nothing's perfect without you part 2

this one has more abuse, drama, and romance. tony is out of prison, damon and amy are married and have two children, find out more if u dare.


7. isle esme, warning: sex scene

damon's p.o.v.

it was the weekend and i want to get away from all the drama, and take amy with me. amy and i were searching for a place to spend the weekend and hopefully tony doesn't find us. amy decided she wants to go to Brazil, "that's too far" i said.

amy's p.o.v.

i found a place where me and damon could relax and get away, this will kind of be like our second honeymoon, damon was complaining, but gladly accepted. we booked the tickets, and we leave tonight. i packed my stuff and so did damon, we headed to the airport and got on a plane. the food on the plan was delightful and some of the kids wanted to sit next to me, i don't know why though, after singing a lullaby damon, the two little girls and i went to sleep. something woke me up, the mom of the two girls came to me and said "sorry" because the girls were sleeping on me. i said, "it's fine a lot of kids love me because i work at a preschool, the mom and i chat for a while, gave each others phone numbers and it was time for landing.

no one's p.o.v. 

damon and amy arrive in brazil safely, they took a boat and headed to an island called isle esme. amy was very amazed and shocked of what the beach house looked like in person.

amy's p.o.v.

"it looks like we're living our honeymoon over, how about we say we can take a stroll around the beach" i said damon nodded. i put on my my bikini, the top was purple and had pearls and diamonds on it and the bottoms were black, and damon just wore black and red swim shorts. i just wore a silk blue sweater cover up.

a: this is beautiful damon

d: it is, just like you

a: *blush and giggles*

d: so..... who were the children

a: the children names were tamara and jacey, the mother's name was amillia  

d: i told you, u had a way with kids

a: ok u were right

a: *holds damon's hands*

d: *pulls amy's hand away and jumps in the ocean*

a: wat are you doing

d: jump in the waters fine

a: it's too cold

d: *grabes amy's hand and pulls her into the ocean*


a: so....cold *shivers*

d: i can help with that 

d: *kisses amy seductively*

a: *kisses damon back and put my arms around his neck*

d: *picks up amy and head to the beach house*

d: *puts amy on the bed*

d: are you sure about this 

a: *nods head*

amys' p.o.v.

damon set me down on the bed and says, "are sure about this", i nodded my head to a yes, soon we were making-out, his body felt warm against mine, he left me little kisses on my neck and a moan escape my lips. he turn us over now he's on top of me, grinding on me and i groan. he started to pull my strings off of my bikini and i pulled his shorts off. he put himself in me and i let out a groan. "does that hurt", he said, i shook my head "no". damon started thrusting in me but, passionately . it actually felt pretty good, then i was on top of him. he started moving my hips as i thrust on him. after a while he came in me and be both let out a moan. "that... was amazing" i said i got up to go take a hot shower until i felt arms on my hips.

d: can i wash you babe

a: sure u can

damon washed me and i did the same to him, we decide to end the night watching romantic movies and eating ice cream, we both fell asleep in each others arms on the sofa. 





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