nothing's perfect without you part 2

this one has more abuse, drama, and romance. tony is out of prison, damon and amy are married and have two children, find out more if u dare.


4. i want kids

amy's p.o.v.

today was really stressed full, but the kids did fine, they didn't get me stress up, tony did. just because he had to come here, and damon was all pissed off and it made it worse and now i have a headache. good thing day was over and i can finally go home, and tell damon something very important.i drove home and soaked in the bathtub for a while untill someone came to the bathroom door, it was damon, what a relief i thought for a second it'll be tony. 

damon's p.o.v.

i walked into the house and i didn't see amy cooking dinner, i went upstairs and it smelled like vanilla it came from the bathroom. i open the door and saw amy soaking in the bathtub, when ever she is mad, stressed or don't want to be bother, she's always in the bathtub soaking to get her mind off of things. i kissed her then got her robe.

amy's p.o.v. 

damon gave me my robe, then i got out my black nightgown and put my hair up in a ponytail. damon and i were just to lazy to cook, so we just order a pizza and dr.pepper, tonights the night i asked him my question.

a: damon can i ask u something


a: i've been thinking if we, u know

d: wat???

a: have a child

d: i was kinda of thinking the same thing, and the childrens love u at the preschool it looks like ur their mom

a: *giggles a little* well not a child but....

d: but wat.....

a: maybe two little ones

d:are u sure about this....

a: of course im sure, i want kids, damon

d: alrighty then, but not tonight ok

a:ok, but i wasn't planning on doing it tonight

d: of course

a: shut up

damon and i just finshed our pizza and head off to sleep.

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