let him talk.

t: what the hell is this

a: this is your punishment


d: hurting her and trashing our home

t: i was only getting your attention

t: especially amy's attention 

d: *slaps tony's face*

d: you stupid bitch

t: *turns to amy* u tricked me

a: *kneels down to tony* only to get your attention

d: now do you want this to be easy or hard for you

t: you fucking asshole

d: i'm guessing the hard way

d: *drugs tony*

amy's p.o.v.

damon and i drug tony, after an hour tony woke up. tony was so pissed, it all most made me laugh. damon untied tony and tony was about to come after me until damon punch him. i ran all the way down to the guest bathroom, i heard tony and damon grunting, sounds like they are fighting. i had an idea, since i'm the distraction i can be in my under garments and look sexy for tony and damon can kill him, perfect. i strip my clothes except my underwear and bra, and came out to see damon and tony fighting in the living room. they turned to see me half naked, i swear tony was drooling. while tony was drooling all over me damon was kicking and punching him. i walked over to see a bloody nose tony, i pulled the gun from the back of my underwear and pointed it at tony.

a: any last words

t: *grabs amy by the legs*


t: can i fuck you

d: *shoots tony in the head*

d: *falls down to the floor*

a: omg we did it

d: we did now lets expose the body

a: wait, can we call the police first

d: y???

a: just call them, i have an idea

i called the police and said everything to them, even though i was kind of lying but it worked. the police came fast and expose the body, can't believe it's finally over.



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