nothing's perfect without you part 2

this one has more abuse, drama, and romance. tony is out of prison, damon and amy are married and have two children, find out more if u dare.


21. it's happening again


Jennifer's p.o.v.

I woke up by the sun shining through the curtains, I walked to my bathroom and turn on the shower. I got out of the shower a while ago and headed to my closet, the clothes I'm going to wear today is, white skinny jeans, pink crop-top, leather jacket and pink pumps, I curled my hair and put it into a high ponytail. After when I was done getting ready, I greeted my parents but didn't see jack yet, I'm guessing he's still sleeping. Mom went up the stairs and knock on jack's door to get ready. I grab my purse and keys, and headed out the door. I called Regina that I'm picking her up while I got into my car. I was in front of Regina's house and she just came out of her house. When she got into the car I hug her and drove off to school. Soon, we were at the school and we got out of the car, Dan, Regina's boyfriend came to hug her and to be honest they're cute for each other. The bell rang to go to our first class which was biology, Dan, Regina and I have almost the same classes together, except for 6th and 3rd. We enter biology and the three of us sat in the back of the classroom, our teacher Mr. Laggans doesn't care about the students in the back of his class he only cares about the students who sits in the front of the class who actually wants to pass and get a good education. While Dan was listening to music on his phone, Regina and I were discussing about Dan's party that's going to happen on Saturday.

Regina: can you come to the party, i don't want to be alone

Jennifer: girl, you're not gonna be alone, you have Dan

Regina: still, he's going to go off to his friends which would be your brother, Derek, Lucas and Jacob

Jennifer: i just can't drop off the whole dinner family thing, this would be my first night without the dinner thing

Regina: please Jenn, please *makes a pout face*

Jennifer: fine, i'll ask my mom

Regina: Yay! after school let's go to your house and talk to your parents then we can go shopping

Jennifer: that sounds awesome

Jackson's p.o.v.

I woke up when my mom knock on my door, I walk towards my bathroom and started to get ready, once I was done I walk down the stairs and greeted my parents. I grab my keys and headed out the door. Soon, I got to the school on time and I saw Dan walk to Regina and hug her, I met up with Derek, Lucas and Jacob. The bell had rung to go to my first class which was algebra, I fucking hate that class and also I sit in the back of the class with my friends except for Dan. The boys and I were discussing about the party that was going to happen on Saturday. My parents don't really care if I ditch the family dinner thing, it's bullshit anyway. It's just about my parents and their friends come and get together and discus about work, life and other shit. Derek was on his phone and Jacob was listening to music while Lucas and I were discussing about the party.

Lucas: dude, i'm so pump to go to that party

Jackson: i know, just two days away 

Lucas: hopefully your parents are cool with this

Jackson: Lucas, they don't care about what i do but, they do care about my little sister Jennifer

Lucas: speaking about Jennifer, is she coming to the party?

Jackson: I don't know dude, she wouldn't miss the dinner thing

~ skips after school ~

Jennifer's p.o.v.

I headed into the house and spotted my mom cleaning the dishes, to be honest i'm kind of nervous to ask her this and I know she'll freak. Good thing Regina is here to help me through this and stuff. Now, to ask my mom about the party thing.

Jennifer: mom, can we talk to you 

Amy: of course you can 

Jennifer: i know we have that dinner thing on Saturday...

Amy: yes Jenni you can go to the party

Jennifer: wait what! mom how the hell did you know!

Amy: i heard your bother talking about it yesterday when i was about to bring his clothes to his room

Regina: well this went well, and don't worry i'll be there for Jenni every step of the way ms. evens

Amy: *laughs* please call me Amy, Regina and thank you for being there for my daughter

Regina: no problem

~ skips to Saturday ~

Jennifer's p.o.v.

it was about 7 PM and Regina would be here at 7:30. I walked to my bathroom and started my shower, after that I started on my hair and makeup. I pick out the dress and put it on. Now it was 7:28, I texted Regina that I'm ready and to come to my house. Soon, Regina had arrive and we both hop into my car and drove to the party. We enter the loud house and I saw my brother and his friends, Regina went with her boyfriend and I was alone standing near the breakfast nook. While I was drinking my beer, someone was tapping on my shoulder.

Derek: hey Jenni

Jennifer: oh, hi

Derek: wanna dance with me...

Jennifer: no i don't wanna dance

Derek: oh come on babe 

Jennifer: i said no

Derek: i know you want to *grabs Jennifer's waist*

Jennifer: get off of me please

Derek: you looks so good in that dress of yours

Jennifer: your such a Fuckboy and you're drunk

Lucas: Jenni, is he bothering you???

Jennifer: yes he is

Lucas: bro, she doesn't like you

Derek: i'll just ask her myself, Jenni do u...

Jennifer: no i don't like you

Derek: just think about that later on tonight

Derek's p.o.v.

I know she likes me, she's just not ready now. she's so sexy and i can't wait for the end of the night. Meanwhile I was dancing with some other brunette, she's hot but not as hot as Jennifer. I was keeping my eyes on Jenni all night and she was alone as well. Later on that night, she was going up the stairs and I follow her into the bathroom. I sneak up behind her and started to kiss and touch her.

Jennifer: what the hell Derek

Derek: *kisses Jennifer's neck*

Jennifer: stop this now

Derek: *bites on Jennifer's neck*

Jennifer: ouch, get off of me pervert

Jennifer: *kicks Derek in the nuts*

Derek: *falls on the floor*

Jennifer's p.o.v.

I ran down the stairs and I spotted Lucas, I hugged him and he was patting my back. I told him what happen in the bathroom, and he got really furious but, he brush it off. The rest of the night and I was dancing with Regina, Dan, Jack, Lucas and Jacob. Soon I got tired with dancing and I head up the stairs hopefully Derek isn't up here. I open the first bedroom door and it was pretty dark. I look for the light switch and flick it on, there stood Derek. I was about to head to the door but, he stop me. I step back until my back hit the wall.

Derek: come here babe

Jennifer: get away from me

Derek: i said come here Jennifer

Jennifer: let me out

Derek: *takes off Jennifer's dress*

Derek:  don't you fucking scream *puts hand on Jennifer's legs*

Jennifer: Derek, please stop

Derek: why not, you're so fucking sexy

Jennifer: somebody help!!!

Regina's p.o.v.

I was about to head to the bathroom but, I heard Jennifer's voice coming from the bedroom. I open the door and there I saw Derek on top of Jennifer. Before I could grab Jenni's arm, Derek was choking me from behind. I scream as loud as I could, Dan came into the room and smash Derek's head with a lamp. I got Jennifer out of the house and hop into her car.

Regina: what the fuck happen

Jennifer: *cries*

Regina: oh Jennifer, come here

Jennifer: *hugs Regina*

Regina: hey, if you spend the night and have a tub of ice cream will that help you take your mind off of this night

Jennifer: yes, thank you if you didn't came for my help i'll be left dead

Regina: that's what friends are for and you'll do the same

Jennifer: true

Jennifer's p.o.v.

A few minutes later, I was in Regina's house. I called my mom early and saying I'm spending the night at Regina's. All night we just ate ice cream, painted our nails which was pink, watch Disney movies, prank call and talk about other girls stuff. It was almost midnight and we started to go to bed. Few hours later my phone was ringing, good thing Regina is a heavy sleeper, I went into her bathroom to answer my phone.

Jennifer: hello???

Derek: hey babe

Jennifer: what the fuck is wrong with you and don't call me babe

Derek: I know all your lies

Jennifer: what? what lies?

derek: you're a whore just like your fucking dirty bitch of a mother

Jennifer: don't you dare speak about my mother like that

Derek: you think all of you live perfect little lives, well you don't

Jennifer: fuck you, you know nothing about my family and my friends

Derek: oh I know, sleep well bitch *hangs up*

Derek hang up and I climbed back into bed that night. I woke up by the smell of banana pancakes, my favorite. Regina and I race to the kitchen and we said our good mornings to Regina's parents. As we all ate, I hop into my car and drove off to my house. I open the door and saw my parents and jack sitting on the couch in the living room.

Jennifer: what's going on here

Amy: what happen last night before you went to reginas'

Jennifer: *starts to cry*

Jackson: i think i know what happen mother

Damon: please tell us

Jackson: you know Derek right

Damon: wait, what did he do to Jenni

Jennifer: he was drunk and tried to touch me but, i push him off

Amy: anything else Sweety

Jennifer: later after that night i was tired and open one of the bedroom door and there stood Derek, mom he tried to force me to have sex with him good thing Regina was there to save my life

Damon: i knew that boy was trouble

Amy: Damon!

Damon: what, i have my senses

Jennifer: and also, i got a phone call from him last night

Jackson: what did that bastard say...

Amy: jack!

Jackson: sorry mom

Jennifer: anyway, he said my life is a fake and our family is a lie

Jennifer: are you two hiding something from us

Amy: i knew this day was going coming...

Jennifer's p.o.v.

Mom and dad told us everything about this tony guy, harassing my mom and doing other things I couldn't imagine. Soon, it was about night time and I was taking a shower, after I got out I hear my phone ringing. I knew who it was and I stupidly pick up my god damn phone and I knew it was Derek.

Derek: hi babe, nice towel

Jennifer: what the fuck, how do you know i have my towel on

Derek: sweet cheeks, i live next to you

Jennifer: fuck you and leave me alone

Derek: did mommy and daddy tell princess everything

Jennifer: yes they did now stop bothering me creep

Derek: *chuckles* you'er so naive you little bitch

Jennifer: fuck off you piece of shit

Derek: can't wait to be between those legs of yours

Jennifer: bye you little pervert freak *hangs up*

after I hung up, I closed my blinds, got into my pajamas and went straight to sleep.



hi guys hope you all like this cahpter and there's going to be more secrets about derek, jennifer and of course flashbacks of damon and amy. and also what do you think of lennifer, jennifer and lucas or jacobfer, jacob and jennifer :) and thank you ALL who comment, like, and love my stories i really appreciate it love you guys









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